The Truth About Sugar: Why We Need to Cut Back

A discussion of whole foods doesn’t get very far without first addressing grains, and then sugar. Yes, sugar is a “natural” food but our white sugar we eat is highly processed and refined just like white flour.

Just like the refining process for wheat, when sugar is refined from sugar cane and sugar beet, 99.9% of it’s nutritional value is destroyed (source). Of course, what you are left with is empty nutrition-less calories. But we already know that right? No one eats sugar thinking that it’s healthy. It’s a splurge item, so what’s the big deal?

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  1. Very interesting facts! Scary too!

  2. I agree that one needs to be aware of their sugar intake. With that said, we can’t overlook the percentage of fat that individuals consume in their foods. The foods that you have pictured in this blog post are also high in fat content, which when consumed in high quantities, cause nutritional problems, medical issues, and weight gain.

    Also, one can still have yogurt if they chose the non-fat option. It only contains 10 g of sugar verses 27 g. Unless someone is consuming yogurt by the truck fulls, having non fat yogurt with 10 g of sugar once or twice a week is not life threatening.

    Though I try my best to be very careful of my sugar intake, I’m generally more concerned about how much fat I’m consuming than sugar. This means that I would rather consume 2 tablespoons of brown sugar than 2 tablespoons of any oil (canola, olive, vegetable, etc.), peanut butter (or any variation thereof), butter, or margarine. Sugar isn’t the only “bad guy” out there in regards to food. Fat consumption needs to be monitored as well.

  3. Dee @ Start Dreaming says:

    We just switched our diet to exclude High Fructose Corn Syrup and I lost 5 pounds in two weeks. We are amazed at home much better all our food tastes too!!! There are yogurt options out there that do not contain HFC and they are quite yummy. It’s hard to find somethings to replace our old favorites, but we are getting better. The biggest shock is that we did NOT crave the items I removed from our diet. The kids all went with it so easily, it’s been amazing! What we can’t find in stores that fit the bill of our label reading, we try to find a recipe for and adapt it as needed at home.

    Great information!
    Take care,

    • I am so glad! Yeah we have noticed that when we go back to those chemical high fructose corn syrup foods that they taste fake and gross!! Homemade and natural is so much better :) I’ve been enjoying making a lot of homemade things too! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement!

  4. Oh, this is really good. I’ve cut out all sugar from my diet…and I do mean ALL, except for raw, organic honey. That’s the only form of sweetner that my body will tolerate…that and organic stevia. The body doesn’t process organic stevia the same way as it does all other forms of sugar, real or fake…

    …oh, and me personally, I’d completely stay away from sugar substitutes. I think they’re poison for the body…I can’t wait to read more in your series. This is really interesting :) :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

    • Wow Heather! That’s fantastic, we are not quiet there yet. Especially being pregnant I am still craving cookies, scones, icecream…LOL! We love Stevia in our household! Actually, I am going to post later today about sugar substitutes! I completely agree :)

  5. This series is so timely and I am loving it! My husband and I are hoping to try for baby #3 soon and what better motivation to make these diet changes than for the sake of preparing myself to be healthier to take care of my family and grow another baby :)
    I am looking forward to the post on sugar substitutes. I know things like Splenda and Sweet and Low are bad, but what about sweeteners like Stevia or sucanat and rapadura? I’ve heard of using pure maple syrup as a sweetener but it is so expensive and not do-able for a family on a budget. Actually, a post (or even series) on eating a whole food diet on a tight budget might be nice too ;)

    • Oh good Cortney, I’m so glad! Yes, I am especially hard core about my diet know that I’m pregnant!! We love Stevia in our house! It’s natural and safe :) We don’t use it for everything, but we do love it for our coffee :)

      I plan on doing a post on eating whole foods on a budget…but a series would be a great idea!!


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