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Welcome Instagram Readers!

We chat about a lot of difference topics and resources over on Instagram and I FINALLY made a page to house all of those links and resources. You should be able to find most things we talk about on Instagram. If I missed anything important, message me on insta so I can add it ūüėć

About Us!

I am so glad you stumbled over to my little corner of the internet. As Jason and I run our business full time, we have a LOT of things going on. So here’s where you can find a little bit more about us.

Our main website here is Young Wife’s Guide (soon transitioning fully over to Finding Joy in Your Home). I have 8 years of blog posts cataloged here as well as 300+ podcast episodes. My main podcast¬†Homemaking Foundations will soon be rebranded to Finding Joy in Your Home as well with even better content coming! We also have a short form podcast called¬†The Titus 2 Minute. This podcast is on hold but with plans for a full relaunch in early 2021. ¬†My husband also has a podcast (also currently on hold for the time being) where he reads through classic Christian books called¬†Hurry Up and Read.¬†

You can find all of our products, courses, and resources over in our Homemaking Ministries Store. 

2021 Homemaking Ministries Online Conference

Our largest event of the year is coming up January 11-14th. Our 7th annual online conference for Christian Women will be revolving around Finding Joy in Your Home. You won’t want to miss it!!

Grab your ticket here.

My Amazon Store Front!

I’m currently working on rounding out my Amazon store front. I have so many favorite products to share from our RV renovation, to homeschooling resources, to my favorite kitchen items, to my favorite books and more. Keep checking back as I add to it.

Check out my Amazon store here (and thank you for supporting our ministry & business)!

Balancing Your Hormones

A big topic that I’m very passionate about is balancing out hormones! I think hormones have such a powerful role in our health and yet, it’s very hard to find good information on it!

I have a free workshop you can watch the replay of here.

Want to join my Young Living team?

Over the past 18 months, I went from someone who deeply resisted MLM companies to falling head over heels in love with YL’s products to slowly growing my own team. If you are curious about ordering high quality and natural supplements, cleaning products, makeup, and essential oils…and saving money on those orders…then I invite you to watch my free workshop on how to save the most money (and why I love YL so much)!

You can watch the replay of my free workshop here.

Follow along on our RV travels!

Our family is currently traveling in our renovated 32 foot RV across all the 50 states full time! We launched off into full time travel on June 2, 2020 and we haven’t looked back. The goal is to eventually buy land and build a homestead but we are enjoying the traveling life for now.

You can follow along on our adventures over on instagram: @wanderingnotlostfamily and over on YouTube!