Real Foods Explained: The unrefined and unprocessed truth about Whole foods

When we got married, I knew how to cook. I mean, I knew the very basics. I could pull out a recipe and follow it. But I didn’t really know how to cook. I didn’t have this natural instinct or skill of throwing together meals and recipes. I realized after watching my mom that she could just rummage in the fridge, pull out random ingredients, and make a delicious meal in minutes. This is the skill that I lacked and I knew that as a homemaker I needed to get to that point!

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  1. Hi Jami,

    Just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to this!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying to do better about feeding my family unprocessed whole foods, but I really need more help with it! I’m really looking forward to learning more!

  3. I am so excited about this! :) I’ve decided to start doing less processed foods but wasn’t too sure where to start. Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey. I grew up on a very healthy diet as my brother couldn’t have sugar – in any form – and we hated the aftertaste left by most substitutes. So my mom modified our diet to suit his dietary needs. She made everything we ate – from bread to ketchup to canned fruit to meals in general. She was also into saving money, so we bought wheat in bulk from a farmer and she ground it herself to make our bread. Sometimes I look back at that and think I need to get back to diet like that! But it’s a lot of work – and a change in how we shop and eat.

  5. Excited for this series!

  6. Great story! You can learn so much from lots of blogs out there! Some great alternatives to the toxic artificial sweeteners is Stevia and Xylitol!

  7. Make sure that when you are choosing “REAL” foods that you make sure they have no “unreal” or unnatural ingredients (GMO’s: genetically engineered organisms created in a chemical lab and put into our food in America since 1996 without regulation). I’m glad that you are avoiding sugar because most “sugar” in processed foods in the US are from GMO sugar beets or GMO corn (high fructose corn syrup). GMO’s have been linked to many diseases and allergies (thus the astronomical rise in food allergies in the US according to the CDC, etc.). Main GMO crops in America ? Soy, Corn, Sugar Beets, Cottonseed, Canola…almost 90% are GMO…. and nearly every processed food has them on their ingredient list !! :( REAL FOODS would be whole, unboxed/canned/processed foods…. meat and dairy that are not feed GMO Corn, soy or alfalfa (and most are, unless certified organic). Look for and shop for certified organic, or from your local small farmer who practices sustainable farming without GMO seed. Eat clean, real, whole foods to help cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and avoid allergies…. especially feed those beautiful babies organic food only: they are the most susceptible to disease and maladies from consuming chemicals and chemical DNA inserted into seed and the food that results. Please watch “Genetic Roulette” on Youtube, and become educated on this secret travesty of health and justice. God made food to nourish and support health… chemical companies who have their eyes only on profits, have been messing with creation, and then the food companies have been canning it, boxing it, bagging it for 20+ years now….. and we all, especially our children, are sicker than ever before :(


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