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Motherhood: More than Meets the Eye {New Series}

on October 8, 2012 by Jami Balmet 17 comments

You have a job. Whether you work out of the house or not, if you have (or are having, or will have) babies, you have a job.

A mission.

Some support and others slander your position. But what is your position? What do you actually do?

Are you coping with raising children while your husband constantly travels? Perhaps you chose to leave your high paying job so you could “just” stay home? Maybe you work from home? Are you trusting God to make ends meet because it is so important to stay home, even though you don’t think you can afford it? Mama, maybe you have babies in your belly and you have no idea what to expect on this journey of motherhood.

There are many different shapes, sizes and colors that make up the job, profession, lifestyle that we call “motherhood.”

Join us as we take you through our vast range of scenarios to provide you with encouragement, inspiration and a few laughs. Motherhood may seem like a passive job to some, or an inconvenience to others, but to us, motherhood is more than meets the eye.

Beginning next Monday, October 15th, 8 bloggers will share with you each week, wrapping up December 18th. Make sure to subscribe to one, two, or all of these blogs so you don’t miss a post. And to wrap up our series, you will be able to take a sneak peek inside each of the participants through a day-in-the-life hop!

Come on Mama, you’ll fit right in!

Here are all of the blogs participating:

Christian Mommy Blogger ~ Intentional By Grace ~ The Humbled Homemaker ~ Triple Braided Life ~ Young Wife’s Guide ~ Day 2 Day Joys ~ From Cube to Farm ~ The Unofficial Homeschooler

Join us so we can embrace this job that God has laid heavily on our hearts – our mission – motherhood! It truly is much more than what meets the eye! Let’s dig deeper, one mama at a time!

In This Series:

Transitioning from a Stay at Home Wife to a Mom – Young Wife’s Guide
Being a SAHM When You Can Barely Afford It – The Humbled Homemaker
I’m a Stay at Home Mom without a Soul to Call “Friend” – Intentional By Grace
Working Outside the Home before Becoming a Stay-at-Home-Mom – The Humbled Homemaker
Career Woman to SAHM (leaving work for work) – Christian Mommy Blogger
How to Manage Being a Work at Home Mom – Christian Mommy Blogger
SAHM when your husband is gone a lot {part 1} – Intentional By Grace
SAHM when your husband is gone a lot {part 2} – Intentional By Grace
What to do when your husband is not on board! – Triple Braided Life
A Day in the Life