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Pregnancy Update! My Twin Boys :)

on September 24, 2012 by Jami Balmet 34 comments

In just a few short months, hubby and I will be meeting our twin boys! They are due January 17th, 2013 and I realized today that I haven’t updated you all on my progress in a while.

Here is a quick re-cap to fill you in on our story: In May we found out that we were pregnant 🙂 We were ready to start our family and so excited. We started trying in April and got pregnant in April, praise the Lord!

In May we told our family the good news by letting my mother-in-law unwrap a onsie that says “I Love my Grandma” for Mother’s Day.

Then we had our first ultrasound and our little baby looked strong and healthy. Yes, on the first ultrasound we only saw one baby…we went back a few weeks later for a check up and to confirm the due date. They took a quick look with the ultrasound and to everyone’s surprise…It’s TWINS! Read that whole story here: 1+1=4? An Added Blessing.

Then in July we found out that we are expecting two little boys 🙂 My Dad is a twin and his twin is a boy, so we are excited to carry on that tradition! See the fun way we announced our twins genders to our family.

Slowly and steadily I have been getting bigger. I’ve shared some of these photos on Facebook but here is my journey so far:

12 Weeks Pregnant-This is BEFORE we knew it was Twins 🙂 No real change yet or baby bump.

16 weeks pregnant-In the span of 4 weeks we found out that we are having twins and that they are both boys!  Not a lot of change yet but I could feel the baby bump coming!

And then BAM! By 18 weeks I had the baby bump! It came out of nowhere. Here I am at 19 weeks. So happy to finally be showing 🙂

Here I am at 20 weeks.

Now I am just growing like crazy! Here I am at 21 weeks.


Here I am at 22 weeks.
As of today I am 23 weeks and 4 days. I’ll have another picture to share of 24 weeks. Time if flying by!! I am putting together my baby registery this week and starting to get really excited for the boys!

They are kicking me constantly right now (and have wrestling matches no doubt).They won’t lay off my bladder but that’s okay! It’s all worth it. Daddy can feel their daily kicks now. And we already have the boys  names picked out. Stay tuned for that announcement coming soon!