Learning to be Intentional With Your Family Finances

Finances. Sigh. I’m assuming that if you are reading this, then you are struggling with finances in one form or another. Or maybe you are a young couple who wants to start out on the right foot with your bank account. Whatever the reason, finances are often one of our largest struggles as homemakers.

Learning to be intentional with your family's finances

Welcome to the next part of our online book study of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. It’s not too late to jump in and join the fun! You can read the introduction and see the full schedule of topics for the next 10 weeks. Or jump in with today’s discussion!

As I shared in the last part of this book study, I struggle with self-discipline and that extends into finances, budgeting, paying bills, etc. My husband and I were young and in college still when we got married and both paid our way through college (and we have the student loans to prove it). This year we have set some pretty high financial goals for our future so finances and budgeting have been a popular topic in our house.

But I know it can feel overwhelming and daunting when you don’t know where to start or how to turn your finances around.

You First Have to Know Where You’re Going

“So many people dream of getting out of debt, paying cash for another vehicle, paying off their houses early, or giving more generously to others. Very few people, however, get beyond the dreaming stage. Instead, they drive around and around without a map, wishing they could go somewhere without ever determining where they want to go.” – Crystal Paine, page 109

Wow, that really puts it into perspective. Maybe you want to get out of debt: Okay, so what does that mean? When do you want to be debt free? In 3 months, in a year, in 5 years? How much do you need to be paying off per month to meet those goals?

You can't change your financial situation

I know there have been times during our marriage and our financial journey that we just felt stuck - trapped - by our finances but honestly we were not doing a whole lot to change our habits. It wasn’t until going through Financial Peace University at our Church that things really started to click for us. Even $5 a day could start to really have an impact on our finances and gave us the motivation we needed to really get intense about our financial goals and dreams.

I am in no way, shape, or form a financial expert (quite the opposite in fact) but here are some things I’ve learned from the experts that have been so helpful in our own financial journey. When you are ready for more advice, see the the resources below.

1) Set Real Goals (and Write Them Down)

If there is anything I’ve really learned from going through Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, is the importance of making goals and writing them down! And this is true even for finances. Start thinking through your financial goals: paying off student loans, paying off credit cards, saving up to buy a car, saving up to buy a house, increase your emergency fund, save for retirement, etc.

Then, write down these goals! Crystal recommends putting your top 3 financial goals somewhere that you will see it everyday (on your bathroom mirror perhaps). I love this idea because it helps you to stay focused and motivated.

2) Establish a Budget

I know this sounds like basic advice, but for real, setting a budget will help you to meet your financial goals more than anything else. The months when we have made the most progress in our financial goals have been those months we’ve been super intense about setting our budget and really sticking to it.

But I have to be honest, this is something we are always working on. We are lousy at sticking to our budget! This is something we will be working on the next six months. We recently signed up for Mint.com (again – we tried it a few years ago and didn’t stick with it) and we are hoping it’s going to help make things easier.

3) Use Cash

We have gone back and forth on using cash to pay for things like groceries, gas, eating out, entertainment, etc. and we can definitely tell a difference when we pull out cash at the beginning of the month to budget for these things. It’s especially helpful for me when sticking to our grocery and eating out budget (which is the category that we blow our budget on the most).

Things are going to be a little funky for the next few months (we are due with twins in just a few short weeks) but we hope to really get back on track with our budget and using cash in the next six months or so.

4) Remember to Give

When going through tough financial situations or trying to save for a large goal, the first thing to fall off our budget is usually our giving. And while in certain seasons, this might have to happen for a short time (or at least your giving is reduced) it’s so easy to fall into a pattern of not giving.

It’s doesn’t have to be 30% of your income, or even 10%. I don’t think there needs to be a specific number, but give however you can. For a time, this might be 2-3% or $20 here and there when you can. But try to be consistent and as things improve, try to up that amount. Our dream is that one day we would be able to give far more than 10% of our income – first to our local church and then to other ministries. Here is a great sermon on God’s Plan for Giving.

Financial Resources:

Obviously the subject of finances goes a lot deeper than we are going to cover here in one short blog post. But I hope this gave you some encouragement to get going on those financial goals! If you want to dive deeper (which I encourage you to do), here are some awesome resources to get you started:

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“All About Dad” Father’s Day Interview — With FREE Printables!

By Katie Bennett, Contributing Writer

Our family has a Father’s Day gift tradition.

