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What I read in January & February (so far)! – Hf #113

on February 22, 2018 by Jami Balmet 2 comments

Today we are back on the podcast talking about reading goals, how to find more time to read, and what I’ve read so far in 2018 and loved (and didn’t love)! 

Whether you are taking on an insane goal of 2 books a week, or 2 books a month, or 2 books this year, I think it’s important to discuss and review your reading goals throughout the year. (And if you didn’t make any reading goals yet this year – jump in and do it now)! 

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Honestly, I started off 2018 with a BANG!! I’ve been ahead of Jason by about 2-4 books consistently and I’ve been far ahead of my goal. I think if I get behind any more this week, I will be behind on my goal now and Jason has just pulled one book ahead of me! 

So I’m going to share a little about the books I’ve read so far this year, but first, I want to talk a little bit about making reading goals and how to make some progress in them. 

My tips for reading more

1) Set a goal

2) Enlist an accountability partner

3) Use Goodreads to keep track – You can follow me on Goodreads here

4) Use a combination of books you already own, books from the library, audiobooks, and free or cheap kindle books! 

5) Figure out when in your week or schedule you will read. 

6) Get drastic! 


Some of what I’ve read so far in 2018

As of today, I have read 15 books in 2018. I am very close to finishing up several more and I should roughly be nearing 17-20 books finished when we end February. 

Christian Books:

Faithful Women & Their Extraordinary God – Noel Piper

I loved this book so much! Noel takes a look at 5 faithful women and their stories of following God! These biographies were the perfect length to really catch my interest and I want to go back know and read larger biographies on these women!! 

Heavenly Minded Mom – Katie Bennett

This devotional doesn’t actually come out until April 3rd, but I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy and I LOVED it! I’m not usually someone who is a big fan of devotionals, but this one goes so deep while still giving you easy bite size pieces. 

Helper By Design – Elyse Fitzpatrick

Of course I love Elyse! This is a must-read book on marriage for all women. I love Elyse’s practical and yet very Biblical advice on every day marriage! 

The Accidental Feminist – Courtney Reissig 

This is a fantastic book for anyone wanting to study more about Biblical womanhood. Courtney writes in a very light and conversational way but doesn’t back down from the important things! I also HIGHLY recommend her newest book Glory in the Ordinary

For Business I read:

Your Best Year Ever – Michael Hyatt

I was greatly looking forward to this book since I LOVED Michael’s last book Living ForwardBut I was really disappointed with this book. It’s on goal setting (I guess) but it didn’t really give any new advice. I felt like it was very fluffy and didn’t really contain anything new or practical. 

Published by Chandler Bolt

Jason and I both listened to this as an audiobook and LOVED IT!! If you are interested in self-publishing, this is the book to get. 

Book Launch by Chandler Bolt

After loving Published, we decided to get his next book, Book Launch. I’m not really sure why he wrote both since they were very similar. If you are short on time, I recommend you skip this one and just read Published instead. 

Non fiction: 

Young Elizabeth by Kate Williams

I have been obsessed with the royal family ever since starting season 1 of the Crown! But I wanted to more about what was actual history and what was fiction. So we got this book and it was very interesting! I highly recommend it if you want to learn more about the royal family. 

Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

This is a book recommendation I got from both Tim Challies and Al Mohler. It was a very interesting look into a segment of American culture that I knew virtually nothing about. All in all it was very interesting. But just a warning: As a memoir, there is a ton of language and mature content in this one. Definitely not a book you want to listen to around the kids (I listened to it as an audiobook). 

Meal Planning Help: 

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  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
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  1. Hey Jami,
    I’ve been listening to the christian audio free audiobook of February (A lifelong love, from Gary Thomas) and I noticed that you said you haven’t downloaded this one, but I really recommend it! It’s very biblical, deep and applicable. I really liked it so far. It helps and encourages us to have a biblical, eternal perspective on marriage. Here are some glimpses…

    “If I am living for today, a good day is when Lisa [his wife] notices me, apreciates me, serves me and makes my life more enjoyable… Living for eternity, a good day is when I notice Lisa, apreciate Lisa, serve Lisa and make her life more enjoyable because that’s what will be rewarded at the judgment sit of Christ… You see how believing in that day changes how we define what is a good day on this day? We’ll look for opportunities to love, serve, notice, encourage and apreciate instead of being obsessed with how well our spouses are loving, serving, encouraging and apreciating us.”

    “If you believe a good marriage is something you find and the one you found isn’t working, you can’t fix that. You simply ended up with the wrong person and the only logical solution is divorce. If you believe a good marriage is something you make and it’s not working, you can choose to remake it, to do something different, to build it up in a different way.” (Here he explains that we have to work on our marriage instead of expecting it to work out just fine automatically).

    Hope you give this audiobook a chance. I honestly believe you won’t regret. 😉

    God bless you!

  2. Wow, you’ve read a lot so far! I’m impressed! “The Accidental Feminist” is now on my reading list for next month, I haven’t heard about that one yet!