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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

How to Encourage Your Husband

By Beth Branstetter, Contributing Writer Social media can be a great thing.  I love being able to keep up with my high school and college friends, seeing pictures of their weddings and new babies.  I love being able to post pictures on there and my family members that are states away can still see what is… Read More

Get outside!

By Rachel, Contributing Writer No matter where you live, there is a hike near you.  Some take longer to get to, some are more scenic, and some make you work a little harder than others, but trust me, they’re there.  Hikes are a great way to spend active time with your hubby, family, or friends that… Read More

Essential Oils: Resources for Learning More

This week we have been diving into what essential oils are and my favorite oils to use {and how I use them}! But now I want to give you some tools for learning more on your own. Like I shared in an intro to essential oils, I’m a skeptic at heart when it comes to… Read More

Learning to Serve the Lord as a Married Couple

By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer I didn’t always know how to serve the Lord.  Ministry was not something I was exposed to when I was growing up.  It wasn’t until after I started working at a Christian organization which ministered to homeless people that I was exposed to ministry, also known as, serving the Lord. During this… Read More

How to Find Hope When You Feel Like a Failure

By Ashley Roe, Contributing Writer I want to be honest about something. I have pushed back some strong feelings of failure recently. I have done fairly well with not letting it get to me. That was until I skipped planning my menu again and had to come up with a last-minute dinner that my husband and… Read More

How to make traditional Italian Waffle cookies: Pizelle Recipe

By Sarah Logan, Contributing Writer I recently found a Pizelle maker at a thrift store – and we’ve all been enjoying the results! Great for an afternoon snack or when friends show up and you’re hanging out in the kitchen. I modified the recipe to make it mildly healthier 🙂 It’s still considered a treat! Note… Read More

Top 10 Favorite Essential Oils

This week we have been taking a look at what essential oils are and today I would like to get practical and share my top 10 favorite oils {so far}. Of course this list may change {and probably will} in the future as I learn more how to use essential oils. But here are my… Read More

Blessings To Go: Thoughtful Goodbye Gifts for Friends Who Relocate

By Anjanette Barr, Contributing Writer Nothing can completely take away the sorrow of saying goodbye to a beloved community and making a new home elsewhere, but earlier this year when my family set off on our grand adventure (Kansas City to ALASKA!), our friends certainly made an impressive effort to comfort us and smooth our transition!… Read More

An Introduction to Essential Oils: What are they?

Essential oils are a powerful tool that you can use in your homemaking. But they can also be confusing and daunting to learn how to use. See more in my Essential Oils 101 series on natural cleaning & home remedies! I’m a skeptic at heart. I don’t really take someone’s word for something very easily…. Read More