I’ve found something to give my husband each year that he loves. It’s special, appropriate, and fun. Because of this yearly “tradition,” I don’t have the recurring stress of deciding if and what to get for him.

father's day interview with free printables

The gift? A new 8×10 print for his desk at work. The first year this came in a frame, but now we simply refill it with something fresh for him to look at each year. Something to make him smile. Something to show him he’s loved and appreciated.

And when I say print, I don’t just mean a new photo. We try to be creative with it to make it as special as possible.

Last year’s print was my favorite yet. Our oldest daughter was just three at the time. I interviewed her about her dad, and then added the text to a photo of the two of them using a photo program. PicMonkey is my favorite free option.

Note: This idea was originally adapted from one suggested here.

For the laughs and sweetness of it, I asked my daughter the following questions.

Preschooler “All About Dad” Interview Questions

  1. What is dad’s name?
  2. How much does he weigh?
  3. How old is he?
  4. What does he like to watch?
  5. Where does he go?
  6. What is his favorite food?
  7. What does he do for fun?
  8. What do you love to do with dad?
  9. What does dad do well?
  10. What is your favorite thing about dad?

As she answered each of them, I took ferocious notes and then later composed this little narrative on a photo:

fathers day graphic 1000px

These questions might not be as interesting to an older child. If you’re interviewing an elementary-aged child, here are some supplemental questions you can use.

Additional “All About Dad” Interview Questions for an Older Child

  1. What’s your favorite memory with dad?
  2. When is dad funny?
  3. What does dad like to wear?
  4. How does dad make you feel special?
  5. What is the best food dad cooks?
  6. What things does dad know the most about?
  7. When does dad laugh?
  8. What does dad always tell you?
  9. What makes dad happy?
  10. If you could give your dad any gift, what would it be?
Find a printable list of interview questions HERE.

interview questions FREE Printable

“All About Dad” Interview Alternatives

1. Create a Video

With smart phones and other readily available technology, you could turn this interview concept into a keepsake video for your husband. Record the kids answering questions and post it publicly on his Social Media page or present it to him yourself. I have no doubt that it will be special for years to come.

2. Use a Child-Drawn Picture of Dad

It’s also incredibly sweet to see how a child illustrates his or her parents. Use the printable below to interview your child and have him draw a picture of himself doing his favorite thing with dad. This can stand alone or be added to a Father’s Day card.

Click HERE to download the pdf!

dad and me interview FREE printable

Enjoy!father's day interview with free printables FB2

Creative & Unique Gifts for a New Mama

I’m due with our second set of twins in just a few short weeks and several of my friends have had babies this year or are currently pregnant. I’m surrounded by pregnant women and babies and so unique and meaningful gifts for new moms has frequently been on my mind.

Unique and creative gifts for the new mama

If you are looking for something meaningful and helpful for a new mom (or scoping out things to add to your own baby registry) here is a list of things I’ve found to be helpful as well as input from all you wonderful gals over on Facebook. Thanks for your input!

This time around, in creating my registry, I’m excited to be trying out Amazon’s baby registry. We have friends and family literally around the country and not everyone has access to a Target or Baby’s R Us (Plus I find Baby’s R Us to just be unnecessarily expensive). Everyone shops on Amazon – so creating a registry – and the ability to simply send Amazon gift cards as presents – has been so simple. Plus, they have everything! Which makes it handy when registering for twins.

I think for the new mama, a gift for her, can be just as helpful, if not more, than a gift for the baby! Having a new baby can be rough and mom deserves a little something extra as well! Here are my favorite suggestions for mama and baby:

Unique & Creative Gifts for the New Mom

A Massage for the New Mama

Spring for the new mama to have a relaxing and wonderful message. Give her the opportunity to get away for a relaxing hour or two. Check out Groupon for great deals on messages – I see them for our area all the time!

Hire a Cleaning Lady

This might be my absolute favorite suggestion and something I definitely want to gift to someone in the future. If it’s someone you are really close to (your daughter, best friend, etc.) consider giving her 3 – 6 months of a cleaning lady every other week. Or pull your money together with a group of friends. Help is still needed far past the first week or two of bringing your newborn home but often help dries up after that. Check out Groupon for great deals on cleaning services and maids – I see them all the time for our area!

Make Freezer Meals

This is of course a common suggestion, but so helpful!! Having healthy, home cooked meals ready to pull out and heat up are some of the most helpful day to day things you can do for a new mama. I recently shared my postpartum freezer cooking meal and 36+ perfect freezer friendly meals for a new baby.

Postpartum freezer cooking plan

Paper Plates, Bowls, and Plastic Silverware

When you drop off some meals for the new mama, include some paper plates and silverware so she doesn’t even have to deal with dishes! Of course these can be an added expense for a family with a new baby, so gift them with the freedom of not having to do dishes for at least a little while.

