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Home Decor Designed with the Gospel in Mind

This week I featured dozens of my hand-picked favorite Christmas presents for Homemaker’s in my 2013 edition of the Homemaker’s Christmas Guide. In it, I featured one of my favorite home decor stores, Carpentree Wall Decor & Gifts and I wanted to share more about why I love them {and to offer you the chance… Read More

Our Beliefs – The Gospel

In a culture of easy believeism and many false teachers, it is important to find sound Biblical teaching. This is especially important on the subject of marriage. Please see our beliefs below and let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at info (at) ABiblicalMarrriage (dot) com. Also see our beliefs on marriage…. Read More

A marriage Q&A with Jason & Jami – Hf #229

I’ve got my favorite guest back on the show today! My husband Jason is cohosting with me to do a little Q&A. We are going to chat about date nights, strengths and weaknesses in marriage, what our thoughts were finding out we were having twins, our upcoming travel plans update, and more! Listen in here: … Read More

Creating a culture in your home (it starts with YOU!) – Hf #228

Are you feeling burnt out? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Do you lack joy on a daily basis? I’ve experienced all of those. And I’ve also learned some really good ways to avoid that burn out and overwhelm. Listen in today for tips on creating a culture in your home of rest and nourishment. Listen… Read More

Our Favorite Natural Summer Tips – Hf #225

Today we are chatting about all our favorite natural summer tips and ideas! I’ve got my sister Sienna on the show today and between the two of us we have (almost) 8 kids 6 and under and we are always on the look out for new summer favorites. Here are the tips we’ve been learning: … Read More

4 Simple Commitments to Creating a Peaceful Family – Hf #223

There is not place like the family…for conflict and fights to rage! It’s easy to let home life and family relationships suffer form unresolved conflict and failing to know how to deal with these issues in a Biblical way. In today’s episode we are going to share 4 simple commitments to creating a peaceful family…. Read More