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4 Reasons We Are Using Cloth Diapers {On Our Twins!}

on April 1, 2013 by Jami Balmet 13 comments

My husband and I have decided to cloth diaper our twin boys! If you are not familiar with modern cloth diapers, you are probably thinking that we are CRAZY!

I know this is what I first thought when I heard about people doing cloth diapers. Seriously? Why in the world would you cloth diaper in this modern day when disposables are SO easy?! WHY would you want to deal with poop and washing everything?! YUCK!

But my perspective has totally changed thanks to some wonderful friends who were so encouraging to me. They took the time to really explain cloth diapers to me and now I’m a HUGE advocate of cloth diapers for every family!

4 Reasons We Are Cloth Diapering

1) Cost

The cost of cloth diapers vs. disposables is the #1 reason we are cloth diapering. Yes, I want to make the best and most healthy decision for my sweet babies but ultimately, this decision came down to cost.

Cloth diapering is SO much cheaper than disposables. At first many are confused because at $15 or $20 a piece, cloth diapers seems expensive! But after the initial investment of 20 diapers or so {and there are cheaper ways of doing cloth diapers} you never have to buy another diaper again!

There are different estimates out there comparing cloth diapers to disposables but the bottom line always comes down to the fact that it is at least 3 times more expensive to use disposables for 1 child. Now say you have a second child and use those same cloth diapers again…you are getting an amazing return on your initial investment!

According to this very detailed breakdown of the costs of diapering, cloth diapers can cost as much as $700 {including all washing, electricity, laundry detergent, etc.} for your first child {and like I said, this can actually be done cheaper than that as well}. They estimate that using disposables on one child costs an average of over $2,300!!! Wow. Then add in having multiple children wearing the same diapers and the costs don’t even compare.

The cost of cloth diapering alone is enough reason for me! But these help too…

2) Health

There are some definite safety concerns when you study what disposable diapers are made from.

This is just more fuel for me to know that our cloth diaper decision was the right one for our family! The less chemicals I can expose my babes to the better! I made sure to be as natural as possible when I was pregnant with our twins and it’s the same now that they are here.

3) Ease of Use

Seriously, cloth diapers are pretty easy! At first I was really confused about all the language and terminology. There seem to be SO many different kinds of cloth diapers, it was all too confusing! But once I sat down, did the research…and asked my friends a million questions, I really started to understand it.

Then I got my first cloth diaper in the mail and it all clicked! Cloth diapers are super easy. And yes, they do require some extra laundry. But I don’t mind a little extra laundry. You just throw them in the wash and sort them when they come out. That’s much easier to me then trying to pack up my twins and get to the store to buy more diapers when I’m out!

I mean seriously! How adorable?!?

4) Cuteness!

I’m seriously addicted to how adorable my babies are in their cloth diapers! There are so many cute prints and styles. I love the soft fabric against my babies skin instead of the rough plastic!

I mean, look how adorable they are 🙂

And come back all week for your chance to win at least 8 pocket cloth diapers from some of my favorite cloth diaper companies! First giveaway is coming tomorrow!

If you want to learn more:

Get the Ultimate Guide!

Learning how to cloth diaper can be SO confusing! That’s why I am so thankful that I had my good friend Erin walk me through the process! She was so knowledgeable and really helped me to understand the cloth diaper world. I would NOT be cloth diapering my twins today if it wasn’t for her. So I am SO excited to share that she has finally written the ultimate cloth diaper guide!! Get Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert {over 200 pages long!} packed full of everything you could ever want to know about cloth diapering!

Check out my Pinterest board for Cloth Diapers! Follow along, I often post great deals I find on cloth diapers, encouraging posts, and helpful tips to help you navigate the cloth diapering world!