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Planning & Organizing

While the most important aspect of our home is our focus on God and pointing our family back to Him – sometimes we just need some practical help and tips on managing it ALL! So whether you need some cleaning recipes, tips on how to effectively plan, or new organizing ideas you will find what you need below.

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The Beauty of Grace in Simple Homemaking Rituals

By Victoria Osborn, Contributing Writer When my third baby was born at the start of the year, my whole system for homemaking was completely thrown into a wrench. Trying to balance life, a home, blogging and writing with my family which includes an amazingly supportive husband, a 4 year old, 2 year old and the… Read More

A Look Inside My Baby Hospital Bag (10 things we packed)

We had our twin boys a little over two weeks ago and we are happy settling into life as a family of six! I’ve had people ask about some of our photos and what we brought to the hospital for the babies. So on our second go around with the hospital, here’s what we packed!… Read More

Developing Simple & Effective Home Management Systems

I hear from many women each week who feel totally stressed out and overwhelmed with managing their home. I thought I had a hold on this whole homemaking thing – until we had our twin boys and they started getting into everything. Suddenly, I couldn’t cook or clean like I used to. There were (and are)… Read More

Why I need to PLAN to have a relaxing summer

I love summer and the easy schedules that come with it. It seems everyone is more relaxed and ready to fit things into their schedules that they normally can’t (such as reading by the pool, decluttering projects, freezer cooking, etc). So far, this summer for me has been very different. We are on baby watch… Read More

7 Simple Tips for Once a Month Cooking Success

By Shannon Brown, Contributing Writer A couple of months ago my sister and I got the bright idea to do a once a month cooking day together. We planned to have the kids hang out with the daddies while we whipped up dozens healthy, homemade meals for the freezer. To be sure, we had Pinterest-y visions… Read More

My Goals for This Week – Heading into May 4/30/15

Can you believe it’s almost May already? This year is flying by and we are down to about 8 weeks left until we meet our twin boys. I can’t wait and yet there is still so much to be done before they arrive! What We’ve Been Up To The Last Few Weeks This month has… Read More

Let Your Home Breathe this Spring: Small Steps to Simplify Your Living Space

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer Spring is motivating. The weather is lovely, signs of life are everywhere, and I personally, feel invigorated. It’s truly the perfect time to do some big cleaning and reorganization. Photo credit Last spring I changed my daily reality by simplifying many areas of my home. It was an eye-opening time for me… Read More

How I’m Getting Organized by Using a Label Maker

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Brother and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own. Want to win a Brother P-Touch label maker? See my tutorial below and enter to win an amazing giveaway!  The last several months, I have been on a mission to declutter and organize… Read More

Why You Need to Start Meal Planning (Plus a Video)

As a homemaker, who is concerned about my family’s health and staying within our grocery budget, learning how to meal plan has been the single most important and helpful skill I’ve developed. I’ve heard from many women who don’t meal plan and think that menu or meal planning just won’t work for their family for one… Read More