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Would you like to be considered as a guest poster for Young Wife’s Guide?

Young Wife’s Guide exists to encourage women in their walk with the Lord. I focus primarily on homemaking, hospitality, Biblical womanhood, Biblical femininity, being a young wife/mother, and anything to do with living a Christian life.

If you have a post that you want to submit along these lines then please follow these guidelines for submitting.

  • Length: Make the post around 500-700 words.
  • Unique Content: The post must be unique content not published anywhere else.
  • Biography: Each submission must include a mini biography of yourself (3-7 sentences). You are welcome to include links back to your blog/facebook/twitter. Please include a picture of yourself for the bio.
  • Not Accepted: I hope this goes without saying but no piece will be accepted that contains profanity or is hostile to Christian beliefs. This is a Christian blog and I reserve the right to refuse a guest post that I feel won’t fit with my readers.
  • Photos: Please include at least one photo for the post (more if you would like). Photos must be original photos (taken by you) or from a legitimate site that you can post a source link back too.

If you want to submit a story for my Share Your Story: Young Wives series then please follow the guidelines above. Your young wife story can be anything to do with being a young wife. You can share how you met, how you started dating, a cute engagement story, a funny wedding memory, lessons learned from being a young wife, ect.

To submit your story please email me and include the post, pictures, your bio, and a picture of yourself. If accepted, I will let you know the time and date that the post will be published. I would appreciate if you would post a teaser on your own blog/facebook the day that the post goes live.



  1. Are you still looking for more stories for the young wives series? I would love to share mine!

  2. Christina says:

    Fun! I think I might have one to submit:) This is Christina, from your critique group. I’ve enjoyed visiting here:)

  3. I’ve enjoyed your young wife series and wanted to say that I’ve shared my husband and my story on my blog – Since it’s already been published I guess you wouldn’t want to use it, but anyway here it is :-)
    Stefanie recently posted..Free Christian calenderMy Profile

    • Aaw how beautiful!! It’s so funny that with our modern technology more and more people are meeting and getting to know each other over the internet :) What a wonderful story of how God brought you together and formed such a beautiful family :)

  4. Your blog is really encouraging. I will be getting married to my fiance, Maicol (pronounced like Michael), in December 2014! I will be 3 months shy of 20 and he will be 3 months shy of 22. We met in Uruguay, South America (yes, he is Uruguayan, no, he doesn’t speak English) and our story is truly amazing- only God could come up with something as crazy as “us”. I would love to share our story, but as we aren’t married yet maybe you would like to wait until after we are married… Let me know if not and I will send you our beautiful testimony!

  5. Patty Worley says:

    I would like to give you a few words of continued encourage. I too was a young wife. I got made to my husband on May 26, 1979. I was 17 and still in high school and he was 19. I did graduate and continue on in college. When I was 19 I had by first daughter and at 23 had the second. We have been married 35 years now and have never been happier. We actually have 3 grandchildren who are our world. God has blessed our union in so many many way. I enjoyed seeing your blog for the first time today and will return. God bless you, your family and your readers. From “not such a young wife anymore”

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