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All My Favorite Blogs (on Homemaking, Marriage, Natural Living, & More)

on March 23, 2015 by Jami Balmet 7 comments

This weekend I got a text from my sister-in-law asking for a list of my favorite blogs to read. As I contemplated the list to send back to her, I thought this might be a good list to share here on my blog.

Mockup Scene Creator

As I’ve been compiling this list tonight, I feel  like there are important blogs I’m leaving off (I blame pregnancy brain). So I might be adding to and updating this list as I think of more. And leave a comment below and let me know all your favorite blogs you read!

How I Read & Keep Track of Blogs

First, I want to add a note. Many of these blogs update new posts five days a week and are always putting out great new content. As a busy wife, mom, homemaker, and blogger myself, I definitely don’t have time to read through them all. There are a handful of blogs that I do read just about every post from, but those are few and far between.

For the most part, I use Pinterest and Bloglovin (see below) to sort through all my favorite blogs and find new articles to read. I am selective with my time and only read articles that really seem important. But I will add, there are some truly amazing writers and bloggers out there who have greatly enhanced my life by reading their content. So here’s how I keep track of all my favorite blogs:


Bloglovin’ is a website that pulls all your favorite RSS feed subscriptions. It can take a little while to set up (unless you use my list below to make it easier). But once it’s all set up, you log in (or download the app to your phone) and it gives you an updated list each time you log in of all your favorite blog’s newest articles.

With one click you can follow Young Wife’s Guide on BlogLovin‘ if you want! Otherwise you can either search for each blog you want inside the website or paste in their URL. It’s easy to set up. I like browsing through the list of new articles when my husband and I are relaxing at night watching TV. Or if I’m waiting somewhere like the doctor’s office. I find it’s a lot more rewarding to browse through than my Facebook feed 😉

Using BlogLovin' to keep up on all your favorite blogs


The main way that I keep up on all my favorite blogs is through Pinterest. While I do miss some recent articles, I find that it’s the most time efficient way for me to keep up on all my favorite blogs and a great way to discover new blogs I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I follow all of my favorite blogs on Pinterest so that when they pin awesome articles it will show up in my feed (you can follow Young Wife’s Guide on Pinterest here). And I follow several group Pinterest boards where many bloggers can all pin to the same board. I find it very effective for finding great content and articles. Here is a great Christian Homemaking board and Biblical Marriage Board you can follow too.

Visit Jami Balmet | Young Wife’s Guide’s profile on Pinterest.

Email Subscriptions

You will see in my list below, I have dozens of blogs that I love. And like I said, I can’t keep up on all of them all of the time because I have a busy life! But for those few blogs that I do want to get every update on (my very favorite ones), I sign up for their email newsletter. I’m probably signed up for 10 – 15 email subscriptions.

For these blogs I follow via email subscription, it always brightens up my email when their new article lands in my inbox! You can follow Young Wife’s Guide via email HERE if you want (plus you will get my free eBook on Scripture memorization).

All My Favorite Blogs

Now on to all my favorite blogs! I broke these up into categories for you to make it easier, but many of these blogs span multiple categories. Leave me a comment if you have more to add to this list! Note: These are in no particular order 🙂

Christian Homemaking Blogs

The Humbled Homemaker – Grace-filled, Natural Living by Erin Odom

I really appreciate Erin’s grace-filled approach to homemaking and motherhood. Her posts are always down to earth and so encouraging!

Club 31 Women – A Passion for Husband, Home, and Family by Lisa Jacobson

If I were to think of a women who embodies Titus 2, Lisa would be at the top of that list! She’s a mom of 8 who sincerely blogs about life as a wife, mom, and homemaker. Every single time I read one of her posts, I’m convicted and motivated in my walk with the Lord as in my roles as a woman.

Money Saving Mom – Intentional Finance. Intentional Family. Intentional Business. by Crystal Paine

I started following Crystal several years ago because she shares awesome deals and freebies, but she has recently become one of my very favorite bloggers because of how she shares her real life with her readers. You have to sort through all the deal type posts to get to her more meaty content, but there is this handy little button in the corner of her blog that allows you to skip the deals posts.

Embracing a Simpler Life – Moms Finding Contentment in Christ by Katie Bennett

Ever since I first discovered Katie’s blog last year, I’ve been hooked! Katie has such a kind and gentle spirit and has so many wise things to say on motherhood and homemaking. You might also recognize her from being a regularly monthly contributor here on YWG.

Thankful Homemaker – Celebrating the Joy, Freedom and Beauty of Being a Wife, Mother and Homemaker by Marci

If I had to name another Titus 2 role model, Marci would fit that description. In every article, Marci gives so much grace and wisdom – I’m always so encouraged!

The Focused Homemaker – Teaching and Encouragement From Our Home To Yours by

I love Jennifer’s approach to homemaking! As a mama of lots of little ones, Jennifer has so much good advice on balancing a busy household and family. Plus, she makes super cute aprons!

Intentional By Grace – Be Intentional. Rely on Grace. Live for Him. by Leigh Ann Dutton

I’ve been friends with Leigh Ann for years now and I always love her approaches to homemaking, raising kids, and marriage that is always laced with Grace. If I had one word to describe Leigh Ann and her blog, it would be grace!

Kayse Pratt – Real Encouragement for Real Moms by Kayse Pratt

I’m always so encouraged to read Kayse’s articles and love what she has to say on motherhood and homemaking!

Joy Dare Blog – Capturing the Joy in the Journey by Amber

Amber covers a wide range of topics from serving as a family, tips for moms, and so much more!

