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Where (and how) to buy modest clothing

on August 10, 2012 by Jami Balmet 80 comments

During A Modest Heart series, we have taken a look at what Scripture has to say about Modesty, what a HEART of modesty really looks like, and  what modesty is {and isn’t}.

Now I want to get even more practical and share some great tips on buying modest clothing. Come back on Monday for tips on turning immodest clothing into modest clothing, how to find cheap (or free) modest clothing, and more!

Where to buy modest clothing

Where to Buy Modest Clothing

I hear this over and over again. A young lady is striving to dress modestly but just doesn’t know where to buy modest clothing. So she gives up and buys whatever is at the mall and in style. This is of course no excuse to not dress modestly, but it can be difficult and frustrating sometimes to find trendy, affordable and modest clothing! So here is a list of a few of my favorites!

1) Mikarose: Reinventing Modesty

Mikarose is a newer discovery of mine and I love their cute and feminine style. If you missed it, I have a giveaway going on right now for a $50 gift certificate to Mikarose! Hurry over and enter for your chance to win some cute and modest clothing!

I got to review their lace top, and I am in love! It is such high quality that I know it will last for years and is so cute!

2) Paulina Carmel Modest Clothing

I haven’t shopped from here before but their dresses are oh so cute!

3) Novae Clothing Modest Clothing

While some of their dresses are out of my normal everyday clothing budget, for a special occasion they would be perfect! Like this adorable polka dot dress. I need this right now!


4) ModBod Modest Clothing

I LOVE ModBod! I have several pieces of their layering clothing and I think they are the secret to my modest dressing 😉

The perfect tank is my favorite item. I wear it under shirts and it’s the perfect thing to wear under most dresses! I have it in white, black, pink, and brown. They do roadshows in Costco every year and I always stock up on my layering basics because their prices are fantastic when they do a Costco roadshow! See if there is one near you.

See that brown thank? Thanks to ModBod I can actually wear this shirt! {We took this when we found out I was pregnant :)}

5) Lime Ricki Swim Wear

For the past few years Lime Ricki has been my go to place to get bathing suits! Here are my sister’s and I all in Lime Ricki swimsuits 🙂 Unfortunately it seems that their latest line of bathing suits are not as modest and most are too low cut 🙁 My sister ordered one this year and it’s too low cut to wear.  But they do have some cute ones still and maybe next year will come back out with a more modest line!

6) Down East Basics Modest Clothing

This is a company that many are familiar with. I love their trendy styles and their sales!

7) Sierra Brooke Modest Clothing

A little pricey for me, but their dresses are just adorable!!

8) Shabby Apple Modest Clothing

Here is another favorite of many! I drool over their dresses since I can’t afford them but maybe one day I’ll get one as a gift 😉

9) Divinita Sole Swim Wear

I have not ordered from them yet because their bathing suits are a bit more expensive BUT I may just have to this year. They have some really cute designs!

10)  Jen Clothing

Jen Clothing has some really cute tops and dresses! I may need to do an order soon. {They also have some cute bathing suits!}

11) Apricot Apparel

I stumbled across this little website a few years ago. On a whim I decided to try their cami out and have been in love ever since! The cami is my best layering tool. I wear a cami under almost everything. It’s the perfect way to be able to wear nearly any shirt or dress that would normally be far too low cut. And the Apricot Apparel cami’s work better and are higher than any I have ever tried!

 See the white cami I wore when we announced the twin’s genders?

Do you have any modest clothing favorites? Pass them along!

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Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
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  1. As a large sized woman I find I can’t order online as most don’t carry my sizes because of my body shape I need 3X in shirts and most don’t carry 3X also I find most online stores are more expensive. When I’m shopping for modest, stylish and feminine clothing I like to visit my local CJ Banks store which is the plus sized version of Christopher and Banks. There clothing is high quality, affordable (I Love to shop their discount racks, and I’m still wearing outfits that I bought there 3+ years ago.

    • HI Sarah! We are starting to build our Plus Size line to help fill that demand that you don’t see in on line stores or Boutiques in the Malls for that matter!! Most Boutiques (if not all of them) don’t carry sizes over XL? – We think that is really sad… so we are trying to change that! 🙂

    • I am a plus-sized lady as well! I highly recommend Cato. They carry girls, juniors, misses and plus up to a 26/28 which I think is generally considered 3/4X. They have a large variety of skirts and tops in both casual and wear to work/church styles. Almost all their pieces are under $30! This has been a favorite store of mine as it seems nearly impossible to find modest length skirts anymore–even in plus sizes! I also shop Old Navy online. They have a Women’s Plus section that is available online only and carry a wonderful selection of skirts, dresses, and modest tops. They can a little pricey at times but, offer regular coupon codes. Good luck!

