Our Twin’s Names {The Big Name Reveal}

We are so excited to announce that we have settled on our twins names! If you are new around here {Welcome!} then you might not know that we are expecting twin boys in December :)

We had so much fun announcing that we were having twin boys to our family and friends with the photo above. And so I had to order something special to announce our names :) We are very excited about the names we picked and can’t wait to meet little Malachi Richard & Micah Randall!

And it’s actually a neat story how they got their names. Malachi & Micah have been our favorite names for a couple of years. So we knew our first son would be named Malachi. Well when we found out that it’s twin boys we had the perfect twin names: Malachi & Micah! 

We didn’t even have to think about it, the names are perfect for twins. And their middle names have deep meaning for our family.

My Dad’s name is Randall and his twin brother’s {I think they might run in the family ;)} name was Richard. Tragically my Dad’s twin was killed in an accident when they were 17 years old. I never got to meet my uncle Ricky. And it has obviously been something very hard for our family over the years.

The name Richard is now a family name. My cousin is named Richard after my uncle and he named his first born son Richard. And my little brother is also named Richard. So I will let me brother name his first born Richard if he wants but we are blessed to be able to honor my father and my uncle in our twins middle names! 

Yes, our boys will have the SAME initials but we couldn’t compromise on either the first names or the middle names so we are fine with it ;) We will have to figure out another way to separate their clothing than with M.R. haha!

The weeks are getting closer and it’s all starting to become real! We have our baby showers on November 10th, we are taking pregnancy photos on November 3rd, and are setting up our cribs soon!! (I have to clean out the nursery first haha)

We can’t wait to meet our sweet boys: Malachi Richard & Micah Randall! 

*By the way, I got these adorable onsies from Want To Get Crafty Etsy store! Dusti did such a great job with them :)

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  1. Love the names! Good, strong Biblical names. :-)

  2. Aw! Love the reveal you guys planned! I love their names! They’re going to be blessed babies, for sure! Congratulations! Excited to be a tiny part of your journey! God bless you all!

  3. I have 18 month old identical twin boys, and we just sort of…don’t…separate their clothes (we don’t have room for two dressers, and it takes too much time). It’s easier to give one of them a relaxed color assignment. Our first-born’s name is Rhett, so he wears something Red when he’s with sitters or at church so people can tell them apart. But their clothes are all still in one dresser. Maybe Malachi could be blue and Micah green, or something? Anyway, just a suggestion! Love the names :)

    • Thanks Amanda! That’s the same advice I’ve received from a few mothers of twins :) We did know one set of twins though that were fraternal and by like age 2 they were wearing different sizes so it became imperative to label lol! But I think we will do the color thing as long as possible!

  4. Krissanna says:

    I love their names! But, I noticed you switched the middle names around near the end of your post, lol!! Just consider it the first of many times you will call a child by the wrong name ;-)

  5. I similar thing happened when we named our boys! We had two boys names left on our list that we really liked. So when we found out it was twin boys – perfect, we could use both names! Now that we are pregnant again though, if this baby is a boy, we don’t have a name picked out yet!!

    I color-code my boys! Ben in blues and Joseph in greens! When I was still pregnant with them, I bought a lot of matching clothes because I thought it would be cute to dress them alike! Big mistake!!

    Do you know if your boys are identical or fraternal?

    Glad everything is going well for you!


    • Haha that is so funny Sarah!! Uh oh, better start thinking of boys names again ;)

      That’s a great idea about color coding clothing! I think at first I will just mix and match and not worry about what they are wearing. But as they get older and maybe wear different sizes then I love the color coding idea!

      They are fraternal :) Identical twins are not hereditary, they are just random. My Dad is a fraternal twin. :)

  6. Super cute! Picking names for your baby can be hard, and I only have one on the way!!

    • thanks Alyssa! Actually, it was fairly easy for us :) I thought we would go back and forth but we really had these names picked out before we were even pregnant! Made it easy with two haha!

  7. yes, love the names! And we do “Rs” for middle names, too! We have Robert, Ruth, & Ross so far. :)

  8. Shannon B @ OurStoryBookBlog says:

    I love the names you have chosen!! Very strong, and a wonderful way to continue a family legacy! Are you due in December or January?

    • Thank you Shannon! I LOVE strong names for boys. In fact my boys names have to be strong names lol! Technically my due date is January 17th. I will be 40 weeks on January 17th. However, because it’s twins they will be too big to go back to the 37 week mark. So one way or another they will be here by December 27th. But it will probably be a week or two sooner. I am already measuring a month ahead lol! They won’t have much room to grow for long ;)

  9. Lovely names (my baby boy’s middle name is Malachi so I am biased!) I saw some baby vests for twins the other day and I thought of you… One said “buy one” the other “get one free”! Made me chuckle!

    • Aaw cute!! I don’t hear very many Malachi’s! So that’s neat! Oh I have seen those before, so cute! I also like the ones that say “I was Planned” and “I was not” lol so cute!

  10. Love the names Jami! My son is named Micah..so I am a bit partial to that name! ;-) Love the Mi-Ra & Ma-Ri swap you have going on, too! I just love twin names that “match” rather than 2 “random” names put together. But that’s just me! *giggle* Can’t wait to “meet” them, too!

  11. Candice H says:

    So you will have little M&M’s :) lol cute names!

  12. Love the names, and love the onesies!

  13. Thank you for sharing with us! I love the names and the story behind them!

  14. Heather Anne says:

    I love those names! Absolutely wonderful. If the Lord blesses us with another son, he will be John Patrick after my uncle that was killed in Vietnam. Our second son, Caleb, shares his father’s and great-grandfather’s names as middles. We love names that actually mean something!

    • Aaw thank you Heather! We obviously love the names as well! What a wonderful legacy to pass on to your son. I agree, I think names have the potential to be so meaningful!

  15. Congratulations! I am also expecting twin boys. I am due in February. I love the names that you picked.


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