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A Simple Way to Dress Modestly – The Dress Extender

on August 6, 2013 by Jami Balmet 7 comments

Modesty is very important to me and my family. While each individual and family must decide on their own practical guidelinesmodesty begins and takes root in the heart.

The long, hot summer months can be difficult sometimes to find comfortable and cute clothing to wear that is also modest. So layering becomes a must for me {in any season really}. I’ve shared some practical posts on where and how to find modest clothing and a special summer fashion edition on modest clothing. During my summer edition, I featured a neat new find called the dress extender from NoVae Clothing.

Dressing Modestly - The Dress and Skirt Extender

Many of you expressed that you would love to try this dress extender out but only if it really worked. You just didn’t want to spend the money to find out it wasn’t worth it. I totally understand that! You can dress modestly and stick to a budget so I decided to try this dress extender out for myself and let you know what I think!

NoVae Clothing

First of all, I want to share that I really love NoVae clothing! They always seem to have sales going on, they have fast shipping, and their customer service ROCKS! Plus, did I mention they have the most adorable dresses?!? Like this polka dot one:

Cutest polka dot modest dress!
I mean, how adorable!! So vintage!

They also have some really cute skirts – like this stripe one! This Maxi skirt is pretty cute too {and it’s lined inside so it’s not see through}! I appreciate that they have a commitment to modest dressing and they also carry some really cute items! {Plus they always seem to have sales going on: I like to follow them on Facebook because they are always sharing about sales and promotions they have going on}

The Dress Extender

So what is this item I am so excited about? It’s called a dress extender. Basically it’s a slip with cute lace at the bottom. You wear it under a dress or skirt that is *just* too short and this cute addition makes them look longer!

Dress extender by NoVae Clothing

This is perfect because it seems like everything in stores lately is too short. Some things are way too short but I hate when I find the perfect dress or skirt on clearance and it’s just a bit too short for me to be comfortable. Plus I have things left over from back in the day when I didn’t dress quite as modestly as I do now 😉

They have this skirt/dress extender in black and ivory. I got the black one thinking that I have more dresses with black in them so it would go with more things {which is true of my wardrobe} but I was forgetting it’s summer! So I am thinking I will purchase it in the ivory as well to go with all my summer clothing!

My Verdict

I am nervous spending $26 on a single piece of clothing…because I’m cheap! 😉 I usually shop at places like Good Will and clearance racks for modest clothing. But this isn’t an ordinary piece of clothing, it’s an essential accessory to your everyday wardrobe. While you may only want to wear the same skirt every couple of weeks {or once a week like I tend to do with my favorites}, this is an item you can wear all the time because it’s more of an accessory than it is an item on it’s own.

Just like I consider the cami an essential piece to my modest wardrobe, this skirt extender has become necessary as well! I also love that it doubles as a slip because I don’t have any slips and there are things I own that need a slip! I can’t wait to get the ivory extender to try it out with all my cute summer outfits!

Dressing Modestly - The Dress and Skirt Extender 2


I used to love this skirt, but it’s too short now 🙁 But I can wear it with the skirt extender – plus it makes it more feminine with the lace 🙂

Get instant free access to my Finding Joy in Your Home video course.

  • Do you want to discover more joy, peace, & tranquility within your home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and like your house is out of control?
  • Join my free course and learn the essential habits for Christian homemakers
  1. I can’t remember if you are breastfeeding or not, or if you have even mentioned it on this blog, but if you are I would be interested in a post about how you dress to feed in public. I am trying to put together a wardrobe that is suited for easily breastfeeding my boy while we are out and hasn’t been an easy task. Between trying to stay somewhat fashionable, not spend loads of money, modesty, and my petite frame, it’s enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out.

  2. Great idea! I am sure it would be fairly easy to sew for anyone who knows how. Though fabric can sometimes be expensive too so I am not sure how much you would save. I have had to learn though that sometimes spending a little more money on undergarments is so very worth it for the sake of quality and fit. Thanks for showing others how to be modest and fashionable at the same time.

  3. Love this! I need one in a few colors. Might have to shop around. I’ve seen some really cute ones on etsy too. I have the same problem, loving a dress/skirt that’s just a bit too short for my liking. I’ve held onto them, but just not worn them. This would fix it… so I think it’s time to budget for a few. =)

    I have a blog link-up on Fridays, called Free to Talk Friday, I hope you’ll come and join. It’s open now at dreamingofperfect.weebly.com

  4. I ordered this last week….can’t wait to get it and try it!! I am a big apprehensive about the $26 too ’cause I am really cheap. But I can’t wait to wear it with a couple of my dresses that I have been uncomfortable in, due to being a little short, especially when I sit down.

  5. […] Do you have a skirt that’s too short? Either pass it on to a daughter or younger sister, or if you’re a seamstress (which I am not, unfortunately) you can do one of two things: find a top that goes with the skirt that’s nice and long, and sew them together to make a dress; or sew material to the bottom of the skirt, on the underside (a slip with a pretty bottom edge might work for this!) to lengthen the skirt (or dress) and keep it looking pretty. You can also try dress and skirt extenders. […]