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Freezer Cooking: has changed my life

on April 12, 2012 by Jami Balmet 22 comments

Freezer cooking has changed my life.

Sound dramatic? I’m not saying it has changed my life in a coming-to-saving-faith-in-Christ kind of way. But rather it has changed my daily life and my everyday duties.

Freezer Cooking has changed how I run my kitchen

About a year ago I would have said “Once a month cooking?? Huh?” Like maybe I’ve heard a blogger here or there mention it, but I never really paid much attention to it.

Until, one fateful day, I walked into Barnes and Noble. I stalked the clearance racks as I usually do, and came across a wonderful and amazing book. I came across this little cookbook with no pictures (and usually I hate that in a cookbook). But it had a big $5 sticker on it and it was on clearance for 50% off. I thought I would give it a shot for $2.50!

Once-A-Month Cooking: Family Favorites

Once a Month Cooking
And I have been so happy ever since. This cookbook is a once a month cooking book. It introduced me to the wide world of freezer cooking. I take one Saturday each month, cook for several hours and have healthy homemade meals from scratch for the rest of the month.

I know there are many systems out there like Once a Month Mom but the idea of freezer cooking always sounded SO complicated to me!  I really had no idea how it was even practical until I picked up this book.

Let me just say, this book is amazing. I can’t sing it’s praises enough. It has different menus throughout the book broken down by type. There is even a gluten free and summer menu plan. Each menu then has a shopping list at the beginning. So I simply grab the book and take it with me to the grocery store. The shopping list is even broken down by type: meat, produce, ect.

Raw Freezer Vegetables
Then it has a list of processes. So basically you end up making little parts of the meals all day and then by the end they all come together. I have never cooked like that before, and it saves so much time. You don’t cook one meal and then move on to the next. First you chop ALL the veggies and get them ready, then get 3 different things of meat going, ect. And then you combined them into the meals.

Anyway, enough about the book, just go buy it already. Now that I have learned the basics of freezer cooking I can take the amazing recipes from this book, plus our own family favorites and do freezer cooking my way. And it’s easy and saves so much time in the long run.

I also can’t wait to try their original Once-A-Month Cooking recipe book.

once a month original
Now, this is just one way to do freezer cooking. There are many more methods. So come back next week while we discuss freezer cooking.

But I’m curious. Do you do freezer cooking? If you do, share with us how you do it. If you have tried and don’t like it, tell us why.

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Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers
  1. I have never tried full-blown freezer cooking, but I do bake a double batch of muffins once a month, freeze them and pull out two every night to thaw overnight for breakfast in the morning. I also do prep for the weeks meals such as cutting all the veggies that I need for the week on the day I bring them home and cooking the meat in the morning during nap time for the meal that night. I would love to try the full-blown once a month cooking thing, but I don’t have the support to take one day off a month to cook. Someone has got to watch the baby!

    • I know! I had never even thought to freeze muffins and pull them out as I needed them before this year! lol. Now I make everything in double batches and stick them in the freezer!

      Yeah it can be hard I’m sure with babies! I know some people who get together with friends and do the cooking together. So the mommies can take turns cooking and watching the babies to get their cooking done. Or leave them with Dad for the day 😉

  2. I would LOVE to hear more on this subject….I have recently been seriously considering trying this out. It’s not like I don’t have time to cook a meal on a normal day, but it would be SO nice to know that if I have a hectic day that the real work is already done for me! And another plus would be for times when we want to have some people over last minute!

    • Oh Sandra, try it out! I was so skeptical at first if it would work, but I fell in love lol. I’ll be sharing more about different techniques of freezer cooking starting tomorrow through this week. But the Once a Month Cooking cookbook is a REALLY EASY way to begin freezer cooking. You don’t even have to think about it 😉 See my review for the book here: http://youngwifesguide.com/once-a-month-cooking-book-review/

      Yes, I love having freezer meals for when people come over last minute! No last minute shopping, mess or stress! 😉

  3. I haven’t actually tried freezer cooking, but have heard a lot about it. Can I ask how big your freezer is? I only have the freezer that is attached to my fridge. With six of us, it’s already pretty full. I could probably do some ultra organizing though…

    • We only use our normal freezer attached to our fridge. And we live in an apartment so it’s not very big lol!

      And while yes, it’s only my husband and I so we don’t have as much food we do have families and couples over about once a week plus family over all the time. So I do pack a TON into our freezer.

      The trick I have found for making room in the freezer is so put everything in freezer bags. So if I’m making soup, I pour it all into a freezer bag and lay it FLAT in the freezer. While I’m making the next meal that soup is starting to freeze. By the time the next meal is done that meal is frozen (or mostly) and I can just stack the next meal on top. I can get 8 meals on top of each other very easily this way.

      I’m going to show pictures of how I do this later this week 🙂 I have also heard of other families with kids doing freezer cooking and just using their normal sized freezer! It can be done 😉

  4. This is very interesting and I so desperately need to do something to get meals under control. So many times a week I look at the kitchen and say…..nothing lol. We go shopping each week but it seems we pick up the food for items we always eat (my breakfast smoothies, breakfast oatmeal, lunches, etc.) but I have no idea where to start when it comes to preparing meals. I will check this out, thank you!

    • I know, I used to do the same thing! The beautiful thing about freezer cooking is that you get your menu planning, grocery shopping and most of the cooking DONE all at once and don’t have to really think about it all month. It saves me so much time in the end!

      Come back tomorrow as I kick off this mini series on freezer cooking 🙂

    • Hi Soccy, it’s not a “whole foods” book BUT most of the ingredients they use are whole foods. Sometimes they call for canned beans or tomatoes but that’s easy to substitute for fresh or organic 🙂 If you go to Amazo and look at the book you can actually see the whole menu and the different meals! 🙂

  5. Jami! Just came across your blog tonight and had so much fun jumping around. I just recently started freezer cooking and prepping meals in advance; time saver indeed! great to “meet” you 🙂

    • Hi Becca! I’m so glad you found your way over here 🙂 Your blog is so cute, I’m going to go spend some time looking around over there when I have a few minutes. Great to meet you too! 😀

    • Actually the picture above came from ilovebutter on Flickr but she was making chicken stock with those. So she was making a base for soup I believe, adding the meat later.

  6. The original Once-a-Month Cooking was my first introduction to freezer cooking! I found out my mom had a copy she had been using since I was a kid — and I never even knew she did freezer cooking!! Of course I stole her copy and read through the whole thing in one sitting… it’s a great resource because the author walks you through the “how” AND the “why” of freezer cooking, instead of just suggesting recipes. I also liked how the book started off with a two-week menu and worked up to month-long menus. Thanks for sharing!! ~Kristen @ http://trialanderrorhomemaking.blogspot.com

  7. […] Freezer cooking can be an excellent way to save money on grocery shopping, save time in the kitchen, and feed your family nutritious and delicious meals. When I worked full time I would do a freezer cooking day once a month. It saved me so much time throughout the month and always had hot yummy meals on the table every night. Now that we are preparing to welcome twins into our home, I know I will be doing this every month again. […]