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About Jami

Hi, I’m Jami Balmet and I’m passionate about encouraging women to craft Gospel-Centered homes. You can find out more about my mission and my ministry on my start here page.

My husband Jason and I have been married for seven years. We have four boys and baby #5 on the way. We never imagined that in the span of two years, we would add FOUR little boys to our family. But God blessed us with two sets of fraternal twins in just over two years.

Our Family
Life is busy and full with four kids, three and under with one on the way! But we are so thankful for everything God has given us.

I am no stranger to feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted and I’ve often wondered what the larger picture is in managing and running my home. Out of this journey towards discovering what it means to craft a Gospel-Centered home, and a passion to encourage women, my ministry here was born.

As women, we have a unique calling to be Keepers of our Homes (Titus 2:5) and I am on a mission to help young women find their God-given calling as homemakers! Whether you still live at home, work outside the home, inside the home, or not at all, have kids or don’t…at the center of it, we are al caring for our homes and our families and we have been given a powerful responsibility to serve the Lord.

I am excited to walk this journey with you as we discover what it means to be a godly woman, wife, mother, and sister in Christ.

Our Love Story
J and J Wedding - 5X7

I met my husband when I was 16. We began dating when I was 17 and less than two years later, we were married at the ripe old ages of 19and 21. Less than four years later, I became a Mom of twins and two and a half years later…surprise! Twins again! Now we are preparing for baby #5 and five kids four and under.

If you are curious how we met, started dating, and got engaged at such a young age, you can read our love story here:

I have a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and History. I have a love for God’s word, Hebrew, Biblical Counseling, and delving into theology. All this passion comes out here at YWG where I share what a unique calling we have as women.

If you want to follow along with me and my family, hop on over and join me on Instagram