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My 6-Part Morning Routine and How It Helps Me Feel Successful as a Homemaker

on August 3, 2015 by Katie Bennett 36 comments

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer

Homemaking is a ministry.

I’ve internalized that as I’ve risen up into my Biblical role as a woman, wife and mother over the past several years.

All the logistical aspects of running a home well, such as meal-preparation, laundry, tidying, cleaning, decorating, et cetera, are avenues to honor God by working hard, creating a space for hospitality and meeting the needs of our family. In this way we provide a secure, predictable environment for them.

my six part morning routine

This becomes their safe launching point into the world and the sanctuary to which they return when they need to rest and refuel.

It makes sense, but how to actually do it?

Many women struggle to feel successful as homemakers. …Ask me how I know.

However, for me, through a lot of hard-work and many successes and failures, I’ve figured a few things out. I’m beginning to find that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in my homemaking, and it’s worth the effort! (But it does take effort.)

Mostly, all of these changes have come through the establishment of new daily habits.

Wow, habits are powerful little things!

One key time of day in which I’ve been grooming my personal habits this summer is the mornings. I recently took a 14-day online course called Make Over Your Mornings, which was extremely well-timed in my life and helped me hugely. Read more about my thoughts on that here and here.

Through examining big picture goals, stress points in my home, and family needs, I’ve created a new and better morning routine! Here’s what I came up with.

My Homemaker’s Morning Routine

1. Get up at 6:00 

2. Drink a glass of water and exercise for 10-20 minutes

I’ve been using workouts by Lindsey Brin of Moms Into Fitness from her YouTube Channel. Some of her videos are even designed for postpartum moms specifically (that’s me!).

3. Make coffee, eat breakfast and spend time with God

I don’t put a time limit on this because, if God is calling me to be in His presence, that’s where I’m going to stay! I usually know when I’m done. I’d say it’s usually 20 minutes or so.

I’m currently structuring this time as follows:

  • read one chapter of the Bible (I’m reading Isaiah and loving it.)
  • write down key verses and journal my thoughts
  • spend time praying

 4. Get myself ready for the day

If the kids are still sleeping at this point, I’m actually putting on makeup and getting fixed up for the day. However, if they’re awake and need me, this is my “least important” and “most forgiving” component. If I don’t get to it, it’s ok, although I do want to put a bit more effort into my daily appearance as I can.

5. Unload the dishwasher

I wait to do this until my children are up and awake because it’s loud! It makes sense to take care of it while they eat breakfast since I’ve already eaten, and I want to be in the kitchen with them anyway.

6. Get everyone dressed, beds made, curtains drawn, and dirty clothes picked up

Even though we don’t go anywhere some days (my kids are not school-aged and I’m a SAHM), we always get dressed. We systematically go through each room, completing the above tasks. It’s a routine that we’ve established that makes our home feel so much better!

So if you’re not feeling successful in your homemaking… PLEASE, do yourself a favor and create a morning routine. Then stick to it!

If you need help in this area, I highly recommend the course I took. It was motivating and provided practical resources to help me become more disciplined with my mornings.

Join Me For a Challenge!

In celebration of the new year and getting things into better routines and schedules, I will be going through a MYM challenge for anyone who wants to follow along. Get all the details & join in here!

Make Over Your Mornings with Jami Balmet

Crystal’s grace-filled and simple approach to forming daily routines and rituals is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time to transform your homemaking – in fact, if you can commit just 10 minutes a day, you can see a HUGE improvement in your homemaking. Check out the course today!

P.S. Crystal offers a 100% money back guarantee in case the course isn’t what you expected or wasn’t helpful. Now you literally have no reason not to go check it out!


my 6-part morning routine FB

What does your morning routine look like?

Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers
  1. I want to have a morning routine so badly and miss having quiet time. However, my son co-sleeps with me and I wake up to him nursing each morning or if I do wake before him and try to get out of the bed, it wakes him up most of the time.
    The only alone time I have is the few minutes I get in the shower and sometimes that’s not even daily.
    Any suggestions???

    • Amanda,

      I have been there and can so relate! It used to drive me crazy to not be able to get up early. After 4 babies, I’m finally figuring out that for those first few months, that is just part of life. Once the baby gets older, they start sleeping in more and I can get my self up earlier to get the day going. It’s hard, but God’s grace is sufficient.

