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Feed Your Family ~ Eating Healthy on a Budget {New Series}

on February 19, 2013 by Jami Balmet 17 comments

When I got married at 19 I knew very little about being a homemaker. I didn’t spend my teenage years learning how to cook and run my future household from my mother the way I should have. My mother is a great cook and yet I didn’t take the time to learn from her the way I should have.

So when I became a wife I had to have a crash course in being a homemaker. But I had a steep learning curve. While we were in college and working nearly full time, our diet consisted largely of pizzas and frozen burritos.

Then two years ago I discovered the real/whole foods diet and realized that even though we were trying to eat healthier, we were still not getting adequate nutrition such as five servings of vegetables or eating nutritious whole grains as opposed to refined white flour.

After many discussions with other homemakers, I realized that I am not alone in this! 

It is really hard in our culture to know what is healthy and how to eat right. Even when we think we are buying and eating healthy foods we might still be pumping our families full of pesticides, chemicals, and lots and lots of sugar!

And now that I am a mother it’s more important than ever to feed my three boys healthy and nutritious meals!

Photo by NatShots Photography

So please join me on this healthy journey as I learn where and how to find healthy food…on a budget!

I don’t know about you but I didn’t like vegetables and didn’t know how to cook them. I thought whole wheat was often tough, chewy, and not worth the effort. But I have learned how important it is to get superfoods into our diet!

Join me this spring as we take a journey through this Homemaking Essential: Feed Your Family ~ Healthy Eating on a Budget. In this series we will cover:

  • Where to buy good quality {and affordable} produce
  • What’s the deal with organic?
  • Many healthy and yummy vegetable recipes
  • The best fruit for optimal health
  • Other fantastic superfoods & recipes
  • And More!

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