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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Hf #302: Making Relationships a Priority

It’s been such an insane year. And one thing has been clear to me: I haven’t been making relationships in my life a big enough priority. Listen in to the 3 areas I’m working on relationships in my life: in my parenting, in my marriage, and in my friendships. Listen to the Podcast: You can… Read More

Plexus October DEAL!!

Okay I am stoked about this. Plexus is a company that nutritional drinks and supplements. One of the things I love about Plexus is how clean their ingredients are and the really good things they use for weight loss, hormone health (this is a big one!!), and just healthy lifestyle. This month they have a… Read More

Westminster Bookstore SALE!

In celebration of their annual conference, one of my favorite bookstores has some mega sales going on through October 31st. Here’s how to snag the best deal: Many books are 30-50% off (better prices than amazon on many)! + an extra $5 off when you sign up for a new account + FREE shipping on… Read More

Heading into this next year with JOY – Hf #301

It’s been a rough year. Am I right? But 2021 doesn’t have to be. Let’s head into this next year with JOY! Here’s what I’m working on: Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes for this episode down below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Right click here and save-as… Read More

The Story of our Online Conferences (and Ministry!) – Hf #300

We are gearing up for our 7th annual online homemaking conference. As we’ve been sharing about it this week, I thought I would share a little history of our online conferences, how they came to be, and some sneak peeks of what’s coming up in our ministry and business. If you want to just chat… Read More

Your Guide to Getting a Grain Mill

It has apparently been the year of Grain Mills! Once the pandemic hit, apparently everyone wanted to start baking and grain mills have been soooo hard to find. BUT they appear to be coming back in stock AND on sale, just in time for Christmas. So here’s my little guide for getting started grinding your… Read More

Helping Young Children Know the Word – Hf #299

Helping our kids know God’s Word (and hopefully come to cherish it) is such an important task! But it can also be a very overwhelming task. In this episode, we will share some some great resources for helping our kids know God’s Word. Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes for… Read More

Truth in the Trenches with Risen Motherhood – Hf #298

There’s never been a more important time to be in God’s Word. But I know so many of us struggle to make that a habit in our own lives and also to help our kids make it a habit in their own life. In this episode, we’ll hear from Laura & Emily from Risen Motherhood… Read More

Setting Goals for Healthy Living – Hf #297

When I started my healthy living journey, I was so overwhelmed. It felt like there were so many areas I wanted to work on from diving into non-toxic products in my home, to healthy cooking, to figuring out healthy hormones and more. So today’s episode is all about working through that overwhelm and figuring out… Read More

7 Biblical Resources for Families – 2020 Edition – Hf #296

I’m taking a stand this year. 2020 is the year of directing my family back to Christ and making a Gospel Centered, Christ focused atmosphere in my home. In this episode I share 7 resources we’ve been enjoying for helping in that regard! Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes for this episode… Read More