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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Baby steps to a healthier home – Hf #121

This is a topic that I am very passionate about and have been for the past 6 or 7 years. I think in our world today, it’s very important to know what’s in our food, our cleaners, and our beauty supplies.  This is obviously a huge topic, but I’ve been wanting to do a talk… Read More

Finances, family, and how to struggle well with Erin Odom – Hf #120

I have a wonderful guest on the show today. It’s Erin Odom from The Humbled Homemaker! I’ve known Erin now for almost 7 years. We’ve walked through having several babies at the same time, I’ve watched as her family has struggled to make ends meat, and I’ve celebrated as she authored two fabulous books.  The… Read More

My 9 Favorite Homemaking Things for April!

Last week I shared my full review of the 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It’s on sale for only about 24 more hours and I’ve had a lot of questions this weekend about what my favorite items inside the bundle are.  So today I’m going to share my top 10 favorite things in the bundle and… Read More

TTM #45: A good morning routine and practical meal planning

A good routine and schedule first starts with a good morning routine! On the podcast today we are going to be discussing that and a simple meal plan idea.  Listen in here:  Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below and listen along here!  And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in… Read More

TTM #44: Moms, Guard yourself with truth! with Christin Slade

Motherhood can be tough. And it’s especially tough when we focus on the wrong things and are not speaking truth to ourselves.  Listen in to today’s episode where Christin Slade shares encouragement for motherhood and making sure that we are guarding ourselves and our families with God’s Truth!  Listen to the Podcast: You can find… Read More