Real Foods Explained

I am so glad that you are joining me all month long here at Young Wife’s Guide for my newest series ~ Real Foods Explained: The unrefined and unprocessed truth about Whole Foods. In this series I plan to introduce you to the topic of whole foods, how to eat a whole foods diet, recipes, and more! Come back all month for some great discussions on eating healthier and maybe a giveaway or two :)

Catch up on the series if you missed any so far:

Introduction and My Journey
What is a Whole or Real Foods Diet?
4 Benefits of Eating Real Foods
The Truth About Grains: White vs. Whole Wheat
The Truth About Sugar: Why We Need to Cut Back
The Truth About Sugar: Artificial Sweeteners
The Truth About Fat: Is Eating “Low Fat” Healthy?

{More to come}


  1. Hi I ordered your e-book cookbook almost two weeks ago and it never came in my e-mail. :(

  2. Mandy Sills says:

    So what about those of us who cant afford the $4/lb organic foods compared to the $1.29/lb fruits and veggies? Are we bad parents for feeding our kids produce thats not organic?? What is someone to do that wants the best for their kids but cant afford organic and doesn’t have any available sources for doing so unless you grow it yourself???


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