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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

A Summer Reading Challenge – Hf #81

It’s June! And that means the beginning of Summer. And that means it’s the perfect time to set some fun summer reading goals!  Do you want to set some reading goals this summer? Or pick up your first book(s) of the year? Nows the perfect time!  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this blog… Read More

Planning Out Your Homeschool Year with MacKenzie Monroe – Hf #79

Throughout my blog and ministry, we chat a lot about being intentional in your home and with how you raise your kids. We put a huge emphasis on Gospel-centered parenting and homemaking. And because of that, I get a ton of questions homeschooling. But this is certainly not my area of expertise since my oldest… Read More

Studying the Attributes of God (PTFH part 4!) – Hf #78

Do you wish you knew the Lord more? Do you ever feel confused when you read certain parts of the Bible and don’t understand why God does the things he does? Do you yearn to love him more and more with each passing day?  That’s the motivation behind this new series, Practical Theology for Homemakers…. Read More

When no one appreciates what you do – Hf #77

Mother’s Day was a few days ago. Maybe you got a small bouquet of flowers. Maybe you got a hand written card. Maybe you got a half-hearted “Happy Mother’s Day” from your teen. Maybe your husband did the dishes for you.  Maybe. And maybe you are now feeling a little disappointed. Maybe you are feeling hurt… Read More

How do you choose what to read next? – Hf #75

I talk about reading a LOT. It’s a hobby of mine but it’s also an important tool I use in my Spiritual growth. Because I read a lot and talk about it a lot, I get a ton of questions about reading and the best ways to fit it into a busy homemaker’s schedule.  I… Read More