Do her grocery shopping for her

Or if you know her well enough,  just show up at her door with groceries. Or you can call her hubby the day before and find out what she desperately needs. Another option, is to come over to babysit and let her go grocery shopping by herself. Depending on her personality, she might appreciate that more (I know I would)!

Fresh Fruit & Veggies Ready to Eat

I love this suggestion – especially if she already has other little kids. Bring over a tray of fresh fruits and veggies, already cut up and ready to eat. What a blessing when most people will think to bring over a dessert (which is always so thoughtful but maybe not the most helpful).

Unique and creative gifts for the new mama - fruit platter!

Gift Cards for Restaurants or Fast Food

When unexpected things come up, or the new mama has a long sleepless night, sometimes it just easier to ask hubby to stop and pick up Chipotle on the way home. Give them a little freedom with a gift card or two to their favorite place to eat out! Then they can use it when they really need it.

Come Over Ready to Help!

Here’s what one reader said that I think is brilliant: “Sit with the baby or babies on your lap for HOURS & let the mom sleep. I mean spend the entire day with her & insist she take a good, long nap. And don’t dress up to visit, just wear pajamas so she feels comfortable.”

When you come over, let mom know you are there for literally as long as you need. It can be hard when someone comes over for just an hour to actually get a good nap in. So let her know she can go take a nap, don’t set an alarm, and get as much sleep as she needs!

A Beautiful Journal for Her

Give her a beautiful journal that she can use for herself, to take notes on baby, or record those beautiful moments that you tend to forget. What a thoughtful gift! I love this journal which comes in several colors.

Clean BEFORE the Baby Comes

Head over to your pregnant friend’s house a few weeks or days before she’s due and give her house a good scrub! It can be so hard to clean by the end of pregnancy but every mom wants to come home from the hospital to a clean and tidy home. Give her this blessing and peace of mind before baby is born.

Make a New Mama Basket

Get a cute basket and fill it with all kinds of goodies for mom. You can add some things to pamper mom, her favorite chocolates, a new lotion, an encouraging book, ect. I love this New Mama Basket idea that The Humbled Homemaker put together:

New Mama Basket

New Parents Date Night Package

Help remind the new parents how important it is to stay connected with one another and give them the tools they need to create a cozy and romantic date night in together with these free printables from The Dating Divas.


Unique & Creative Gifts for Baby

Baby Essentials Gift Basket

We have been using Honest Company products now for almost a year and I love their products! I am really picky with the personal care products that my family uses – especially when it comes to little kids – and I have always been trilled with their commitment to non-toxic products and they don’t compromise or cut corners to save money.

You can buy their products at Target now (YAY!) but they also offer bundles from their website that end up being cheaper per product (about $5-7 per item which isn’t bad). If you place your first order through this link, you can even get $10 OFF your first order.


I have a friend in another state who just had a baby and I wasn’t sure exactly what she needed or used often, so I sent her a Honest Company bundle with my favorite baby and kid products. She has older kids too so I knew like the bubble bath and conditioner would work well for the older kids. I sent her:

When you order one of their bundles (you get to pick any 5 items from the hundreds they have) it’s only $35.95 (which makes it $7.19 per item). Then if you get $10 OFF your first order, you will get 5 items for $24.95 (which makes it just $4.99 an item for high quality, non-toxic, organic products)!!

A Nursing Cover

I was given two beautiful nursing covers with my first set of twins and I loved them! It was nice have two in case I couldn’t find one, it needed washed, etc. Amazon has a selection of some really cute ones and if you know how to sew, you could create one really easily. They also have these new nursing cover scarves in like a hundred colors that double as a cute scarf and a nursing cover.

Portable Diaper Caddy

I think I need to add this to my registry. It would be so handy to leave this out in the living room stocked with all the essentials. Bless a new mama with an adorable caddy like this and fill it up with all the diapering essentials.

Diaper Caddy

A Baby Carrier

There is not comparison to a high quality baby carrier. It’s really not even worth buying a cheap one, you won’t want to ever use it. But the high quality ones also come with a higher price tag. So bless a new mama with her favorite carrier. Keep an eye out for sales and you can snag one for a great price. I just recently bought this Ergo baby carrier for only $60 from Zulily! So keep an eye out – Zulily often has great deals on different brands of baby carriers, you just have to pop in frequently to check (or sign up for their email alerts).

Ergo baby carrier

A newborn photography session

I love, love, love this suggestion! Every new mom wants pictures of her adorable new baby. So bless her with a newborn photography session so she can cherish those memories forever!

Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator

Several people responded that the Nosefrida was the best gift they got as a new mama! It’s a relatively new baby product that eliminates the need for the gross moldy bulbs moms used to use for their little one’s noses. The Nosefrida is also going on my baby registry this time around!


A Boppy pillow

I agree, a boppy pillow is a must have! I used it all the time with nursing my twins, or propping one up while I held the other. It’s so universal and just a great tool to have. Plus, they come in a ton of cute prints!

A Boppy Pillow

 Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets

My boys literally lived in these swaddle blankets the first several months of their lives. I got a couple packs as presents and didn’t realize that these are not cheap blankets but rather high quality swaddle blankets. I didn’t even know to register for this kind and I’m so glad that my friends were looking out for me because these are all I use now! They sell these at Target and on Amazon in a ton of adorable prints!

The best swaddle blankets!!

 What would you add to this list of gifts for a new mama?

My Postpartum Freezer Cooking Plan (+36 Fabulous Recipes)

I think that freezer cooking can be a powerful tool in every homemaker’s kitchen – no matter what stage of life you are in (working outside the home, stay at home mom, work at home mom, etc). But it can be especially helpful when you are preparing for having a new baby!

Not only can freezer cooking save you valuable time and save you money, it can also help you to eat healthier, from-scratch meals even during busy times like the week you come home from the hospital and don’t want to do anything but snuggle your new bundle of joy.

I’m due with our Twin boys this summer (and we already have 2 year old twin boys) so I know I am going to need all the help I can get. Already at 31 weeks, I’m measuring full term for a single baby (and the babies have a combined weight of over 8lbs at this point). I am starting to have a really hard time moving around, grocery shopping, and cooking. Freezer cooking has been saving me already and I know I will be so glad come this summer that I have these meals all stocked up.

Postpartum freezer cooking plan

I don’t want to have to do any cooking for the first several weeks of my twin’s lives (or preferably for a few weeks leading up to their birth since I will be as big as a house). I am blessed to be apart of a wonderful Church body and I know I will get meals from friends and family, but it won’t be enough. I know we will default to eating out or frozen pizzas (I’m just being honest here)!

So here’s what I’m doing to make my summer easier! I’ve done about half of this cooking so far, and plan to work on the rest this week. I’ll update this post with pictures as I finish.

Freezer Cooking Tools

Here are a few things that will make your life easier when freezer cooking:

Freezer Cooking Breakfasts

I really hate cooking breakfast. My energetic little boys are hungry the moment they wake up, my pregnant self is starving, I need my tea right away, and it’s just exhausting. I don’t know why, but breakfast is my least favorite meal to make. So I want to make sure to have plenty of breakfast options in the freezer (plus breakfasts make good snacks or meals for later in the day too)!

11 Breakfast Freezer Cooking Recipes

Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread – Money Saving Mom

This is my favorite banana nut bread! By using white whole wheat flour, these puppies are whole wheat but still taste amazing! Like Crystal, I use Sucanant as my sugar of choice. I also add diced up walnuts to the batter and sprinkled on top.

So far I’ve made 8 loaves (4 recipes worth) to put in the freezer. But since we’ve had it in there, it’s also been a go to snack and we’ve eaten through 2 loaves! I might need to make some more. Before freezing, I cut my loaves into slices and then wrap in tin foil or parchment paper and put two loaves in a gallon zip lock baggie. Then I can just take out individual pieces to warm up rather than defrost the whole loaf if I don’t need to.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffles – Money Saving Mom

These waffles rock! And once again I use white whole wheat flour and a little bit of sucanant as the sweetener. I also add in frozen blueberries to my batter before cooking but you could also experiment with other berries or even chocolate chips.

I currently have about 8 bags of these in my freezer as they are just so easy to make and then reheat and eat! to prevent them from sticking together in the freezer and making one giant waffle, I slip a piece of parchment paper in between each waffle before placing about 6 – 8 in side a gallon size freezer bag.

Freezer Cooking Breakfast Ideas

Easy Egg Sausage Breakfast Burritos – Raining Hot Coupons

Along with easy breakfasts that I wanted for myself and my kids during the week, I also wanted to stock up on filling breakfasts for my husband to grab and go. Usually I make him eggs or something similar to take to work with him in the morning. But preparing for our babies, I wanted to make it was easy as possible so I didn’t even have to think about breakfast.

So I’ve made one batch of these egg sausage burritos so far (and hubby greatly approves)! I want to fill a few more bags of these to get through those first few weeks and months of the new babies. To easily freeze, I individually wrapped each burrito in plastic wrap and then put inside a gallon freezer bag. I got about 12 burritos from this one recipe but I was overly generous with the sizes in the recipe.