      • This. I am 39 weeks pregnant with our fourth, and as much as I enjoy being up and productive before my kids, right now it is just not happening! Instead of emptying the dishwasher myself and going with the kids to make their beds, etc., I put on some music and have them do all of those chores themselves, during which time I can usually get a chapter or two of my Bible read and I can check my planner for the day’s activities. His grace is definitely sufficient during this trying period!

        Thanks for your post!

  2. I LOVE Moms Into Fitness!! I’m just finishing one of her workout series. Hers is the only workout series I’ve ever completed. I love how they’re geared toward moms especially , and have modifications for certain conditions. Simply phenomenal. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  3. I have a 5 month old, and I just have to say I’m so in awe of the fact that you put on makeup. I guess I’m just not in that season yet! I’m also living with friends while we try to find an apartment in a new city, so I feel like my morning routine is nonexistent. I can’t wait to get into my own place and develop some sort of morning routine that works for me!

  4. wow! Just randomly stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest and I am SO GLAD I did! Just read 3 posts and subscribed. Can not wait to read your eBooks! Cheers for one MOMpreneur to another, thanks for all of your content!

  5. Wonderful advice! As a mother of two toddler boys I can tell you that getting up early is the best habit I’ve ever chosen! Those quiet morning hours to eat, read my Bible, and drink my coffee set the stage for a much more peaceful day. I’m going to begin being more purposeful with morning chores such as picking up and tidying bedrooms though as you suggest! Not only will it be good for me to keep a tidier home but also helps teach my kids good habits too. Love that. Thank you for the excellent advice!

  6. As a new Christian, I have been finding it hard to have ‘time with God’ first thing in the morning, which so many people keep telling me is so important. It took me a little while, but now I just hit snooze on the alarm and lie there for the ten minutes and say a little prayer thanking the Lord for this day (Psalm 118:24) , and asking Him to help me walk with him in my thoughts, words and actions.
    Short and simple, and I do a longer session later in the day when I have time, but this just sets my day up in the right frame of mind. By the time the alarm goes off again, I am ready and willing to bounce out of bed and face my day with a smile on my face.

  7. I am an older mom getting ready to launch my third son andI love the fact that you have established these habits early. If you plan to homeschooling you are off to a great start.
    To the moms who have hard time finding a quiet time I recommend buying cheap paper back Bibles and placing them around your home where you sit like by the chair you nurse, the bathroom, and the kitchen then you can read here and there. Keep plugging away at your good habits they will serve you well in years to come besides you are setting a good example to your children.

  8. Great post! For awhile, mornings were I control. This caused the entire day to be out of control as well. It was not until I established a morning routine that days lived out quite a bit more smoothly. I, too, highly recommend morning routines.

  9. I’m sorry! I wouldn’t even think of this as a routine. It sounds ridiculous. Especially the part with working out for 10mins?! Why even bother? Here’s my routine:

    I wake up at 5 AM
    Gym for an hour
    Wake up my child
    Breakfast for him
    School for him
    Work for me
    Karate on two nights of the week
    Bedtime story

    and I still find the time to decorate my house, bake, and do things that only SAHM think that they can do:) Every woman can find their own routine.

    • Well I’m glad you’ve found a routine that’s helpful to you!! I’m not sure why you feel the need though to criticize someone else’s routine that they have found to work. Each woman has their own priorities and you never know what someone else is dealing with. I would love if we could all extend grace to one another. Especially when all families have different numbers of kids, etc. With four kids, my routine is never this simple.

    • You might be surprised what ten minutes of exercise can do! It is definitely worthwhile for me. But I hope for 20, when possible. πŸ™‚ Glad you’ve found a routine that works for you.

    • lol it’s always funny to me how a mom with one child can tell a mother of more kids how to do things. Also, this one child is in school most of the day…..this is an amazing post and routine and the rude, negative comment is an eye sore. I wish you could delete these types of comments off your blog because I was very excited and pleased when I read this article.
      It is more rewarding to spend time reading the Bible and praying than working out at the gym, so this routine is obviously not for everyone. But it is a great source for Christian women with priorities.

