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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Keeping kids occupied at home – Hf #273

It’s been a long month for all of us and one in which many of us have been looking for ways to entertain our kids (and try to get some things done around the house or for work)! In today’s episode, we are going to chat about some of my favorite ways to keep kids… Read More

Surviving Life at Home – Hf #272

Are you suddenly finding yourself stuck at home with a bunch of people who also can’t leave the house? It’s quite an adjustment period for all of us right now but especially when you are not used to everyone being home all the time. Jason and I have been working from home together for 5… Read More

Hf #271: Reclaiming Joy in an Uncertain World

It’s been a tough month for many of us and we are facing the unknown of what Spring & Summer are going to bring. In the last episode we talked about what it means to be dependent on God and today, we are going to chat about how we can bring more JOY into our… Read More

Hf #270: Facing anxiety and the unknown

So many of us are facing a lot of fear, panic, anxiety, and the unknown right now. Today’s episode is meant to serve as some encouragement in this fearful time. When we get anxious, where should we turn? HOW do we learn to trust in God more and become dependent on HIM, not our circumstances?… Read More

My Newborn Favorites (for baby #6) – Hf #269

We are a few weeks away from meeting baby #6 and we are getting excited! However, it also hit me this week that I really haven’t prepped anything for his arrival. So this week I’m sharing all my newborn essentials as I gather this stuff all together myself. Listen in here! (A few months ago… Read More

Redeeming Your Time for God’s Glory – Hf #268

It’s super hard to use our time well. There are so many things that we can spend our time on each and every day. So how do we start to use our time well? Especially when we want to work on new habits or routines. Let’s chat today about how we can use our time… Read More

Getting things done in a stressful season – Hf #267

It’s been a bit of a stressful year so far. We’ve had sickness and lots of unusual things going on and we are moving. Yet, there is also a ton of other stuff we’ve had to get done. So today’s episode is going to be all about: how to get things done (and be productive)… Read More

Traveling to all 50 states (our new plan!) – Hf #266

We have some very exciting plans coming up for 2020! Our family is planning on starting full time travel around the United States. Our goal: to visit all 50 states. In this podcast episode, Jason will be joining me to share our plans and do a fun Q&A on what’s ahead for the Balmet family…. Read More

My Baking/Meal Prep Day & Recipes

Life has been busy around here lately (selling our house, my son broke his arm this week, baby #6 is due in just a few weeks, etc). But one thing that needs to happen every.single.day is getting food on the table. And preferably healthy food 😉 My secret in the kitchen to actually getting food… Read More

Practical ways to love your husband – Hf #265

Loving our husbands feels like something that should just come naturally. But once you’ve been married for longer than 10 minutes, you realize that loving your husband takes real, intentional work and thought. Today on the podcast we are going to be discussing some practical ways you can love your husband…for a closer marriage. Listen… Read More