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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Finding Joy in Your Home: A 12 Week Series – Hf #244

I am SO excited to be kicking off this series on Finding Joy in Your Home. Over the next 12 weeks we are going to dive into this topic and cover some really helpful lessons. I can’t wait to dive into. This introductory episode will set us up well for lesson #1 coming next week! Let’s… Read More

The basics of family worship – Hf #243

Join Jason and I in this episode as we share our journey with family worship. Hint hint: It did NOT happen naturally and we didn’t know what it was suppose to look like. We’ve got some great resources to share in this episode.  Listen to the Podcast: Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes…. Read More

I can’t find the time for God’s Word… Hf #241

Are you stuck in a season of not being in God’s Word? I know I go in and out of seasons of being in the daily habit of reading God’s Word and faithful prayer and then I have super dry seasons. In this episode we are going to cover some simple ways you can establish… Read More

Practical tips for dealing with Fatigue – Hf #240

 Are you dealing with fatigue, stress, over daily overwhelm? Then this episode is for you! In it we are going to cover physical as well as some emotional and mental tips you can do to overcome that daily fatigue and stress. Get ready, this is going to be a fun and practical episode!  Listen to… Read More

Is Self Care Biblical? – Hf #238

Self care is a popular term and discussion item right now. But what about self care from a Biblical perspective? Should we invest in ourselves? Do we need to think about self-care? In this episode we are going to talk about three important topics: spiritual health, physical health, and emotional health.  Listen to the Podcast:… Read More

A Homeschooling Q&A – Hf #237

It’s that time of year again: back to school! And over on Instagram all week we’ve been doing homeschooling Q&A’s and it’s brought up a ton of fun discussions. So we are bringing the Q&A to the podcast. Listen in:  Listen to the Podcast: Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Right click here… Read More

Creating a Gospel Centered Home – Hf #236

This has been a BIG topic the past few months in our house: How to create a Gospel Centered Home! In today’s episode we are going to chat about 4 important ways to do this: 1) Centering yourself on the Gospel, 2)Centering your home on the Gospel, 3) Using your home as a jumping-off point… Read More

My new evening routine (cuz I gotta get back on track!) – Hf #235

As we head into the Fall, I’m desperate and ready for some better routines! I really want to tackle better morning routines, but I know that that morning routine needs to first start with a better evening routine FIRST. So today I’m sharing a little encouragement on routines in general (and giving grace during tough… Read More