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Guest Post

How to Enjoy What You Have Rather than Desiring What You Don’t Have

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer “It’s odd,” I told my husband, as we lazed around the dining room table one night last week. Our older kids (ages 5 and 3) had been dismissed and were off busily playing in other parts of the house. There we sat, gathering our energy for the evening marathon while shaking a few more Cheerios from the box… Read More

I Used to Think I Needed Date Night for a Thriving Marriage

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer. I love date nights with my husband! They are a great time for us to have fun together and talk. Throughout my six and a half year marriage, I have valued date nights very highly. When our first child was born almost five years ago, these escalated to a marriage-survival-necessity in my book…. Read More

Three Not So Profound Truths That Have Changed How I Set Goals

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer We’re about a month into the new year and you may have already fallen into the new years resolution failure club or maybe you decided you wouldn’t even try since you’ve never gotten very far in the past. Whether you make resolutions or not, I want to encourage you to… Read More

Writing Acrostic Love Notes + 2 Printables

Written by Erica Illsley, Contributing Writer ‘Tis the season for writing love letters or little love notes to your sweetheart or children. This is a little tutorial on how to write a simple love note called the acrostic, something you may have done in grade school but have forgotten about. Acrostics are great for highlighting… Read More

5 Components to Writing the Perfect Love Note to Your Husband

By Victoria, Contributing Writer Last year I wanted to do something that would not only bless my husband but also strengthen our marriage. Having three little ones always around has definitely taken it’s toll on us. We are tired, exhausted and just plain spent at the end of a long day. Finding ways to connect with… Read More

Making a Multi-Family Living Situation Work

Written by Erica Illsley, Contributing Writer We never had experience with making a multi-family living situation work until several months ago the dreaded happened! My husband and five children and I moved in with my in-laws. Yep, the thing we claimed we would never do became a reality. My husband was out of work for… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Work-at-Home Mom and Homemaker

By Katie Bennett, contributing writer. Homemaking is a beautiful discipline with many different facets and faces. Each home and life are different, but the godly calling is the same. As women, we are to nurture this God-given space we call home. But what does that look like? While I’m far from “a perfect homemaker,” I’d… Read More

Home Building Means Building Up Your Husband

Written by Erica, Contributing Writer Solomon, the writer of most of the book of Proverbs, encourages us as women to build up our homes. One aspect of home building you can include is the act and art of building up your husband and other family members. “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish… Read More

5 Helpful Habits for Peaceful Homemaking

By Anna Christensen, Contributing Writer When my husband Josh was studying crazy long hours in school, I slipped into a horrible homemaking habit. After caring for the kids and working my online job during the day, the last thing I felt like doing after dinner was cleaning up the kitchen. So, after dinner, we laid the… Read More