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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Why Theology Matters for Homemakers – HF #72

I love to read. I get excited to see the new releases each month and typically read anywhere from 4-10 books a month. I love to read fiction books, but my real love lies in Christian non-fiction.  In fact, I issued a Christian reading challenge for women this year and several thousand women are all… Read More

Mother’s day 2017 SUPER SALES!!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Every year I like to hunt for something special and unique for my Mother-in-law and some years are harder than others to find something that’s meaningful. I especially like if I can find something with Scripture on it!  I got an email this morning from Day Spring about… Read More

When Your Work Just Doesn’t Seem Worthwhile – Hf #71

Throughout college as I was writing papers on Ancient Near Eastern History and learning how to read the Bible in the original Hebrew (yeah – I was a double major – History and Biblical Studies and loved every minute of it), it was easy to feel like I was spending my time on extremely worthwhile… Read More

My Favorite Podcasts for Christian Women – Hf #70

A secret weapon in my homemaking is listening to things out loud during my day while I work around the house. It helps motivate me to get to work, helps me stay energized while I work, and becomes an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. I regularly listen to the Bible, many good podcasts, and… Read More

Eliminating Distractions in Your Homemaking – Hf #69

Yesterday on the podcast I attempted to answer a question and went in the direction of what do you do when your day gets derailed? So hop over to listen or read that episode because it’s got some good stuff. Here’s the question I got: “I was wondering if you could share a schedule on your… Read More

Join me for a FREE Live Workshop March 31st!

I am over the moon excited to announce a brand new LIVE workshop I will be hosting on Friday, March 31st! The best part (other than the incredible workshop itself you mean?) is that it’s FREE! Join me at 9pm EST (6pm PST) for a brand new live workshop called 5 Ways to Organize Your Time… Read More

Encouragement for the Weary Mom – Hf #67

Motherhood is such an incredible blessing but there are days when it’s really tough. Days when we feel overwhelmed and weary. Days when we desperately need just a little encouragement.  And today, I am delighted to introduce you to two ladies who are going to do just that. Between the two of them they have… Read More