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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Feeding My Family Grass Fed & Free Range Meats

One of my first commitments this year is to feed my family a healthy real/whole foods diet without killing our budget! So this month I am going on a journey to discover what real healthy eating means and how to do this while on a budget. You can read more in my healthy eating series here. Photo by Beckwith-Zink… Read More

Setting the Atmosphere of the Home – 3 Ways to Glorify God

By Justyn Lang, Contributing Writer We have all heard the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Horrid grammar, but it’s so true. We ladies have the power to set the atmosphere in our homes. When the wife/mama is calm, cheerful and content, everybody in the house can feel it. We’re like thermostats. Sure, the… Read More

So What’s the Deal with Locally Grown?

This post is part of my Feed Your Family ~ Eating Healthy on a Budget series. Last week I covered what the deal with organic food is. We took a look at what organic means, how to identify it, and some tips on buying organic produce. But a look at organic food doesn’t get far… Read More

So What’s the Deal with Organic?

When “organic” started becoming popular a few years ago, I did not jump on the bandwagon. I thought that the only reason people bought organic was to “help” the environment and that  it was a gimmicky fad. Let’s just say I wasn’t {and am still not} an Al Gore fan. I’ll leave it at that. But as I… Read More

Feed Your Family ~ Eating Healthy on a Budget {New Series}

When I got married at 19 I knew very little about being a homemaker. I didn’t spend my teenage years learning how to cook and run my future household from my mother the way I should have. My mother is a great cook and yet I didn’t take the time to learn from her the way… Read More

Keeping Your Marriage Strong Through the Storms

By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer When I thought about writing on the topic of keeping your marriage strong during trials, I thought, “Yeah, that has my name written ALL. OVER. IT! My man and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage next month.  Awe, doesn’t that sound wonderful in today’s society? Well, here’s the… Read More

Newborn Pictures {Malachi & Micah}

Last month we shared that Jason and I welcomed twin baby boys into our home on December 26 at 4:19 am. The day after Christmas our world changed forever. Now as we approach them being 7 weeks old {where has the time gone??} we are finally starting to settle into a routine and life seems to… Read More

Fun Gift Idea ~ Personalized Tea Box

February is upon us which means many celebrations in our household. Mine and my husband’s dating anniversary is the 1st of February. Valentine’s day is of course sandwiched in here and we also have many family and friends birthdays throughout the month. Homemade gifts become very important this time of year. They save money, provide fun for kids… Read More

10 Free or Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s officially February and that means it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day! You only have TEN days left to prepare. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg. A Biblical Marriage wants to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends, your kids, and your spouse with these 10… Read More