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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Getting things done in a stressful season – Hf #267

It’s been a bit of a stressful year so far. We’ve had sickness and lots of unusual things going on and we are moving. Yet, there is also a ton of other stuff we’ve had to get done. So today’s episode is going to be all about: how to get things done (and be productive)… Read More

Traveling to all 50 states (our new plan!) – Hf #266

We have some very exciting plans coming up for 2020! Our family is planning on starting full time travel around the United States. Our goal: to visit all 50 states. In this podcast episode, Jason will be joining me to share our plans and do a fun Q&A on what’s ahead for the Balmet family…. Read More

My Baking/Meal Prep Day & Recipes

Life has been busy around here lately (selling our house, my son broke his arm this week, baby #6 is due in just a few weeks, etc). But one thing that needs to happen every.single.day is getting food on the table. And preferably healthy food 😉 My secret in the kitchen to actually getting food… Read More

Practical ways to love your husband – Hf #265

Loving our husbands feels like something that should just come naturally. But once you’ve been married for longer than 10 minutes, you realize that loving your husband takes real, intentional work and thought. Today on the podcast we are going to be discussing some practical ways you can love your husband…for a closer marriage. Listen… Read More

How to Raise Children to Read – Hf #264

Do you want to raise your children to be readers? In this episode we are going to dive into encouragement and resources for creating a culture of reading in your home – for kids and mom! Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast… Read More

TTM #65: Welcome back to a new season!

We are back!! The Titus 2 Minute Podcast is making a comeback in 2020 with a brand new season. I am here today to kick off the new season and we are chatting all about what it means to be a Titus 2 Woman. Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes… Read More

3 Ways to Be an Encourager – Hf #263

The Bible calls us to encourage one another in Christ. We are to be there for those in our lives and we are to encourage them. But what does this look like on a practical level? This episode will explore how we can be encouragers to those in our life and what the Bible calls… Read More

My Spiritual Goals for 2020 – Hf #262

It might sound funny to assign goals for my spiritual disciplines this year. But I want to make sure I’m being intentional with my relationship with the Lord in 2020. So here are my 4 spiritual goals that I’ll be working on this year. Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links… Read More

My new 21 minute morning routine – Hf #261

One of my big goals this year is to establish a better morning routine. I have 3 areas I want to tackle in my new morning routine and in today’s episode, I’m going to share my new 21 minute morning routine that is simple to implement! Want to join me, listen in! Listen to the… Read More

How to be productive when you have no time – Hf #260

This week on Instagram we’ve been chatting a lot about routines, getting more done, and saving time. So in today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing my 5 tips for how to be more productive…when you have no time. Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the… Read More