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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Our Summer Reading Challenge – Hf #219

We kicked off a reading challenge this week with our kids and it’s been rally fun! We built in some goals and incentives and the whole family is on board and excited to our reading goals. Every member of the family has their own reading goals – including Jason and I! Listen in today as… Read More

Creative ways to get into the word this summer- Hf #218

I want to be really intentional this summer with my time in the Word. I crazy sweet moments with the Lord and time set aside to do this. So whether you are facing a realizing and calm summer, or more likely, a crazy and hectic one…let’s all brainstorm together how we can creatively get in… Read More

Our summer family bucket list – Hf #217

I have a passion and a dream this summer to make more space to hang out as a family, go on more hikes together, and make sure that we are creating the time and the space to teach our children about the Lord. I want to slow down this summer and make more time for… Read More

Viewing motherhood as the important task that it is – Hf #216

It’s been on my heart a lot lately to make sure that I have a proper view of motherhood. I know in my head how important motherhood is and the grand end goal of raising up these kids. But it’s really easy to forget how important the every day average moments are when I’m drowning in… Read More

My Weekly Meal Plan & Baking Day: Week #2

Welcome to my 2nd weekly meal plan! We are really short on time this week so I designed my meal plan to be quick and easy (and to use the meat that is currently in my freezer)!  You can view last time’s meal plan here. This week for grocery shopping I focused mainly on fruits… Read More

Another fun Q&A with Jami – Hf #214

I love doing Q&A episodes here on the podcast because it allows me to cover a bunch of smaller/random topics that we don’t normally get to cover. So join me today as we chat about our RV life update, my ideal weekly/daily schedules, our church denomination, favorite book recommendations, and more!  Listen to the Podcast:… Read More

Are you feeling under-appreciated and overwhelmed? – Hf #212

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated on a regular basis. Do you ever wonder “I wish they would just notice all I do this for this family?” or do you feel think “If only they realized how much I work and all I do?” You are not alone in these feelings! But what do… Read More