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Managing Your Home…for God’s Glory

on April 21, 2014 by Jami Balmet 37 comments

As a homemaker and follower of Christ, we are called to look after and manage our household. The house is our domain and we are put in charge of creating a God glorifying atmosphereThe excellent wife of Proverbs 31 managers her home:

“She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” ~ Proverbs 31:27

Managing your Home...for God's Glory!

This post is part of a series on what it means to be a homemaker that brings glory to God in her homemaking. You can read the full series HERE.

We can so easily get caught up in the daily mundane tasks of cook, cleaning, organizing and managing our home. But we should have Gospel intentionality and Kingdom focus when we manage our home.

Home Management for God’s Glory

How we run and manage our home has profound influence over our lives, our children, and our families.

“A part of looking over the activities of our household means we are able to organize and bring order to our homes – in other words, manage.” ~ Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock, Practicing Hospitality {Page 103}

Putting a little effort and intentionality into our homemaking, organization, and management can go a long way in glorifying God in our homemaking.

“Management helps us maximize our time, energy, and resources. Simply put, management helps us to be good stewards. Likewise, management allows us to plan and organize events so we are free to focus on our real priority – people!” ~ Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock, Practicing Hospitality {Page 103}

 Simple Steps to Home Management

Your home and your attitude won’t change overnight but remember that each day you can make smart decisions that help with your home management. So get off Pinterest {I’m preaching to myself} and pick up the broom! Get ready to glorify God in your home management. Here are a few practical tips:


A cluttered home is truly a sign of a cluttered mind. It’s so much easier to be at peace and create a tranquil atmosphere when the house is uncluttered. We have way too much stuff right now so I’m trying to pare down what we have so that our small apartment is less cluttered….especially with baby stuff all over the place now!

Spending some time up front to organize your house really pays off! You spend less time everyday looking for things and organizing the house.  

Don’t Be Lazy 

“She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” ~ Proverbs 31:27

The excellent wife described in the Bible is not someone who is lazy! She is hardworking and industrious. She looks over her household, perceives what needs to be done, and works hard at making a God-glorifying household. It’s hard work but with God’s help she can get it done!

“Managing our homes with excellence will require that we are never idle…Idleness means we are ‘doing nothing’ or ‘not busy working.’ It suggests we are lazy or slothful. Idleness implies wasted time and pictures a person who is unemployed. This picture is completely contrary to how Scripture defines a woman’s responsibility to her family and home. Titus 2:5 calls women to be ‘workers at home.’ They are to be ’employed at home.’ A person with integrity works hard at her place of employment, meaning she is busy with tasks, redeeming the time and refusing idleness.”  ~ Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock, Practicing Hospitality {Page 104}

I find that passage from one of my favorite books so convicting! The women in Proverbs 31 is forever memorialized within Scripture as being a wife of excellence! We should always strive to be her. And she wasn’t lazy! She worked hard and made sure her house was cared for. I love this last quote from Ennis and Tatlock,

“The truth is that there is no secret to managing your home with excellence – it is simply hard work!”  ~ Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock, Practicing Hospitality {Page 105}

You will bring honor and glory to God when you work hard and serve Him! If you struggle with laziness or simply need some motivation {like we all do at some point}, meditate on and memorize the following Scripture:

  • Proverbs 10:4
  • Proverbs 12:24
  • 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12
  • Hebrews 6:12
  • Romans 12:11
  • 1 Corinthians 15:58
  • Titus 2:3-5
  • Proverbs 14:1


Wait! You just told me not to be lazy and know you are telling me to relax?? Here’s something to remember:

Don’t stress too much about your house. At the end of the day, your homemaking is not about your home…it’s about your family! Do your kids just really need your attention today? Do you have a hubby who would love some time to cuddle tonight? Forget the dishes, they can sit in the sink. Focus on what’s important today!

Spend time with your kids, love your husband, and remember that the dishes are just dishes! As your kids grow up they will be more thankful for a mother who spent time with them than a mother who had a clean house but neglected her kids. Don’t forsake your family for clean dishes and you will truly Glorify God in your homemaking! 

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Managing Your Home for God's Glory!

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Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers

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  1. I appreciate the quote early on that indicates our priority is people. You reiterated this towards the end with the reminder that homemaking is ultimately about our families. Sometimes I get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks that I overlook this.
    Just last week my husband sweetly reminded me that he would rather come home to an imperfectly kept house with a wife who is free of anxiety than come home to a perfectly kept house with a wife who is anxious about getting that last load of laundry done, getting dessert baked for tomorrow’s small group, etc.
    Thanks for the reminder to focus first on our loved ones!

  2. I really enjoyed today’s post. 🙂 Idleness is something I struggle with… some days I get a lot done and feel “accomplished” and then other days (like today, ironically) I feel idle and unmotivated to do what needs to be done. Thanking God for this reminder 🙂

  3. I too needed the reminder against idleness. I have a baby but don’t have much else in life to do. I fill most of my free time reading, exercising, or watching Netflix. The verses you provided are really encouraging.

  4. I was just looking for information on management andI stumbled across your blog. Very exciting! I was really encouraged and refreshed by what I read, I will visit again!

  5. Thank you for this. I find myself often distracted, or exhausted, or even lazy. I need this encouragement/motivation. It is so easy to let things go. I struggle with balancing working outside the home and keeping up with our home and children. More and more I feel the Lord tugging at me to be fully committed to our home and family, but I’m fearful of giving up the security that my extra income provides.

