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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Planning for a Year of Success – Hf #55

I am a huge planner. I love making lists, to-do’s, planning out my time and setting priorities for my week. It has become a lot of what I share here in my ministry because intentionally planning can have such a profound impact on how you run and manage your home.  The funny thing is –… Read More

Investing in your cooking & baking skills with online classes

As a young new wife, my first huge obstacle in my home was learning how to cook. I came into marriage with zero cooking or meal planning skills. And while we were both busy college students living on a shoe string budget, I had to figure out what I was doing really quickly.  While I… Read More

Getting on Track with Your Daily Disciplines

Setting daily and consistent routines and habits is one of the most important skills that a homemaker can cultivate. When I am intentional about those daily disciplines, my home goes from survival mode to thriving!  But then why is it so often difficult to develop these daily routines?  Over the last several years, I’ve shared… Read More

Making the Most out of Your Reading Goals This Year

Last week I shared my 2017 Christian Reading Challenge for Women and the response has been INSANE! I am blown away and so excited for everyone who will be following along with us during 2017. You ladies are setting some incredible goals for this year and I am so excited to be able to follow… Read More

2017 Christian Reading Challenge For Men – Hf #53

I’m so excited to have Jason taking over my blog today. I shared my own 2017 Christian Reading Challenge for Women yesterday and I just knew that we needed to put out a men’s companion challenge. If you’re a man, feel free to follow along with this challenge by yourself OR wrangle your wife into… Read More

2017 Christian Reading Challenge For Christian Women – HF #52

UPDATE: You can now find all the details for the MEN’S companion reading challenge here. Wrangle your husband into doing the challenge with you or send to a man in your life who might want to dig into some amazing Gospel-Centered books.  Reading is one of the best ways that I invest in myself, in… Read More

Truly Celebrating the Birth of our Savior – Hf #51

It’s only been recently that I started truly understanding the deeper meaning and purpose behind Christtmas. And it has radically changed how I approach this month, teach my kids, and look forward to the next year.  Of course, we all know the true meaning of Christmas: Christ’s Birth. But how often do we go deeper… Read More