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Trusting Your Plans to the Lord Part 2

on April 27, 2012 by Jami Balmet 14 comments

If you missed it, read Part 1 of Trusting Your Plant to the Lord.

Living by God’s timing and direction

After waiting three years, the opportunity presented itself. Oh no, wait. God presented it.

After coming to terms with the fact that we would live 8 hours away from our family for years to come…

After starting the long search for homes to buy and investing many hours in hunting for one…

After 4 years and 3 churches later we finally found the church that we knew we could call home and grow in for many years to come…

After digging our heels in and forming relationships within our church…

After obeying the Biblical command of hospitality and opening our hearts and our home to others…

After FINALLY feeling content with our life, our home, our church, and our family being far away for this period on our life…

We got the call. Jason had an opportunity to interview for a promotion in an office an hour and a half away from our family (both of our families live within 20 minutes of each other)!

This is the exact opportunity we have been waiting years for. This is the closest office to our family that he could work out of.

The thing that seemed so unbelievable is that the exact promotion that Jason wanted to move into would have to open up at the right time in the the right office. The chances of that happening could take years and years to line up. And that’s what we thought, it would take many more years to be able to move back home.

But God lined everything up in His perfect timing.

Jason drove up to interview and by the next week the offer was signed and accepted.

We drove up over Easter went to a few cities we have never been to before, found a great apartment, and got it all done.

Now we are busy packing and waiting for the move in 4 weeks from today! I turned in my resignation from my job and are awaiting the moving day.

So many happy things happening. But you know what? In the beginning of this we were tense. Happy to be near family but sad at what we were leaving behind.

We had finally built a life here. We had real friendships that were growing. We were connected to our church and so thankful that he led us to such a Biblically sound and loving church.

We are moving to an unknown city (who knows what kind of churches are there). We are starting over from scratch AGAIN. No friends, no one we know, new town…It is sudden and unexpected.

After many months of tears and anxiety over my job, the Lord provided me with a new one that I love and that I can help save for a house and pay our student loans!

But every time in our marriage that we get stressed about the future all we have to do is look back over the course of where God has taken us.

The Lord provided a career for my husband straight out of college that he never intended to go into but now loves.

The Lord provided me with steady income to help contribute to our family in this season until I am home full time.

The Lord has ALWAYS provided and we have never gone without the necessities.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him,  and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

He has directed our paths. We simply need to trust in Him. We have learned time and again that the Lord is the one directing our paths. We could have no way imagined what He was about to lead us to a month ago.

The timing is beyond perfect, so many things have lined up to make this the best possible time.

We are sad to leave behind good friendships and a solid church but we have faith that the Lord will lead us to a new church and into new friendships.

Most importantly, we are following his direction for our lives and moving closer to our family, something that we have been praying for for years.

The Lord listens to and answers our prayers if they are according to His will. It’s just not normally on our time frame. He is Good and we are finally content on waiting on and trusting in HIS plans, not our own.

A whole new season of our lives is about to begin and I am eager to see what the Lord will do!


Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers
  1. What a great answer to prayer. A similar answer to prayer just happened for close friends of mine, they are moving back this summer. It is a hard lesson to learn, trusting God and His timing, and not being frustrated over waiting and not understanding completely. May God continue to bless you through this season of change for you.

    • That’s great to see God working like that! 🙂 It is a VERY hard lesson to learn! Trusting God and His timing can be very hard to wait for. Thank you Marissa! 🙂

  2. Right now, my husband and I are going through a time of waiting on God’s timing. This is not how WE had planned things, but we keep praying to God and letting Him know our hearts desires and waiting on HIS perfect will! Thanks for the reminder! Blessings on your move and upcoming changes!

    • Waiting can be so hard. I think one of the biggest things the Lord has been teaching me is PATIENCE. Waiting on HIS timing is what I should be doing not trying to force everything with my control. Absolutely, it’s about HIS will at the end of the day, a good thing to always be reminded of!

  3. How awesome- God’s plans are perfect! Congratulations to you both, may the Lord continue to guide you both as you move closer to home and to family.

    Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

  4. James, this is an awesome testimony. And I can say a hearty Amen to the fact that His timing is almost never how I planned it. His ways are not my ways. My thoughts are not His thoughts. But, I praise God for this, because it has turned out infinitely better than I could have planned.

    When we moved to our present location almost 18 years ago, there was a series of amazing and unexpected happenings to make it all fall into place FAST. Looking back, I thought I was moving from one house and area to another, (I knew there’d be some changes) but I know now that God had so much more in mind! He was totally changing US! Our family, our faith, our level of trust in Him, even our knowledge of Who He is. He was giving us a new set of Godly friends, and turning us in a new direction spiritually. It wasn’t easy, (for one thing, it wasn’t easy to find a “good church”) there was a “grieving” time (as we said goodbye to friends and ways of life), and lots of growing pains. And the work in our hearts didn’t happen overnight. But, God has done such amazing things in our lives through that move, and I am so very grateful! It didn’t fit into my timing, my plan, my way. Thank the Lord. He had so much better in mind.

    I will be praying for you and your hubby through this whole adventure:) One more word from someone older who has lived through this many times–this won’t be the last time during this move that you will probably have to learn this lesson. (Definitely not the last time in your life:) Plan on plenty of on-your-knees time, and stay very close to Him. But, He is faithful, and you can totally count on Him.
    Love you,

  5. By the way, where are you moving to??
    (And sorry I didn’t comment earlier! Was off for almost a week due to sickness.) Wendy

  6. How awesome is that? God works in wonderful ways, we just have to be patient. Sounds like you are learning this early, so that’s good! Good luck on your move, I know God has many wonderful things planned for you.

    • God is so good!! 🙂 I am learning VERY slowly to be patient and wait on his timing. I always seem to forget the lesson..but slowly he is teaching me! Thank you 🙂 We are excited for the move!