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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

All of Grace Book Discussion with Jason – Hf #190

We are back today with our second book discussion. This time Jason and I are chatting about Charles Spurgeon’s book All of Grace. If you haven’t read the book yet, no problem! Jump into this episode anyway because we give a reading challenge update, chat about some of our favorite classic Christian books and more.  Listen… Read More

My 9 Goals for 2019 – Hf #189

I really love the start of a new year! It’s a fresh slate to make goals, plan for a terrific year, and plan in the most important things in life. Listen in to the 9 goals I’ll be working on in 2019.  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this blog post as an audio… Read More

TTM #62: Overcoming anger in the home…in the moment!

Overcoming anger in the home is a real problem. Whether it’s originating from our kids, our spouse, or most likely from ourselves. This is part #2 of Tuana’s talk on managing and overcoming anger (you can listen to part #1 here). Listen in today! Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below… Read More

TTM #61: Choosing a Bible for a teenage girl or young woman

I get asked this question a lot and so I thought it was time to give some resources for that teen girl or young woman in your life (or hey, for ANY woman in your life)!!  Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below and listen along here! And don’t forget to subscribe… Read More

TTM #60: Dealing with Anger as a Mom

Anger within the home can be such a tough thing to deal with…especially our anger as moms! It’s so hard to break the cycle sometimes. In this episode, Tauna will share some real and practical advice on dealing with anger as a mom.  Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below and… Read More

My word for 2019 (and how to pick your own)- Hf #186

This is my fifth year picking a word for my year and I am just as excited as that first time to pick a word and a general direction for my year. In today’s episode I am going to share my word for the year, what goals and ideas this will entail, and then I’ll… Read More

2019 Christian Reading Challenge for Men – Hf #185

I’m so excited to have Jason taking over my blog today. I shared my own 2019 Christian Reading Challenge for Women earlier this week. If you’re a man, feel free to follow along with this challenge by yourself OR wrangle your wife into the women’s companion challenge to do it with you. If you are a woman… Read More