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How To Upload Your Own Recipes to Build a Menu (& other questions)

on September 26, 2016 by Jami Balmet 1 comment

The last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing about my absolute favorite way to meal plan. It’s an online system called Build a Menu and this month only, it’s on a super sale (see details below).

Last week I shared a video walkthrough (you can also see the pictures) of how to use Build a Menu so you can figure out if it’s a system that would work for your family or not. After sharing that video, I got a ton of follow up questions about BAM so I figured I would share it here since there is an awesome deal for my readers right now (see below). 

I've been using an amazing online system to do all my meal planning. It lets you pull from their bank or recipes OR upload your own!! How awesome is that? And the best part? It only takes a few minutes :D

So here are the most commonly asked questions about Build a Menu. I highly recommend you go back and watch (or read through) my video walkthrough of how I use this meal planning website because it can save you a ton of time, energy, and money. But I don’t want to rehash that all here. So go back and read or watch this first 🙂

1) Putting in Your Own Recipes

This is one of my favorite features and something I got the most questions about.

In Build a Menu, you have two options: 1) Use their bank of recipes which categories range from Trim Healthy Mama, family favorites, slow cooker, and more or 2) upload your own recipes to use! You can of course use a mix of both their recipes and yours to create the most versatile meal plan.

So how hard is it to upload your own recipes? It will take you a few minutes to start uploading recipes, but I think if you sat down for 20 minutes with a stack of your family’s favorite recipes to upload, it would be SO worth it!! (In fact, I plan on doing this soon!)

Here’s how to do it: scroll down to look through the photos if you don’t want to watch the video.

Go into your account to make a new menu, once you get to the screen to pick your meals, you will see this link “Click here to create your own recipes

From here you can now input your recipe! You can add a name, category, sub categories, ingredients, and directions.

Once you are done inputting all the info, click save and you can see your finished recipe!

And now when you go to create a new menu, you can find all the recipes you’ve uploaded be selecting the category (in this example, “dinners”) and scroll down. It even calculates the price estimate for you when you upload your own recipes!! 

2) Editing a Menu Later

I had someone ask “If you save a menu to use again later, can you edit it?” With Build a Menu, each time you create a menu, it saves it for you. You can even name each menu for example: “Our Family Favorites”, “Easy Crock Pot Meals” etc. So that way, you could create 2-4 menus that work really well for your family…and use them again and again!

But someone wanted to know if you could tweak or change those menu’s once they are saved. The short answer: Yes! Yes you can. 

I wasn’t actually sure about this, so I went into my account to investigate and found out that all saved menus are completely customizable. You can swap out recipes, add more meals, change in and out ingredients, change the shopping list, etc.

To do this, once you log into your account, select “My Menus”from the top menu bar.

Then select which menu you would like edit and you can then edit anything you want! This could open up a whole new way to use Build a Menu!

3) How to get the super sale?

I had this question today. I’ve been a member to Build a Menu since 2014 so I didn’t immediately know the answer. So I hopped over to BAM to try purchasing a new subscription and I realized she was right! It’s kind of confusing to know how to get this super special sale in February.

So here’s the deal: You can get a 12 month subscription to Build a Menu for only $24.99 (normally $59)!! Just use coupon code: April24 at checkout to get access to this amazing meal planning service for just $2.08 a month. This amazing sale ends April 22, 2019!

And for only $0.48 per week you can get it for 12 months! Such an awesome price (and saves me far more than that a week) 🙂 You can sign up for BAM for just $40 here and use coupon code: APRIL24 at checkout. 

So I’ve heard it reported that it’s a been tricky to figure out the pricing when you first sign up. So watch the video below or see the pictures on how to snag the $24.99 deal (which just so happens to be their BEST and most expensive plan normally)! (PLEASE NOTE: This video is from a past sale so it might be a little different than what you see today. But the steps should be the same/similar.)

To get this super amazing deal, just head over to Build a Menu and click on the top link “Sign Me Up!”

Choose the “Premium Plan” and hit “Join Now”

Then select EITHER the classic plan or the done 4 you plan. You get access to both as part of this super special deal.

IGNORE the plans and information in the next step. You will see what you are selecting better on the next screen. Here you just need to fill out your log in information:

“Continue to Complete Subscription” and then you will see these options. Select the third option for the “premium plan” and you will see the 12 month subscription and then use coupon code: BAM_YWG40 at checkout! 

Now you can just continue check out as normal. And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to their customer service, they’ve got a great team!!

I hope this has helped! If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will try and get back to them this week before the sale ends.

I don’t think every household needs Build a Menu to survive, but it HAS saved me so much time and money. So I wanted to give you this quick sneak peek into the system in case you think it might work for your family as well.

Come on over and watch my video walkthrough to see exactly how BAM can help

Join Build a Menu for just $24.99 for 12 months! 
(Use my exclusive coupon code: APRIL24 at checkout)