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Successfully running and managing your home for God’s glory takes skill, effort, and lots of elbow grease. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt-out and like you need just a little extra help. Access all our best articles on homemaking below and start being inspired today to run and manage a Gospel-Centered home!

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Defending Your Choice to be a Homemaker – Hf #131

Choosing to spend the bulk of our time, energy, and attention on our family and our home can be a very unpopular decision these days. I know there are people in my own life who don’t understand the decision so when I got a question from a reader about this topic, I knew it was… Read More

Natural Summer Essentials – Hf #127

We’ve been on a roll talking about Summer things lately! We kicked it off by talking about Summer hospitality, then talked about making memories with your family during the summer and now we are talking about one of my favorite things: Natural summer essentials! Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this blog post as… Read More

How to use a grain mill Q&A! – Hf #124

I’ve been sharing a lot lately about how our family has been grinding our own grain this year…and how much we LOVE it!! Back in episode #19 I shared our routine for doing this and how it’s actually very easy to do even with a houseful of kids and a busy schedule!  Since that episode,… Read More

Little ways to focus on Scripture throughout your day! (For you & the kids!)

Please note: This is a sponsored post by Inscribing Truth but all opinions are 100% my own…and I really do love and use these cards 😀 I seem to keep having conversation after conversation lately with women who are “burnt-out”, “overwhelmed”, and trudging through survival mode. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there so many times… Read More

My 9 Favorite Homemaking Things for April!

Last week I shared my full review of the 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It’s on sale for only about 24 more hours and I’ve had a lot of questions this weekend about what my favorite items inside the bundle are.  So today I’m going to share my top 10 favorite things in the bundle and… Read More

TTM #41: Practical ways to set the atmosphere in the home

In the last episode, we discussed how we can delight in God and in our family more. It’s such a good reminder to remember where our focus and our joy should be.  In today’s episode we are looking at a few practical suggestions for setting the atmosphere in the home.  Listen to the Podcast: You… Read More

TTM #40: Are you delighting in God and your family today?

This is a topic that has been on my heart a lot. As women, we have a very big opportunity to affect the atmosphere in our homes – either for the good or the bad!  In today’s episode we are chatting about how we can delight more in God and in our family – and… Read More