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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Trusting Your Plans to the Lord Part 1

Our story My husband and I married young. We met just days before my husband graduated highschool. I was 16 when we met. He was 18. We began dating when I was 17 and not too shortly after that we left for college. I was 18 and he was 20 as we headed off to a… Read More

Freezer Cooking Resources

The way that I freezer cook is by buying a whole month’s worth of groceries and doing a marathon day of cooking and then enjoying those homemade meals all month long from my freezer. Some months I get busy and just end up with the stapels in my freezer i.e. rice, beans, spaghetti sauce, bread… Read More

How I Do Freezer Cooking: A Look Into My Kitchen

As I talked about earlier in this series, I stumbled upon a little cookbook with no pictures, that I had never heard of before one fateful night in the Barnes and Noble clearance section. Sounds overly dramatic, but it’s not. This book about cooking once a month changed my life. This book taught me the basics… Read More

How To Save Money Freezer Cooking

Freezer cooking is a wonderful tool to use to save money, spend less time in the kitchen, and create tasty healthy food. When I began freezer cooking, my world was turned upside down. I found this little cookbook one fateful day at Barnes & Noble, and my cooking has never been the same! Freezer Cooking… Read More

Freezer Cooking Methods

Freezer cooking can be intimidating to those who don’t know how to do it. Doing one big grocery shop and then spending 10 hours in the kitchen can seem like MORE work if you aren’t familiar with the process. But really, whether you use a cookbook, website to help, or just wing it yourself, freezer cooking is supposed… Read More

An Introduction to Freezer Cooking

My introduction into freezer cooking all began with a cookbook I stumbled upon in Barnes & Noble on fateful night and suddenly my cooking life changed. I had never really heard of freezer cooking before and certainly had never tried it before. Freezer cooking can take on many different forms. It can mean cooking double… Read More

Once a Month Cooking {Book Review}

Freezer cooking has changed my life. Seriously. I work full time plus have a 45 minute commute both ways. I get home close to 6 each night and THEN have to cook dinner. It’s such a hassle and I like to cook unlike some people. Well my cooking world was turned upside down last year when I discovered a little… Read More

Freezer Cooking: has changed my life

Freezer cooking has changed my life. Sound dramatic? I’m not saying it has changed my life in a coming-to-saving-faith-in-Christ kind of way. But rather it has changed my daily life and my everyday duties. About a year ago I would have said “Once a month cooking?? Huh?” Like maybe I’ve heard a blogger here or… Read More

Why Easter is a Time of Celebration: Future Promises

The beautiful story of Easter begins in the Old Testament, winds it’s way through to and is partially fulfilled in the New Testament through Christ’s death and Resurrection. Christ came to this earth to die for our sins so that we could be united with the Father in His Kingdom. For this we celebrate! Christ… Read More