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The Postmillenial Viewpoint (A Look at the End Times Part 4) – Hf #321

on February 19, 2021 by Jami Balmet 0 comments

Welcome to the fourth part of our Eschatology series: A look at the end times. In part 1, we covered WHY you should care about Eschatology and why it’s worth spending our time on. Then in part 2 we covered the Premillennial viewpoint and part 3 we covered the Amillennial viewpoint.  Now we are going to deep dive into the Postmillennial viewpoint. Then we will wrap up the series with a Q&A episode (and where do we go from here)?  Let’s dive in!

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A note on this series: In no way are Jason and I an expert in this topic. But we’ve greatly enjoyed diving into eschatology this year and are excited to share what we’ve learned. We are covering the 3 main views of the end times, but even within those 3, there are countless smaller viewpoints of those. So what we are attempting to do here is a broad overview of each point. Please forgive us if we over generalize any areas or if we make a mistake on any of these. Please come dialogue with us on Instagram if you want to share anything!

Overview of the Postmillennial Viewpoint:

This is the view that Christ will return after the Millennium here on earth (hence the post part). This is a partial preterest viewpoint which means that they view many of the events prophesied in the book of Revelation as already have happened (i.e. the great Tribulation, the Antichrist and so forth). Because of this (and Bible verses from both the Old and New Testament), they take the most optimistic view of human history.

They believe that the Gospel will flourish (from the times of the Apostles and the Early Church) now through until when the Millennium is ushered in here on earth. They think the world will get “better and better” because of the triumph and influence of the Gospel in the world.

They see the world becoming more and more Christian until even the nations bow to Christ. Once the Gospel has spread that far, the Millennium here on earth will be ushered in and Christ will return after that.

Graphs from The Blue Letter Bible

Proponents of Postmill: Rousas J. Rushdoony, Greg L. Bahnsen, Douglas Wilson. Jeff Durbin, James White, Kenneth L. Gentry Jr., David Chilton, Gary North, Eusibius, Athanasius, Samuel Rutherford, John Owen, Isaac Watts, Jonathan Edwards, Richard Sibbes, John Cotton, BB Warfield, Loraine Boettner, Iain Murray, Ligon Duncan.

Postmill resources: