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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

How to be discerning with what you read (PTFH part 6) – Hf #91

Welcome back to part 6 in my long running series: Practical Theology for Homemakers! It’s been a while since we started this series. Feel free to jump into this lesson or head back to the other 5 first:  Part 1 we covered: Why theology matters for homemakers – Hf #72, Part 2 is The Goal… Read More

How to travel with young kids (tips & lessons learned) – Hf #90

This summer has been one of travel for our family of 7. We’ve gone on three long trips this summer with our five kids, four and under. It’s been mostly fun with a little crazy thrown in.  Throughout our trips, we’ve received question after question about how we manage it, what it’s like traveling with… Read More

Jumping into new routines for Fall – Hf #89

I always love the beginning of Summer. The open schedule, the opportunities, the promise of lots of time spent outside. Maybe a trip to the lake, lots of trips to the park for fun in the sun.  But as we get farther into Summer, I find myself starting to crave the Fall. Mostly it’s because Fall… Read More

Working Around the House with Little Ones – Hf #88

With five kids, four and under there is one question I get asked over and over again: How do you work around the house with little ones underfoot? I am very familiar with this struggle! With so many littles, my house is in constant chaos. I love it most of the time, but it is a struggle sometimes to… Read More

July Homemaking Favorites!

I’ve started a new monthly feature over on my YouTube Channel: My monthly favorites!  I come across so many fun things throughout the month (and love sharing resources) so I decided to start a monthly favorites video. Here’s my five favorites for July 2017!  Watch the Video You can watch the full video here, and then… Read More

Creating a Gospel-Centered Atmosphere on a ZERO Budget – Hf #87

I talk and share a lot about creating a Gospel-centered home. My focus throughout my ministry is to encourage you (and myself) to focus on Christ more and more within our homes.  This week I got a question from a reader about how we can create a Gospel-centered atmosphere in our home on a ZERO… Read More

How to study the Bible for beginners – Hf #86

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving email after email from women who are wondering how to begin studying the Bible. I share a lot of Bible study resources on my blog, but a few weeks ago I shared an episode on “Does my quiet time need to be first thing in the morning?”… Read More