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Simple Meal Planning {with a Free Printable!}

By Victoria Osborn, Contributing Writer Meal planning… two words that can bring both a sense of dread and relief, depending the way you look at it. On one hand when you take the time to sit down and think through your meals for the coming week or month, you’re creating a plan of action which… Read More

8 Menu Plan Tutorials (To help you fall in love with cooking again)

This week is Meal Planning week here at YWG. Meal planning is a really important part of running and managing my kitchen and I’m excited to dive into resources all week for helping you discover a meal planning option that works best for you. On Friday I shared 15+ recipes that the whole family will love… Read More

Our Trim Healthy Mama Plan for November

I have been a fan of Trim Healthy Mama for several years now. I first got the book and read through this plan back when my first set of twins were born. I loved it and at the time, Trim Healthy Mama was my #1 resource I recommended to women who wanted to learn more… Read More

Five Simple Summer Salads with Grilled Chicken

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer Summer means longer days and fun in the sun. So slaving over a hot stove to cook dinner when it’s already warm outside doesn’t sound too appealing. There are a number of ways to have easy meals that don’t require a hot stove like using a crock-pot, grilling or meals… Read More

My Postpartum Freezer Cooking Plan (+36 Fabulous Recipes)

I think that freezer cooking can be a powerful tool in every homemaker’s kitchen – no matter what stage of life you are in (working outside the home, stay at home mom, work at home mom, etc). But it can be especially helpful when you are preparing for having a new baby! Not only can freezer cooking save… Read More

My Meal Planning Strategy for This Summer

This summer is going to be a busy one. My twin toddlers are old enough that this is going to be a fun summer with them! I want to spend quality time with my family this summer so that’s why I’m taking it easy when it comes to meal planning. Here’s how I’m doing it:… Read More

The Benefits of Meal Planning

By Katie, Contributing Writer When I was growing up, my friend’s mom always planned her meals in advance. She always had a meal plan written out on the refrigerator and from that point I always thought I would try to do that when I was running my household. When I got married, I didn’t realize just… Read More