    • Grace,

      I just stumbled upon this post and it’s replies. While it is 2 years old, I feel my reply is still relevant. As a mother of 4 (step, birth, & adopted), I have spent time in each classification as a mom. I have worked outside the home, worked from home, and have been a SAHM. They all require structure and discipline to do well. I congratulate you on your ability to maintain a schedule, but I would vehemently disagree that SAHM moms feel they are the only ones who can accomplish things like baking, etc. Can’t we PLEASE ditch the digs and accusing, insulting remarks and support each other as women and mothers who make our own choices and all do the best we can? It would make so much more sense.

      Happy Mothering!

  10. Both my kids are up all night! One still nursing and another potty training so he’s awake to go to the bathroom or already has in his diaper! And we have another on the way and with every pregnancy coffee just makes me nauseous! So I feel mornings are so sluggish for me. I used to have a wonderful morning routine before the kids but now it’s so hard! 10 minutes of fitness seems like a good but gentle start to the day so I’m gonna try that. Thank you for your encouraging post!

    • Ashley, you should try drinking hot lemon water with honey in the mornings. I used to drink that during and after my pregnancies and it helped boost my energy a lot. I still drink it often, that and hot apple cider vinegar with lemon and honey. I’m not a coffee drinker myself. I love coffee but am not supposed to have it often so the hot lemon water always did the trick. I also used to be up every night throughout the nights with my kids, too, and I promise you as they get older, even within the next year or two, you’ll be able to get back into a more scheduled morning routine as they get into their more scheduled sleeping routine. 😊
      Thanks for the great article! It is an encouragement!

  11. I enjoyed this post!!! I have a small routine, I have never read the bible, I have always wanted to make time. I know you are never busy enough to spend time with God. I worked overnights for about 7 years and mornings right after work were great… I get off at5am would work out and have breakfast before anyone woke up. Morning routines are a little hectic here but I know make time every morning for myself! I have an amazing day everyday!!!

  12. My routine: 2 boys age 9&12. Wake up 6:30. Get dressed by 7:00. Fix breakfast for boys & self. Drive 17 miles to school. work on Mondays & Bible study on Wednesday. T-Th-F, work out. & more bible study & prayer. Pick up boys by 3:00 home by 3:30ish. Snack boys, & prepare dinner. To make a long story short. Any suggestions on better time management for my situation??? Thanks & Blessings !!!

  13. Wow! i really needed this! I recently lost my job, I’m one of those people that has never gone without a job. For the first week or 2 i loved it! Now the depression has started to set in. I feel like I’m doing nothing to contribute! But reading this i realize just how important my role as a stay at home mom really is! thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Thanks for the post and encouragement. Just what I needed to read today. I can’t get the link to the course to work, though. Any suggestions?

  15. Great article! My favorite part of my routine and the part I feel most convicted about is my appearance time. It’s WAY easier for me to think I should get into devotions than care about my appearance. It makes me feel valuable to care for my appearance I’ve learned and that love easily spills out to others. Insecurity however usually turns into a short temper and unkind tone with others. I’ve been working on strategies for doing things that transform my appearance but I only take minutes! You can find them on my YouTube channel Niewoehner Natural Health and Beauty. Husband quote: “Wow you got really pretty really fast!” Lol

  16. You lost me at get up at 6am. I work from home until 1am, so that is not going to happen. A lot of homeschoolers chose this option because the flexibility in the schedule. I have a wonderful routine that fits for us. I do not believe there is a one size fits all. You have to figure out what works for you. I’m glad that works for you, but it would not for our family.

  17. Katie and Jami, I just happened onto this lovely post and enjoyed the comments (nearly all of them!) as well as the post. I like to see the gentle exchange of encouragement and suggestions. No need for competition or one-upsmanship. I always say, we’re all at different stages in this journey through life so when we think we’ve got something (diet, exercise, parenting, etc) figured out there’s no need to get uppity about it! πŸ˜€

  18. My little girls are non-school age too, and I am also postpartum. 4, 2, and 3 months. I think I’ve finally adjusted to three girls at home now so I’ve been looking to get back into a routine. But I want to change mine up a bit and you have a pretty similar morning routine as I did. I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks for the post!

  19. Hi I really am glad I also got to see this on pintrest. I know its an old post but still relevant in my life. Ive been having a bit of depression not know how to sort out my day. Im a working mom of one who took leave and for a whole month didnt know what stay at home mothers do. This has encouraged me and also become part of my normal routine even when I go back to work. Thank you for sharing this and without God as our pilots we would not survive the storms we face.