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Healthy Living

Taking care of our bodies and our health (and those of our family members) is extremely important for leading a life that has enough energy to care for our families and serve the Lord! Head below to find healthy recipes, how to ideas for using essential oils, how to stock a natural medicine cabinet and more.

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Balancing a Homemade Lifestyle

By Anna Christensen, Contributing Writer Recently we read Laura Ingall Wilder’s “Farmer Boy” aloud as a family. No matter how productive of a day I’d had, it seemed lazy in comparison. The Wilders made 90% of their food, clothing, and shelter from scratch. They regularly worked from before dawn till past dusk, with only a handful of… Read More

3 Family Favorite Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes

By Victoria Osborn, Contributing Writer One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fresh, delicious produce available in the grocery store or farmer’s market. It’s bright, colorful, flavorful and packed with nutrition. I love to stock up and pack most of my summer meals with fresh fruit and vegetables to make “lighter” meals… Read More

A Grace Filled Approach to a Healthier Lifestyle

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer When I got married about five years ago, my idea of healthy living consisted of eating anything low fat or junk masquerading as so called health food. I knew it was a good idea to exercise but rarely did it and I thought those diet sodas in my fridge were actually… Read More

4 Simple & Actionable Baby Steps to a Healthier Life

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer I wouldn’t consider myself a health-nut, and I don’t often blog about healthy living. I’m just an average American housewife and mom, trying to find the balance of healthfulness, simplicity and practicality. However, there are some simple changes I’ve made to keep our lives a bit fresher and healthier. So if… Read More

DIY Products for Your Home (The Simple Way!)

I’ve been on a journey for several years towards a healthier and more frugal home. Slowly I’ve been transitioning our household cleaners, beauty products, and other personal items. As we’ve transitioned, I’ve been able to reduce the toxins in our home as well as save money by making our own DIY products (plus, it’s just fun… Read More

Get Healthy With Homemade Smoothies

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer I love smoothies because they help me get lots of great nutrients plus they taste great. One of the best things about smoothies is that you can pack in lots of healthy ingredients into one glass. It also makes is much easier to make sure you or your kids are getting… Read More

Making Your Own Homemade Chapstick

A few weeks ago, my sister’s and I got together to make a batch of homemade chapstick for the summer. I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook, sharing what we were up to. And I got an overwhelming response asking how I make it, what ingredients to use, and where I buy all my… Read More

Where to Buy Natural Ingredients for Home Remedies

Earlier this week, I share with you a peek inside my natural medicine cabinet. Today I want to share with you where to buy all the ingredients and products that I use and love! If you are interested at all in learning how to use home remedies, natural cleaning, beauty, and skincare products in your… Read More

Stocking a Natural Medicine Cabinet

Growing up, my family did not take medicine lightly. We didn’t take ibuprofen at the first sign of a headache and I’m thankful for that. But I was largely ignorant and skeptical of home remedies. I had no idea that a vast world of home remedies past down through the years could be so helpful… Read More