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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Psalm 136:26 Computer & Phone Background Images

November is naturally a great time to be talking about giving thanks to God in all things! And hopefully it’s a theme you can carry into 2017 and beyond! The background image I have for you this month is perfect and so beautiful. See below for how to download for free for your computer, phone,… Read More

Ephesians 2:10 Computer & Phone Background Images

Well it took me to October of this year to get behind on posting these scripture background images. I think that’s a win in my book 😉  I apoligize to everyone who has been waiting for this. October was nuts! We hosted our annual Homemaking Ministries Online Conference. It was a BLAST but also took… Read More

Join me for a Facebook party? (And How I’m Growing in My Homemaking)

My next Facebook party is scheduled for Sunday night (woohoo!) These parties are always a blast filled with fun fellowship, free resources, and hundreds of dollars in homemaking giveaways. Read on down below for how to participate in the Facebook party… Before I jump into the Facebook party details, I want to remind you that you… Read More

Finding Hobbies You Love as a Busy Mom (or Homemaker)

I used to do so many things that I enjoyed. In high school and college, I felt like I was busy but I always had those extra moments to pursue passions and hobbies.  Along the road my days spent working on papers for my theology classes turned into days spent with my four (almost five)… Read More

FREE Fall Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Kit is HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: This Fall deal is now over. However, Grove has another fantastic offer for you!! When you sign up for a new account you will get a FREE Mrs. Meyers hand soap and a $10 store credit to spend on whatever you want! This still makes for a fantastic deal.  Fall is the beginning of… Read More

Baby girl name announcement!

So many of you have been asking if we have a name picked out yet for our baby girl and I’m excited to officially announce it!  If you missed it, back in June we announced that we are expecting baby #5 (a surprise to us as our second set of twins were only 9 months… Read More

Hf #48: Preparing for Sunday Morning (Getting to Church Consistently)

A really big problem for modern homemakers today trying to draw closer to the Lord, is developing the consistent habit of weekly attend Church. It can be tough with crazy schedules, young kids, or unsupportive family members to get to Church consistently. And even if you do manage to get there consistently, your Sunday mornings… Read More