Raising the Barrs – Our Journey to Wellness on the Last Frontier by Anjanette Barr

Anjanette used to be a contributor to my blog here and is one of my good friends – but lately she’s been on a blogging hiatus. But I love her perspective on homemaking and motherhood.

Joyful Thrifty Home – Encouraging You to Live Better While Spending Less by Ashley Roe

Ashley rocks! You might notice that Ashley is a regular contributor here on Young Wife’s Guide and I am always encouraged with her unique perspective on motherhood and finances.

Mandy J. Hoffman – Connecting God’s Grace to the Daily Grind by Mandy

Mandy is a kindred spirit! She loves to read and I would follow her just to get her book reviews and book recommendations. She also has a really thought provoking book out on social media

Other Great Homemaking Blogs:

Christian Marriage Blogs

Jolene Engle – Equipping Women to Grow in Grace and Truth by Jolene Engle

Jolene is such a dear friend and a wife with such godly advice! Her blog and podcast are always such an encouragement of wise Biblical advice. I know I can always count on her for sound Biblical advice when it comes to all things marriage!

To Love, Honor, and Vacuum – When You Feel More Like a Maid Than a Wife and Mother by Sheila

If you are looking for some humor and someone who will be real with you about marriage and being a wife, Sheila’s blog has what you are looking for! I always appreciate her willingness to be open with her readers!

The Purposeful Wife – Seeking to Adopt God’s Priorities in my Home for Our Good and His Glory by Rachel

As a fellow young mom, I love Rachel’s perspective on being a wife and mom. If you are looking for encouragement as a young wife and mom, Rachel is your gal!

Other Great Marriage Blogs:

Christian Motherhood Blogs

Inspired to Action by Kat Lee

Kat runs one of my all time favorite podcasts and is so encouraging when it comes to motherhood! I think I could sit and listen to her all day long and I always appreciate her down to earth advice on mothering.

Christin Slade – Encouraging and Equipping Moms by Christin

Christin was one of the speakers at my Homemaking From Scratch Online Conference and did her session on biblical motherhoood – a hear to heart – and let me tell you, Christin truly has a heart for motherhood and reaching out and connecting to other mothers! She is always a joy to learn from.

The Better Mom Growing Better Together by Ruth

If you pop over to The Better Mom, you will likely recognize several of the most recent post’s authors. Ruth has brought together a team of amazing writers all giving you encouragement for motherhood and marriage!
Other Great Motherhood Blogs:

A list of all my favorite blogs - From homemaking to natural living to business & blogging!

Christian Natural Living Blogs

Keeper of the Home – Naturally Inspired Living for Homemakers by Stephanie Langford

I have been following Stephani’s blog for years and always appreciate her advice! I actually worked for her for about a year as her social media manager and I was also a regular monthly contributor for a while (until life got too busy)! You will be hard pressed to find a Christian natural living blog that spends more time, attention, and detail on deliver professional looking content that is so thoroughly researched and well informed! This is my #1 favorite go-to natural living blog to read!

Richly Rooted – Natural Living in Abundant Grace by Elsie Callender

Elsie is one of my good friends (in fact, we even wrote a cookbook together) and she always has excellent advice and knowledge when it comes to healthy living. I love how real and transparent she is with her natural living journey.

Little House on the Valley – Create. Nourish. Love. by Denise

If I’m looking for natural cleaning recipes or how-to’s on essential oils – Denise is my gal! I find all of her latest articles and tips to be so practical and helpful!

Intoxicated on Life – Raising Healthy Families – Mind, Body, and Soul

Trisha brings a little bit of everything to the table – marriage, natural living, raising kids, homemaking, etc. If you are gluten-free then I especially recommend that you check out her blog and resources!

Other Great Natural Living Blogs:

  • Your Thriving Family – Balancing Frugality and Natural Living in a Broken World by Sara
  • Day 2 Day Joys – Joyful Inspiration for the Natural Homemaker
  • Little Natural Cottage – Inspiring and Equipping Women To Live Intentionally, Naturally, and Biblically by Kristy Howard
  • Authentic Simplicity by Anne Simpson
  • Trina Holden – Made to Thrive by Trina

Business & Blogging Blogs

Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy is a Christian blogger who offers great blogging and website advice! I love getting her weekly Useletter and always find her tips to be super helpful. if you are interested in general blogging advice, I recommend you check her out!

Michael Hyatt – Your Virtual Mentor

If you are doing any sort of online business or are interested in writing a book, Michael’s advice is golden! He is a Christian author who used to be the CEO of Thomas Nelson (a Christian publisher). He has written one of my favorite books on blogging and growing a platform.

Smart Passive Income 

Pat Flynn’s website has become one of my very favorite authorities on building an online business. I listen to every single episode of his podcast and I love his commitment to bringing the best possible content to his readers. I learn so much from him every single day!

What blogs would YOU add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know! 

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  1. I keep track of all my favorite blogs with Feedly. It’s a user-friendly RSS service with built-in social media sharing capabilities. Plus it has apps for iPhone and iPad so keeping up with sites on the go is really easy too.

    Thanks for sharing all your favorite blogs! Gonna bookmark this for later and check them all out!

  2. I love this list! Not only because some of my dear blogging friends made it on (Mandy, Rachel, and Trina!) but also because I have been looking for some new blogs to read and this has several that I’ve never heard of.

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you Jami. I love this post and the list. There’s some new ones to me but so many of my favorites too. Yours being one of them. Love you!!