    • I agree — it’s tough as a larger girl! I really like Woman Within, Roamans and Jessica London (online and they have lots of sales and coupons). Not everything is modest, of course, but there tends to be an effort to more coverage, and I’ve found the fit to be so much better than something designed for a size 6 and just made bigger (and fit can be a modesty issue, too!) They have a nice selection, including longer shrugs (boleros and short shrugs emphasize my chest ,,, and defeat the purpose of modesty!), which can cover your shoulders in a sleeveless dress without being too heavy.

    • this website is a great source for modest swimwear patterns and ready made swimsuits and custom made suits. They are so feminine and cute and modest. I love mine.

  2. Thanks for the links. We have a real hard time finding modest bathing suits for my 17 y/o daughter. She is extremely petite – 80 pounds, 4-feet 11 – so really girls suits fit her best, but in that size range, everything is “little girl.” Our church camp does not allow 2-pieces of any sort, so tankinis, although they can be much more modest than a lot of 1-pieces!, are not allowed. She is modest by nature and will wear a 1-piece with swim shorts…. if we can find the 1-piece. *sigh*

    On a separate note, I’m the mother of boy-girl twins (the 17 y/or girl and her brother). I was induced the day before my due date and both babies were very healthy and born without C-section, so don’t be scared by the horror stories I’m sure you have or will be hearing! 🙂 I did a lot of babysitting growing up and was afraid I’d be overwhelmed with twins, but it didn’t take long to decide that having just one baby would have been boring! haha And if you get the chance, go to the Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, each August. We just went for the first time this year, and I’m really sorry we didn’t attend sooner (especially since it is only 2 hours from us). It’s as much for the parents as it is the twins. 🙂

    • I think everyone struggles to find modest swim suits! I know we do! I know the struggle!

      And how neat! I always love meeting other twin mommies 🙂 THANK YOU! I am really nervous about having to have a C section and REALLY don’t want one! And wow, I can’t believe you lasted until your due date! Whew! The festival sound great but we are in California! Maybe one day 🙂

      • I think her last swimsuit we found at Old Navy and the swim shorts at Sears (or the other way around). Unfortunately this year we just waited too late to find anything at all in her size. Next year we’ll start sooner.

        I knew a C-section was a possibility, but it never really even entered my mind that I’d have one, nor did going into preterm labor. I had bad leg cramps at night frequently and the only thing that helped was walking the living room for 15-20 minutes or more. I used that time to pray a lot, and I know without a doubt that prayer time helped more than anything else I did or didn’t do during pregnancy. 🙂 ~~ You’d be surprised how far people travel for the Twins Day festival. We talked to people from California actually, San Francisco area, and there were people there from China, Italy, Tiawan and Australia. 🙂 Maybe when your boys are older…

        • I think looking early in the season is key!!

          Thanks for the tips! I am already praying for a safe and normal delivery! But also know that if a C Section will get these boys to us safely then that’s what will need to be done 🙂 Yeah, maybe when they are older! Defiantly NOT anytime soon haha!

    • Keep looking online – there’s more out there than you think! http://www.hydrochic.com has my favorite modest swimwear. Although, what I ended up doing was buying a pattern for a modest swimsuit and adapting it a little. If you don’t sew I don’t think I’d recommend it as a first sewing project, but I was surprised at how easy it was to sew, and at how cute it turned out.

  3. If there is anyone else reading form the uk then I totally recommend Pure clothing. They sell layering tops. They are thin material as they are designed to be layered under something, so you can’t wear them on there own. They have opened up a whole world of clothes I would never normally consider.

  4. I also really love eshakti’s dresses. They’re not cheap (but cheaper than Shabby Apple!) and you can have the sleeves, length, and neckline custom made on almost all their dresses for no extra charge.

  5. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing your finds! I realize you wrote your post a little while ago, but google helped me find it while looking for places to buy a modest dress for the holidays, and I’m so glad I bumped into it 🙂

    For those looking for cute, modest skirts, a company I just found a few weeks ago is Lovely Llamas (https://www.lovelyllamas.com/products/butternut-blossom) – It’s a win-win too, because proceeds from their sales go to a good cause!

    • I am so glad!! I struggled for a long time on where to find modest clothing. And thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find it!! 🙂 Thanks for the tip, I’m going to go check them out!

  6. Have you heard of Eshakti? It has GORGEOUS classic dresses and many of them have options to lengthen, add sleeves, etc. All have customize sized options. I haven’t bought anything yet-they are pricey, but oh, do I want to they are oh, so cute.

    I love lace on my tanks; I have found lace tanks at Kohl’s that look too low, but I cut out the tag (carefully!) and wear them backwards-it works perfect.

    Thrifting is a great options for finding cheap, long-lasting basics.

      • DCM Apparel has something called ‘Tanks-a-lot.’ It’s a reversible tank top that has two colors on either side, and both sides are the same, so you can wear it backwards or forwards. I always turned my tanks backwards to get a higher neckline. Might as well get two tanks in one!


