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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

How to get ahead in housework (when you feel behind) – Hf #208

I got a comment from a friend who was feeling overwhelmed and like her work in the home is just plain pointless sometimes. And my heart went out to her!  Last week I addressed the first part of her question: When Your Work Just Doesn’t Feel Worthwhile. In that episode I addressed the heart aspect of… Read More

Is the work you are doing worthwhile? – Hf #207

Last week I shared an episode giving some tips for dealing with busy hectic seasons and it’s been a really popular one! I just posted it last week and I’ve already heard from several people who have listened to the episode multiple times. And I think I know the reason – we are all busy!… Read More

My Weekly Meal Plan & Baking Day: Week #1

I have a fun new feature that I’ll be starting here on the blog. Each week I share over on Instagram about my meal plans, what I’m making, and most excitedly my batch baking days. And each time I share, I get about 120 requests to share my recipes and I never have them set up… Read More

Tips for handling those busy hectic seasons – Hf #205

For the past month we’ve been renovating our house getting it ready to sell and we got really really sick. It hasn’t been the worst month but we have been in a busy season the last 3-4 weeks. Because of this, I’ve been getting a ton of questions about how we function in busy seasons. … Read More

Cooking healthy but eating yummy – Hf #203

This week on the podcast we are talking about all things healhy! In the next episode we will be chatting about getting moving and exercise. Today on the show we are chatting about cooking healthy food and how to make it yummy!  Listen to the Podcast: Thanks for listening in today! You can find all… Read More

Butcher Box April Deal!!

I’m really excited about this new offer from Butcher Box! I’ve been wanting to try them out for a couple of years but kept putting it off. Then I found a really good introductory offer last week that they were offering AND I found a groupon to pair it with. I just got my first… Read More

Lessons I’ve been learning in reading classic books – Hf #202

One of my big reading goals for this year (that I kind of forgot about) is reading more classic books. I recently got back on the band wagon and I’ve read 3 classic books and I’m loving it! Join me in this episode today as I share what I’ve been learning about reading classic books, how it’s… Read More

Connecting with God during busy seasons – Hf #201

Do you ever have seasons where it just feels harder to connect with God? Have you (or are you) walking through a difficult or particularly busy season and you just don’t know how to fit it in or where to find the time? Jump into this episode today to discuss different ways we can connect with… Read More