Reclaiming Beauty Webinar {A New Look at How to Glorify God in Your Body}

I am passionate about Biblical femininity and living out our roles that God designed us for! I am also passionate about Biblical Modesty and not spending unnecessary money and time on our appearance when it’s your heart and character that truly matter.

It can be difficult to know how to walk this thin line. How can we express our femininity without being immodest and drawing too much attention to ourselves?

A New Look at How to Glorify God in Your Body

What is beauty?

Some say beauty fits in a size 0. Some say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some say beauty is only skin deep. Some say beauty is only a quality of the heart. Some say beauty is truth. Some say beauty is a lie. Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some say beauty is as beauty does. Some say Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly are beautiful. Some say everyone is beautiful. Some say beauty is divine. Some say beauty is corrupting.

Starting Tuesday, September 25th, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin will be examining what true beauty really is. They will explore this topic in a 7 week practical and image rich webinar.

“Reclaiming Beauty: A New Look at How to Glorify God in Your Body” will cover topics ranging from such practical issues as skincare, fitness, posture, voice, modesty, home-made beauty products, and color analysis… to subjects as penetrating as personal identity, insecurity, comparisons, worldliness, vanity, idolatry, our attitude toward others, and the state of our hearts before the Lord.

Sign Up for the First Lesson FREE

Tomorrow night kicks off the first webinar! You can sign up to watch the first lesson for FREE and then decide if you want to attend the rest of the lessons. You can also read more about the webinar here.

I am excited to listen to the first lesson tomorrow and can’t wait for the whole series.  They are also recording the sessions so if you can’t attend live, you can always play them back. The slides from the presentations will also be available for you to go through afterwords in case you miss tomorrow’s first lesson (or any of the lessons)!

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