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The Young Wife’s Guide Blog

Hf #96: Praying for Girls with Teri Lynne Underwood

I read a great new book this Summer all about learning how to pray for your girls and with your girl. If you are a girl mama, or just want some encouragement on praying with your kids, then we’ve got a great episode for you today!  Listen to the Podcast: We also recorded this blog… Read More

Hf #95: October & November Homemaking Plans

 It’s been a busy few months. In fact, Jason and I just got through our busiest (and also most exciting) time of our entire year! You see – our annual online homemaking conference just ended. It was a wonderful time, but I’m desperate now to get back to some normal routines.  So today on the… Read More

Hope for the Weary Home – Hf #94

We are back in this week’s episode with something special again. Earlier this week I shared a podcast episode from last year’s homemaking conference.  MacKenzie was with us, sharing her session from the 2016 conference and if you haven’t listened to the episode yet, you will want to!  Today, I’m here to share something SUPER… Read More

Cultivating the Lovely in the Everyday with MacKenzie Monroe – Hf #93

I have got a really special podcast episode for you today. I’ve got MacKenzie Monroe from Bold Turquoise and one of my favorite podcasts, Cultivating the Lovely sharing a very inspiring talk.  One thing, among many others, that I really appreciate about MacKenzie is her commitment family life and creating homes that inspire, excite, and… Read More

Get a FREE month to my favorite meal planning service

I have been a long time member of Build a Menu, an awesome meal planning website. You’ve probably heard me talk about them as they are my FAVORITE way to meal plan! I have been a member since May of 2014 and they have saved me so much time and money throughout the years.  I think… Read More

How to be discerning with what you read (PTFH part 6) – Hf #91

Welcome back to part 6 in my long running series: Practical Theology for Homemakers! It’s been a while since we started this series. Feel free to jump into this lesson or head back to the other 5 first:  Part 1 we covered: Why theology matters for homemakers – Hf #72, Part 2 is The Goal… Read More

How to travel with young kids (tips & lessons learned) – Hf #90

This summer has been one of travel for our family of 7. We’ve gone on three long trips this summer with our five kids, four and under. It’s been mostly fun with a little crazy thrown in.  Throughout our trips, we’ve received question after question about how we manage it, what it’s like traveling with… Read More

Jumping into new routines for Fall – Hf #89

I always love the beginning of Summer. The open schedule, the opportunities, the promise of lots of time spent outside. Maybe a trip to the lake, lots of trips to the park for fun in the sun.  But as we get farther into Summer, I find myself starting to crave the Fall. Mostly it’s because Fall… Read More