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  1. I am 100% for young marriages!!

    I do not think that there should be a limit to when you get married. This world of ours is so focused on money and being the bigger and better person that they minds and hearts get drowned in the quest for success…

    I do not want to be that women that has her own house, cars, career and by the time she is finish with that she meets A man, settle down with him for 3 years and he dies of old age!!!!

    That is the route the world is taking these days! We were not made to be alone… Yes it is important to make something out of your life but do not get so focused on it that you lose why we were made in the first place “Go forth and multiply” What is the use in working so hard and having everything only to die with a lonely heart, all this material things and no one to give it to???

    I feel that’s a waste.