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I Used to Think I Needed Date Night for a Thriving Marriage

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer. I love date nights with my husband! They are a great time for us to have fun together and talk. Throughout my six and a half year marriage, I have valued date nights very highly. When our first child was born almost five years ago, these escalated to a marriage-survival-necessity in my book…. Read More

Hf #30: Loving Your Husband Like God Does

How can we learn to better love our husband with a sacrificial, unconditional love? In last week’s episode we discussed what it means to become our husband’s cheerleader and learn to better cherish and respect him. This week we are taking that concept one step further and focusing on what that love looks like. So… Read More

To Have And To Hold

By Marci Seither, Contributing Writer The organ music gently played as I walked down the aisle in my mother’s white lace and beaded taffeta gown toward my waiting groom. The small white leather-bound Bible she had carried 24 years earlier was held next to my bouquet of pink and white flowers. Under a veil of wispy netting, we… Read More

5 Components to Writing the Perfect Love Note to Your Husband

By Victoria, Contributing Writer Last year I wanted to do something that would not only bless my husband but also strengthen our marriage. Having three little ones always around has definitely taken it’s toll on us. We are tired, exhausted and just plain spent at the end of a long day. Finding ways to connect with… Read More

Hf #022: For when you forget how BIG our calling is…

I re-learned a powerful lesson this weekend and God really convicted my heart to remember the right way I need to think about motherhood, marriage, and my home. I need to remember, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, that God has given me an eternally significant calling in my home. It’s so… Read More

Home Building Means Building Up Your Husband

Written by Erica, Contributing Writer Solomon, the writer of most of the book of Proverbs, encourages us as women to build up our homes. One aspect of home building you can include is the act and art of building up your husband and other family members. “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish… Read More

4 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong Through the Storms

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer My husband and I are coming up on five years of marriage this July. As I look back on where we have been in five years, I am grateful for the time we have had to grow together but it has been a tough five years. We struggled with ups and downs… Read More