    • Shannon I totally know how you feel!! We always knew that we wanted me to stay home when we had kids, but when we got pregnant it was harder than I thought to say goodbye to my income! Yes, times are tight sometimes but it has been so wort it for us! I just prayed for you. I’m praying for peace and wisdom for you!

      • Thank you. I left my good-paying full time job a few months ago for a part time job with a significant pay increase. People look at me like I am crazy or wonder what I did wrong to get such a “demotion”. They just can’t see how amazing the change has been for our family. My take home pay is pretty much the same since I don’t have to pay child care or commute an hour each way anymore. Still, I find myself longing to be TOTALLY home. I’m having the toughest time determining if it is God leading me to be home, or my own selfish desires. Thank you for praying.

        • God calls women to be homemakers so you can’t be self for wanting to be one! God always provides especially when you are taking the leap of faith to be a homemaker.

  6. This was a lovely read! I especially liked the balanced perspective – grace for ourselves is an important part of the day!! I’m a SAHM, unschooling mama of 3, almost 4, and some days I just have to stop, sit down and have a snuggle with the nearest, willing child and remind myself where my focus should be. My husband came home to a bombsite the other night {which is actually quite unusual}, children just starting the evening routine {2 hours later than normal}, and me in the kitchen pulling something random together for dinner. I asked him later if he found it stressful coming home to everything in such a state and after giving it a moments thought he said that he actually didn’t really notice because everyone was so happy, positive and calm.
    Anyway regarding managing the home and how homemaking is about your family – the lack of clutter is a huge key IMO, but I just wanted to add that getting your children involved is fantastic way to be giving them attention and interaction while teaching them skills and doing the important jobs, and keeping your home centred around family rather than just work. My 6 & 3yo are pros at loading and unloading the dishwasher while I’m rinsing and doing other kitchen jobs, and my 18mo is getting there with much enthusiasm and very little technique 😛 They all take turns helping with breakfast and dinner prep and they really covet their turns! They get ingredients, measure, then rinse dishes for me as we finish. They all put their toys away and find their own dry washing in the pile, then as I fold it they put it away. These times are a delight!! Conversation topics range from serving others to Darth Vader to why knickers should be worn on our heads, to the life cycle of butterflies. They know how to bake bread, feed the sourdough starter, make their beds, feed the menagerie {chickens, dog, etc}, take responsibility for themselves and their things, and help each other. I get a tidy home and quality interaction time with my children, without feeling like I have to sacrifice one or the other. Another bonus is that when we’re done and I sit down with a cuppa, they’ve had their mama tanks filled and take off to play. Sweet blissful silence 😉

    • “…he actually didn’t really notice because everyone was so happy, positive and calm.” I meant to say – {this is also quite unusual ;)}.

  7. Thanks for posting these Jami. I just found your site and am appreciating all the work you’ve put into it. In the future I am planning a post about how to keep order in the home, do you mind if I link to your post? I love your words about how clutter clutters the mind. It REALLY does! That was one of my biggest problems when we lived in an apt (only 3 yrs ago). I hadn’t anywhere to put anything and no money to buy containers. I will be reading more, so you’ll see more comments from me 😀

  8. There is always something for me to do in my house. I’m busy with two toddler girls – 2.5 years old and 14 months old. They sure keep me busy!

  9. Jami, I need help managing children’s toys and belongings. I have a two year old and a four month old, and feel like their “stuff” is out all the time. What are your thoughts on toys, do you ever take a moment and just pare down? I don’t want to deprive them, its not like they have a TON, and also they have no electronic or battery toys, or is it better organization that I need to look at?

    • Hi Rena, I hope you don’t mind me replying b/c my kids are about the same age apart, but a bit older now. I think there is something for organization, but also you might want to look at if they do have too much. An infant has a lot of big toys so sometimes it just takes space. You may want to look at rotating toys in and out. Just leave 5 out for each child and store the others. Then in a few weeks switch. There will be less toys out that way. I found that my kids played more with a few toys and just made a mess of the rest, so I just pared down what they had. It seemed like I was getting rid of a lot, but it’s been a few weeks and we’ve seen no difference except less mess.

  10. Jami,
    Thanks for your devotion to turning around our cultural way of thinking about biblical management of our homes. I have tried a couple of times to subscribe to your blog, but to no avail. Could you please add me to your subscriber list at the above email address?
    Thanks again,

  11. I was practically searching for how to improve my mentality on marriage when I come across your articles. Thanks it really change my world on some certain issues.

  12. This is such a beautiful blog. The discussion was very helpful. We do have to remember to take care of our homes so that everyone is happy and well adusted. It is the woman’s reponsibilityt to take care of the home. I struggle with balancing work with managing my home and I have for years. But, I am getting better at it. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Love the focus on management and you have some great tips here! Again, disagree on translation as “worker in the home”, when the original Greek translates as “manager of the home” (which totally fits well in this article”, therefore not requires moms to be SAH.

    But, man, you have some awesome advice!

  14. Your blog caught my interest! It’s inspiring to get more homemakers do their task with joy rather than thinking it as an everyday drudgery. It reminds me as well to give priority to our loved ones over keeping up neatly the house we live in or else there’s no “home sweet home” atmosphere that will happen sans giving glory & honor to God.