        Hope this helps!

  7. Junee is a great place to find cute knee-length skrirts (and long ones) that you can wear with just a t shirt, or with a nice top to go to church!

    I love their skirts! Check them out!

  8. I just stumbled upon this page, and I have to say that this is so refreshing and helpful! As a college student, it’s always hard to find affordable modest clothing for casual wear. I’m also not a big fan of most of the trendy clothing for 20+ year-olds. So thank you so much Jami for posting this!

  9. Hi Jami, I noticed that you crossed out Mod Bod for “the perfect tank” … do they not sell it anymore? Thanks!

  10. Hi there! Thank you SOOOOO much for these suggestions! I was beginning to think I was doomed to just use my sharp eyes forever to find those hidden gems in everyday stores (Which I’ll still do, it just gets old sometimes…) I’ve actually shopped at Shabby Apple once, for the same reason you haven’t shopped there yet (they are too expensive). But I couldn’t help but get this one cute dress, so I splurged. Guilty as charged! As for the others, I’ve never heard of them before! I will be looking at them now to see what I can find.

    This appears to have been posted a bit ago, but you might also want to include ModCloth. They are vintage/feminine/new age twist and offer a huge variety of modest dresses, swimsuits, shirts and skirts. Not everything they offer is totally modest, but there a lot of excellent choices on their site (Which you don’t have to dig for), and I’d say that they have items for the budget savvy and those who don’t mind spending a prettier penny.

    Before I finish, just wanted to say I am so happy I found a site with a younger woman writing about femininity and being a wife. I’m a wife (22 years old), and I have a little 2 1/2 year old daughter. We are hoping to try again for another really soon. I don’t mind sites being written by older ladies, but it makes you kind of feel like there might be something odd about you I guess? I feel a lot better now though. Your site has given me a lot of inspiration and I don’t feel alone anymore. Thanks!

    • Erinn, I hope you see this! I saw the other post you wrote on Jami’s “marrying young” post (I’m subscribed to comments on both of these), and I just wanted to let you that I’m another young wife, too! You’re not alone! 🙂 I’m going to be 22 next week and my husband and I celebrated our second anniversary almost a month ago. We don’t have any children yet (mainly because we still have a year left of college), but I’m praying that we’ll be able to become parents soon.

      I blog at Living in the Light– http://jaimie-livinginthelight.blogspot.com–mostly about marriage, homemaking and Godly womanhood. Please stop by! 🙂

  11. The Divinita Sole Swim Wear i have tried. Tho they are a very modest swimsuit. they are also very tight and clingy when wet. I do like but i won’t buy from them again.

  12. Thanks for the great links! Divinita Sole has occasional displays (“events”) at Costco, which are cheaper than shopping on the DS website. We don’t normally pay that much for swimsuits, but I bought a swimtop there and saved money by getting a boy-short bottom in a matching color at a discount store. The swimsuits are lined and when you consider all the material they use (for better coverage & the ruching style) it’s more justifiable.

  13. I love the dresses you featured, particularly the one from Sierra Brooke. I find a lot of really cute dresses that are very affordable at modcloth, Alloy and Delia’s online stores. I’m petite, so even shorter dresses are knee length on me, and I almost never have to worry about skirts and dresses being too short (what’s that?). Vintage and vintage style (50s/60s) dresses are also very flattering and modest. And Target has great tanks/camis – the Mossimo long and lean tank is perfect for layering under any top that’s too revealing. They come in a ton of colors, and you can stock up on them at season’s end, when they usually have them on sale for $5. Plus, they’re extra long, so they won’t ride up in back when bending and moving (I’m also glad to see higher rise jeans come back). I have a drawerful of them! I don’t dress modestly for religious reasons, I’ve just always been a modest person though, but I love your shopping tips.

  14. Before Cato Fashions came to my area, I’d order my skirts on eBay. Last Friday I went into Cato Fashions and I got 3 skirts for 21.99. I prefer my skirts right belong my knees to ankle length and they had quite the variety!

  15. Just came across your blog a few days ago and love this series you’ve done on modesty. Unfortunately most of these companies don’t sell items in size 22 (multiple dosages of prednisone have caused a lot of weight gain). I will add that Land’s End has a great Plus size department and many of their items are modest yet fashionable. Their items aren’t cheap, but they aren’t cheaply made so I always try to catch a good coupon code when ordering.

  16. Hello! I liked your page! Just a wee tip here (I just like dressing modestly, too, as does my daughter, although we are not Christians) – I sometimes buy cotton men’s shirts on the clearance rack at the thrift store, and then just cut out and sew a small scoop peasant neckline to them (so, cut the collar area off, just not too deep, and add elastic). They are often in peaceful, plain colors and much sturdier than women’s shirts, which just do not seem made to last anymore. Sometimes you can get these for crazy low prices that make the sewing time worth putting in. I am frugal and like plain, strong, modest clothing that is durable. Best wishes to you!

