Hospitality Commands

Biblical hospitality was integral to the early church. The early church revolved around the home. Worship and teaching took place in the home.

Love, care, and instruction in the Lord was done in the home. The early Church members shared meals together and built community, as well as inviting strangers into their home.

Hospitality was a part of their life, and they took the Biblical command of hospitality seriously.

Alexander Straught beautifully paints the picture of the early church and the Biblical Command of Hospitality in Hospitality Commands.

It’s a short book that gets straight to the point. Strauch heads straight to Scripture and examples from the early church to explain the importance of hospitality in our modern church.

Hospitality is not an option, it is not something left to those who like Hospitality or have a natural talent for it.

Hospitality is something that should permeate the church. It should be the lifeblood of community that should be thriving in each church so much so that your neighborhoods feel the effect of hospitality.

Does that sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be.

Come back tomorrow for some practical tips on starting to extend hospitality when it may seem like a foreign concept to you.

You don’t have to have a big house (in fact you can practice Biblical hospitality in an apartment) or vast resource to practice hospitality. Just a heart to serve. 

Do you want to learn more about hospitality?

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  1. So many houses on my street had new people move n over the winter and new folks don’t know each other or the long time residents. I am putting a handwritten note on each door inviting them to my driveway from 4-6pm for hotdogs and tea. Not a real meal for me to fix and no major time requirement on people who are shy and can only meet and greet for a few minutes or busy people. But this will give everyone a no pressure opportunity to say “hey” to their neighbors if they want. Step 1 toward possible friendships.


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