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Making a Multi-Family Living Situation Work

Written by Erica Illsley, Contributing Writer We never had experience with making a multi-family living situation work until several months ago the dreaded happened! My husband and five children and I moved in with my in-laws. Yep, the thing we claimed we would never do became a reality. My husband was out of work for… Read More

Getting back into routines in the New Year

I am focusing on cultivating more joy in my life this year. Slowing down long enough to be thankful for all that God gives. Choosing gratitude and intentionally being content, truly content, throughout my days. My goals and focus this year all have to do with choosing JOY! But the thing is, it’s really hard… Read More

Join me in making over your mornings (Starting January 11th)

I’m coming out of a season of chaos. In most many ways, I’m still in a season of chaos. It’s a full, wonderful, fulfilled but busy, tiring, and sometimes frustrating season. My season right now is little kids (two sets of twins born two years apart to be exact). My younger twins are six months… Read More

How to make Over your mornings WITHOUT getting up early

Every couple of weeks I’ve been coming across someone new recommending the importance of getting up early and establishing a morning routine. First it was mommy-inspiration from Kat Lee of the Inspired to Action podcast then business advice from Pat Flynn and now a super awesome course from Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. All of… Read More

Hf #008: Creating Realistic Routines for the Busy Homemaker

Welcome back to the eighth episode of my brand new podcast: The Homemaking Foundations Podcast –Where we give you the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home. In case you missed it, you can listen in to the last episode here: Episode #007: Determining How You Should Spend Your Time as a Homemaker. As… Read More

My 6-Part Morning Routine and How It Helps Me Feel Successful as a Homemaker

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer Homemaking is a ministry. I’ve internalized that as I’ve risen up into my Biblical role as a woman, wife and mother over the past several years. All the logistical aspects of running a home well, such as meal-preparation, laundry, tidying, cleaning, decorating, et cetera, are avenues to honor God by working hard, creating a… Read More

How I’m Using a Planner to Get Back Into a Routine After Summer

This summer, I’ve been taking it easy. I’ve scaled back my menu planning to as simple as possible, I’ve been taking it easy here on the blog, and I’ve left some of my home organizing projects for later. It’s been wonderful enjoying summer playing with my toddlers, spending time with my husband, and with my… Read More

Creating a Manageable Routine & Schedule as a Homemaker

All summer long we are focusing on what it means to gain back control of your home and to stop living day to day in survival mode. Today we are going to be working with our family priority list and creating a daily, manageable routine to help you feel in control of your schedule! Welcome… Read More

Establishing a Homemaking Schedule or Routine

By Whitney R., Contributing Writer I love having a homemaking schedule or routine for my days and week; I just don’t always love following them. In fact, I’m pretty bad at sticking to a self-imposed agenda. Instead, I want to do what I want and when I want. The consequences are numerous, and all disastrous in… Read More