  17. Thanks for the great modest clothing resources! It’s SO helpful to be able to find places that carry clothing that is both modest and fashionable! My sister and I recently started a small online business selling modest clothing. It’s called Skylark Clothing (www.skylarkclothing.weebly.com). We have a limited selection right now, but are hoping to be able to expand more in the future. Feel free to check out our website and see what we have to offer!
    Thanks and God bless!

  18. Hey Jami thank you so much for sharing such a useful info to us. Well I always prefer to buy a cloths online, cause they gives good facilities like graphic, free home delivery, exchange offers, guaranty and all.But from last 3-4 time I am not getting satisfaction from them and I don’t want to compromise with my clothing style.So for more improve my clothing style I was just searching on Internet and I got your blog which gives me a really satisfied information about cloths.

  19. Hi Ladies!
    My favorite modest clothing store to shop at is

    They have cute, long sleeve modest shirts ranging in size from Small – 2XL or some of their tops are from size 4-22. I’ve bought quite a few shirts from them and love their quality!!

    Jami, perhaps you may want to consider adding them to your list of where to buy modest clothes!

  20. Thanks for all the great insights here on where to buy modest clothing. I have ordered several times from JUNIEblake – they sell trendy, modest clothing for women and also have items for little girls that match some of their women’s dresses so that girls can match Mom! I have the Adrianne dress, the Whitney top, the Hannah dress and absolutely love them ALL! Not only are they stylish, but they are comfy, too!
    Check them out at http://junieblake.com/

  21. WARNING! Apricot Apparel is not reliable. I purchased from Apricot Apparel almost three months ago based on this review. I was immediately charged for the items but I have yet to receive them. I received a receipt but no other contact from them. I have attempted to contact the company to no avail.

    • Oh no!! I haven’t purchased from them in a couple of years now (note that this post is very old) but when I did, I did several orders from them with no problem!

      Did you purchase through Paypal? You could try to appeal it through there? Sorry you are having trouble 🙁 Maybe they’ve gone out of business recently?

  22. Thanks Jami for this making this post very resourceful. I think all of these pages will be worth looking for to find modest clothing. I’m looking forward to check out Lime Ricki Swim Wear first of all.

  23. Thanks so much for this list. As a mother of a tween, I am finding age-appropriate clothing harder and harder to find. I really appreciate the time and energy you have put into helping others in this predicament. God Bless.

  24. We also have been having difficulty finding modest clothes. We sew most of our own but often wished for more options. About a year ago, my sister and I started a business at wearadress.com where you can buy modest dresses.

  25. Great tips – I am always looking for new places to try to shop, I loved that you included some budget commentary in there as well…. (I’ll be right alongside you drooling over the items I can’t afford).

  26. Hey Guys, thank you for the tips. I’m having a very hard time finding tops especially that will fit me. I’m 5’2″ and 90 pounds (petite). If anyone has any recommendations for any modest clothing for a young adult, please let me know!

  27. I LOVE YOU JAMI! ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE A MASSIVE FAN! WE LIVE IN ENGLAND SO THESE MODEST CLOTHING ARE A MUST! (you know how British guys can be ;)) When we play water polo we just pop on these modest tops and we are good to go!

    15, London

  28. Hi I would just like to share some things. Modest clothes are long and flowy at least below the knee. And a woman shouldn’t be wearing a swimsuit that looks like underwear. eBay and thrift stores have cheap clothes that are long. Women shouldn’t wear tight clothes and pants are not what God wants. We must repent of this. Women aren’t to wear clothes that pertaineth to a man and same with men in dresses it is an abomination to God. If you want to promote modesty promote true modesty. Tell people to repent of immodesty so they will be saved and to not adhere any lower standards. That path is narrow. I don’t mean to offend but it’s true. Check out videos below on subject please & God bless you.

    • I respectfully disagree. Modest clothing is has nothing to do with salvation. We must never take minor doctrinal or practical convictions and turn them into the Gospel. The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus died on the cross to save sinners…but only if they wear the right clothing. Scripture does not give us clear and exact guidelines within modesty and so we must be careful to not put man made rules on it.

    • Wearadress.com has lovely modest dresses. One style that’s nursing-friendly and another that’s specifically made for nursing. These dresses cost a bit more than some as they are all Canadian-made. The prices ate Canadian dollars so not as much in US dollars.

  29. Wow, I love this post! Lots of good suggestions here! Thanks for sharing this post Jami. It has included valuable information for enhancing our experience of online shopping. I’d like to share some useful links with you on modest clothing – http://apostolicclothing.com, I hope this will help you to write more inspiring and useful content on modest clothes. Have a great day dear and thank you for sharing this useful content with us!