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Biblical Resources

Taking care of our bodies and our health (and those of our family members) is extremely important for leading a life that has enough energy to care for our families and serve the Lord! Head below to find healthy recipes, how to ideas for using essential oils, how to stock a natural medicine cabinet and more.

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My Favorite Christian Fiction Books for all Ages

As I’ve shared earlier in the Summer, reading is very important to me and I think it’s a really valuable asset to the Christian homemaker. It’s really tough as a young mom to find the time to read, but it’s important to me so I schedule in the time (even when it’s not as much… Read More

Why I need to PLAN to have a relaxing summer

I love summer and the easy schedules that come with it. It seems everyone is more relaxed and ready to fit things into their schedules that they normally can’t (such as reading by the pool, decluttering projects, freezer cooking, etc). So far, this summer for me has been very different. We are on baby watch… Read More

3 Classics Every Christian Should Read

As a Christian, reading is very important to my personal development and walk with the Lord. I find that reading helps to encourage me, motivates me to meditate on God and pray more throughout the day, and convicts me of sin in my life. I read several books a month and often I reach for… Read More

A Heart for Hospitality eCourse is FINALLY HERE!

I am so over the moon excited to share that my brand new eCourse, A Heart for Hospitality, is finally here! My hubby and I (he does all the video editing and technical things) have been working on this project for almost a year now. The past three months have revolved around getting this eCourse… Read More

My New (FREE) Hospitality Video Series

I am SO excited that my new video series is finally here and ready! My husband has been working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for these videos on the technical side. And it’s not been easy… Whew – This has been one crazy week! My husband and I left on Thursday for… Read More