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Three Not So Profound Truths That Have Changed How I Set Goals

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer We’re about a month into the new year and you may have already fallen into the new years resolution failure club or maybe you decided you wouldn’t even try since you’ve never gotten very far in the past. Whether you make resolutions or not, I want to encourage you to… Read More

Hf #24: Setting Up Your Year for Success

If you are needing a little motivation and encouragement to kick off your new year, then this episode is going to help you get started! We are going to start off by talking a bit about the importance of planning for your year, creating a family mission statement, and how to set goals out of… Read More

My Goals for This Week – Our Last Week as a Family of Four

It’s been a while since I’ve done my weekly goals updates and I miss it! I love sharing what my goals and projects for the week are because it helps keep me accountable to my own goals and I love being inspired by all of your goals. But I’ve been off the computer a lot… Read More

My Goals for This Week – Heading into May 4/30/15

Can you believe it’s almost May already? This year is flying by and we are down to about 8 weeks left until we meet our twin boys. I can’t wait and yet there is still so much to be done before they arrive! What We’ve Been Up To The Last Few Weeks This month has… Read More

My Goals For This Week – 3/24/15

I can’t believe how fast March is flying by and that we are almost in April! Welcome back to my weekly goals: March 24th edition! As I mentioned in my weekly goals last week, I’ve been hard at work on a new eCourse that launches in April called A Heart for Hospitality! I have been… Read More

My goals for this week (For my home, marriage, & blog)

2014 was a really busy year for my family and I found myself posting less often and sharing less about our lives and my daily routine as a homemaker. So one of my goals for my blog this year is to get back into the daily habit of posting as well as making sure that… Read More