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3 Truths to Teach Your Emotional Child

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer. Knowing how to best help an emotional child can be difficult. It’s hard to know what to do when they are genuinely that upset (not just putting on a show), despite the irrationality of their reaction to the situation. As my kids have gotten older, I’ve tried a few different things to help them… Read More

Finding Joy in the Ordinary Days of Homemaking

By Victoria Osborn, Contributing Writer Do you ever have one of those days? You know the ones where you wake up grouchy, irritable and just plain lacking in joy? As a young mom I’m ashamed to say those days come all to frequently in these days at home. The demands of motherhood, the endless to-do list, a… Read More

Hf #36: Finding Joy in All Aspects of My Life

One of the biggest struggles within the home is finding out how to go from looking at the mundane (and sometimes boring) parts of our day to finding and cultivating real joy within it! My word for this year is JOY and I’m looking at three main areas of my life to cultivate that joy:… Read More

Getting back into routines in the New Year

I am focusing on cultivating more joy in my life this year. Slowing down long enough to be thankful for all that God gives. Choosing gratitude and intentionally being content, truly content, throughout my days. My goals and focus this year all have to do with choosing JOY! But the thing is, it’s really hard… Read More

2016 Word of the Year: JOY

As I begin to prepare for this New Year, and reflect back over 2015, one huge desire comes to mind: The desire for more JOY. You see, 2015 was a full and busy year for our family. We had three, THREE siblings get married in 2015… And we had our new twins in July… There… Read More

Hf #022: For when you forget how BIG our calling is…

I re-learned a powerful lesson this weekend and God really convicted my heart to remember the right way I need to think about motherhood, marriage, and my home. I need to remember, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, that God has given me an eternally significant calling in my home. It’s so… Read More