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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality – Hf #282

What does it mean to practice hospitality in a radically ordinary way? What if we started to view our homes as jumping off points for the Gospel and as very powerful forms of ministry? In today’s episode we discuss all of that and more! Listen in: Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links… Read More

When you feel like you’re failing – Hf #281

Do you ever have those days where you feel like a failure? When things just don’t seem to work and you get so discouraged? I was having one of those days today and decided to turn that into a little episode on encouragement…Listen in! Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info… Read More

Joyful & Consistent Family Devotions with Jenn Thorson – Hf #280

My biggest desire for my home is to make it centered around Christ. And one of the best things you can implement in that regard is regular and consistent family devotions. In this episode, Jenn shares with us some tips and encouragement for joyful and consistent family devotions. Listen in here: Listen to the Podcast:… Read More

Practical tips for the overwhelmed mama – Hf #279

In today’s episode we are going to cover some practical tips for when life feels crazy or overwhelming. In those ordinary days and in the extraordinary (like having a new baby like we did this week)! Listen in here: Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info below. And don’t forget to subscribe… Read More

Spiritual encouragement for mamas – Hf #278

Could you use some encouragement today? Are you struggling with financial stress, family issues, welcoming a new baby into the home soon, chronic illness, or any other number of things that can make life a bit more stressful? I think most of us are struggling with at least one thing (if not many more) right… Read More

Finding Balance in Meal Planning with Stacy Myers – Hf #277

Meal planning is something that most of us could use help on these days! Thankfully, we have Stacy Meyers from Humorous Homemaking helping us out today with her tips for finding balance in meal planning. Listen in here: Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info below. And don’t forget to subscribe to… Read More

My favorite books of 2020 so far – Hf #276

Are you hoping to read more in 2020? It’s been such a busy time around here the last few weeks that I haven’t really been reading. So join me in today’s episode for some reading motivation as well as my favorite books I’ve read so far in 2020! Listen to the Podcast: You can find… Read More

Our Favorite Biblical Resources for Kids – Hf #275

Are you looking for some good resources for teaching your kids about God? Are you looking for some ways to entertain them that are GOOD resources? Today I’m sharing all my favorite Biblical resources for kids. Listen in here (and then share your own)! Listen to the Podcast: You can find important links & info… Read More

Tips for Working from Home (with your spouse!) – Hf #274

Are you struggling to work from home right now? Is it all new and you are wondering how to get work done? Jason and I have been working from home for 5 years and we share what has worked (and what hasn’t worked for us) in this episode! Listen in: Listen to the Podcast: You… Read More

Keeping kids occupied at home – Hf #273

It’s been a long month for all of us and one in which many of us have been looking for ways to entertain our kids (and try to get some things done around the house or for work)! In today’s episode, we are going to chat about some of my favorite ways to keep kids… Read More