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TTM #45: A good morning routine and practical meal planning

A good routine and schedule first starts with a good morning routine! On the podcast today we are going to be discussing that and a simple meal plan idea.  Listen in here:  Listen to the Podcast: You can find the notes down below and listen along here!  And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in… Read More

TTM #16: How to keep meal planning SIMPLE!

January is my meal planning month! I’m focusing on getting things in shape within my kitchen and I’ve been loving the routine I’m getting back into for meal planning. So when I got this question from a listener, I knew it was the perfect month to address it (and a great reminder to myself)!  Listen to… Read More

Welcome to the Meal Planning Challenge!

(You will also receive this information below in an email within a few minutes).  Yay!! I am so excited that you are joining me this month for the meal planning challenge! We’ve got some great tips and encouragement to share over the following days and weeks – but most importantly – we are going to… Read More

Join me for a meal planning challenge?

For the most part, we had a wonderful Christmas and lots of fun family time. But the month was busy and I am so so ready to jump back into some normal routines.  The #1 thing on my list that I’ve been needing to work on for months has been Meal Planning! I even started talking in… Read More

Joy-Filled and Stress-Free Christmas Meal Planning

We decorated for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving this year. It was wonderful and has given us so much time to spread all the Christmas stuff out and feel less stressed.  It is, or was, wonderful until this week when I realized that I felt like I had so much time to get everything done… Read More

Get a FREE month to my favorite meal planning service

I have been a long time member of Build a Menu, an awesome meal planning website. You’ve probably heard me talk about them as they are my FAVORITE way to meal plan! I have been a member since May of 2014 and they have saved me so much time and money throughout the years.  I think… Read More

Basic Lessons in Homemaking Routines & Meal Planning – Hf #63

I have a passion for homemaking and love encouraging women in their roles as homemakers. Earlier in the week, I shared a post and podcast episode on what it mean to be a modern homemaker.  Once you understand the theory behind your homemaking and how it affects our lives on a day to day basis through… Read More

My Favorite Method for Meal Planning (a walkthrough)

Meal planning saves my sanity when it comes to the kitchen. It allows me to make healthier meals for my family, stict to a budget, and save time.  When I get in the consistent habit of meal planning, it’s pretty amazing how much it helps. But then when I fall out of the habit, it’s… Read More

When Your Kitchen Feels Out of Control (Help with Meal Planning)

The kitchen is one of those areas in our lives that can take a ton of time, energy, and money and at the end of the day, we can still feel like we are spinning our wheels. Do you ever feel like your kitchen is controlling you? Between meal planning, grocery shopping, all the cooking, coordinating,… Read More

Simple Meal Planning {with a Free Printable!}

By Victoria Osborn, Contributing Writer Meal planning… two words that can bring both a sense of dread and relief, depending the way you look at it. On one hand when you take the time to sit down and think through your meals for the coming week or month, you’re creating a plan of action which… Read More