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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Encouraging Your Husband to Lead With Love – Hf #59

This is a tough topic to talk about. Some of us are lost when it comes to encouraging our husbands to lead. Many of us bristle at the thought of “submission” and letting him lead.  I know I have good intentions when it comes to wanting Jason to lead. But when push comes to shove,… Read More

Foundations of Spiritual Growth for the Busy Homemaker – Hf #57

Throughout the last year, I had a lot of emphasis on Spiritual Disciplines. I shared a lot about reading God’s Word, different methods for doing so, tips and methods for a deeper prayer life and more.  It was a fun year for me as I really explored what Scripture has to say on those subjects and… Read More

14 Days of Praying for Your Marriage & Husband

Romance, marriage, and love are the topics of discussion this month.  Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present, sending flowers, expecting chocolates…it’s the month of “love”.  And while those things can be fun, they don’t truly get to the heart of marriage. And in fact, if your marriage is hurting right now, chocolate covered strawberries are… Read More

Goal Setting for your life and homemaking – Hf #56

The last couple of weeks we have been discussing planning a lot. We’ve covered how to pick the best planner for you this year, how to plan for a year of SUCCESS, how to pick a word for your year to help you get focused, and how to get on track with your daily disciplines… Read More

Picking the BEST planner for 2017 – YWGtv Episode 8

I am a planner girl. I lose my mind if I try to keep everything digitally. I have to have things written out with pen and paper, and keeping everything organized in a planner is the way to go for me!  If you are like me, or are wanting to give a physical planner a try,… Read More

Planning for a Year of Success – Hf #55

I am a huge planner. I love making lists, to-do’s, planning out my time and setting priorities for my week. It has become a lot of what I share here in my ministry because intentionally planning can have such a profound impact on how you run and manage your home.  The funny thing is –… Read More