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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

My new evening routine (cuz I gotta get back on track!) – Hf #235

As we head into the Fall, I’m desperate and ready for some better routines! I really want to tackle better morning routines, but I know that that morning routine needs to first start with a better evening routine FIRST. So today I’m sharing a little encouragement on routines in general (and giving grace during tough… Read More

Creating a grumble free home – Hf #234

In the past episode we talked about what happens when we grumbling and complaining take over our home. We discussed the heart of the issue and why we need to address grumbling in the home. Today, we are going to dive into some practical resources and ideas for creating a grumble free home.  Listen to… Read More

When grumbling and complaining takes over your home – Hf #233

We all know how destructive grumbling and complaining can be. We want to cover our ears when our kids are complaining in the back seat of the van that they are hungry. We roll our eyes when our husbands complain again about the air conditioner making that noise. But how often are we stopping to… Read More

The biggest change in my healthy kitchen – Hf #232

I’ve been on a long time quest for a healthier kitchen. A couple of years ago I took a giant step in that quest that has become one of the best things I’ve ever done in my kitchen: I started grinding my own grains. And while that might sound crazy, it’s actually super simple and easy (plus… Read More

Simple ways to create a Gospel Centered Home – Hf #231

I talk and share a lot about creating a Gospel-centered home. My focus throughout my ministry is to encourage you (and myself) to focus on Christ more and more within our homes.  This week I got a question from a reader about how we can create a Gospel-centered atmosphere in our home on a ZERO… Read More

A marriage Q&A with Jason & Jami – Hf #229

I’ve got my favorite guest back on the show today! My husband Jason is cohosting with me to do a little Q&A. We are going to chat about date nights, strengths and weaknesses in marriage, what our thoughts were finding out we were having twins, our upcoming travel plans update, and more! Listen in here: … Read More

Creating a culture in your home (it starts with YOU!) – Hf #228

Are you feeling burnt out? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Do you lack joy on a daily basis? I’ve experienced all of those. And I’ve also learned some really good ways to avoid that burn out and overwhelm. Listen in today for tips on creating a culture in your home of rest and nourishment. Listen… Read More