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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

TTM #42: Using a master calendar for better homemaking

Do you have a master calendar in your home? One central place where all dates, times, and events are scheduled on it? If you don’t use one (or you want to hear some good tips for using one), then this episode is for you!  Kayse is back for part #2 of her mini series on… Read More

Being a Heavenly Minded Mom with Katie Bennett – Hf #118

As a mom, we tend to focus on about 100 different things a day. We bounce between all our different tasks, taking care of everything and everyone…but how often do we slow down long enough to make sure we are focusing on the right things?  It’s hard to know what we should focus on, what the… Read More

TTM #41: Practical ways to set the atmosphere in the home

In the last episode, we discussed how we can delight in God and in our family more. It’s such a good reminder to remember where our focus and our joy should be.  In today’s episode we are looking at a few practical suggestions for setting the atmosphere in the home.  Listen to the Podcast: You… Read More

Bread making and healthy living with Stacy Myers – Hf #117

We’ve got a fun discussion today! I have Stacy Myers with me and we are discussing healthy living, bread making, and even how to grind your own flour!!  It was a fun chat and inspired me to get in the kitchen and to enjoy it more. Listen in today!  Listen to the Podcast: We also… Read More

TTM #40: Are you delighting in God and your family today?

This is a topic that has been on my heart a lot. As women, we have a very big opportunity to affect the atmosphere in our homes – either for the good or the bad!  In today’s episode we are chatting about how we can delight more in God and in our family – and… Read More

TTM #39: Planning your Priorities with Kayse Pratt

Do you ever have grand plans that this month (this week, this year, etc) is when you are finally going to get organized and all together? I know I have these thoughts all the time. But actually executing that is another matter entirely.  Today’s episode kicks off a four part series on 5 simple tips… Read More

TTM #38: Learning as a Homemaker with Jennifer Ross

It’s important to be investing in ourselves, our skills, and even in our homemaking! This is a topic that I am very passionate about because I’ve had to work really hard to learning homemaking skills and skills that would benefit my home and ultimately my family!  Today’s guest is Jennifer Ross and she is going… Read More

TTM #37: Freezer Cooking to Save Your Sanity

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my kitchen and for my home is learning how to freezer cook! Especially during the busy times of pregnancy, postpartum, and more!  Listen in to today’s episode today:  Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below and listen along here!  And don’t forget… Read More

Your Bible study questions answered! – Hf #116

Learning how to dive deeper into God’s Word doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work, discipline, and a willingness to invest that time in the Lord.  Last week on the podcast, we covered going deeper with Bible study when you have no time. Today we are going to be continuing that conversation with a Q&A… Read More

TTM #36: Making God a real priority in our day

Do you want to make God a REAL priority in your day? Do you want to shape your day and your priorities around what He desires for us? Making God a real priority in our life doesn’t happen by accident. If you are wanting to make him a bigger priority, you will love Katie’s clip… Read More