Egg sausage burritos

Other Awesome Breakfast Recipes to Try:

Freezer Cooking Lunch & Dinner

Here are some other random meals that I know we will enjoy having in the freezer. I haven’t gotten to making these yet, but the recipes are printed out, the food is in my fridge, and I’m hoping to get to these this week!

Southwest Roll-Ups – Money Saving Mom

I plan to make a ton of these burritos – which is easy once you’ve got an assembly line going on  - to fill my freezer for quick snacks, dinners, or lunches for any of us.

Easy freezer cooking meal that works well for snacks, lunches, or dinners for the whole family!

Lasagna Casserole – Money Saving Mom

These look so yummy. And once you already have all the ingredients out, you might as well make a few. I plan on making 4 of these. I purchased disposable tins for these to make it even easier.

Lasagna casserole

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie –  Meal Planning Magic

For these homemade chicken pot pie’s, I purchased pre-made whole wheat pie crusts in disposable tins just to make it that much easier! I plan on making two recipes of this which makes 4 pies. I’ve never made this particular chicken pot pie before, so if we love it, I may end up making a few more for the freezer!

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Other Awesome Lunch/Dinner Recipes to Try:

36+ Freezer Cooking Meals for the Whole Family

20 Crock Pot Freezer Meals for under $150

Because it’s getting a lot harder for me to move around and spend long hours in the kitchen (the twins weight over 4lbs each at this point and are not slowing down) my sister offered to do a big freezer cooking day with me and I said YES!!

We decided to attempt this complete freezer cooking plan from $5 Dinners with 20 crock pot freezer meals for under $150 from Costco. (They also have a ton of other awesome meal plans to check out). I printed out the meal plan complete with the meals, shopping list, prep work, and full directions for getting all these meals done as once.

So my sister took an afternoon to go to Costco and the grocery store with me and get everything I needed to make these 20 meals for under $150. Then the next morning she came over bright and early, we made some coffee and starting cooking and putting these 20 meals together. It took about 4 hours total – and because we cleaned a bit as we went, there wasn’t a ton of clean up left at the end either!

20 Slow cooker freezer meals for under $150

These meals are all so easy too – defrost and then dump into your crock pot for 8 hours. I can’t wait to try the first one. We ended up with 20 separate meals in gallon size freezer bags but I think with sides such as bread, veggies, or pasta for different meals, each one should last about 2 meals. So really, we ended up with more like 40 meals! It was awesome :)

Find These Recipes More Easily:

To help myself organize all my freezer cooking recipes I wanted to try or keep for when we have our babies, I created a Pinterest board to save them all too. So if you want to access any of these recipes I shared above (and even more freezer cooking resource) then follow my board: Freezer Cooking for a New Baby

Follow Jami Balmet | Young Wife’s Guide’s board Freezer Cooking for a New Baby on Pinterest.

Freezer Cooking Without the Headaches

If you are ready to dive into freezer cooking but you don’t want to deal with all the headaches of tracking down all the recipes, compiling the shopping list, figuring out all the prep work in advance, how much it’s going to cost, etc. then you might want to check out Build a Menu’s freezer cooking meal plans!!

During the month of May, you can get a 12 month membership for over 50% OFF at only $35 for the entire year to my very favorite meal planning website! Just use coupon code: BAM15_Classic to get a year’s access to this powerful meal planning website that also includes Freezer Cooking menus!!

Build a Menu May SALE!!

More Freezer Cooking Resources

If the idea of freezer cooking intrigues you, but you are new to it or have questions, then check out my series I did on Freezer cooking: The what, the why, the how!


Homemaking on a Budget – Weekly Deals & Sales – May 15, 2015

Welcome to our new weekly feature – Homemaking on a Budget! I missed posting this last week because I had an issue getting logged into my site on Thursday and Friday. But I’m back with all new deals for this week!

As a homemaker who is in charge of purchasing most things for our house (food, household items, appliances, home decor, books, and more) I am always on the look out for ways to stay within my budget – without spending too much of my precious time. As a note – there are a LOT of deals this week so this is a long one! But scroll through to the bottom because there are some good deals and sales going on this week.

Homemaking on a Budget - Weekly Feature Every Friday May 15th edition

So as we find these deals, freebies, and sales throughout the week, we are going to compile them all here every Friday so you can quickly browse through and find any deals or freebies that are perfect for your household!

Often throughout the week I will post freebies or deals I find on Facebook, but I know that not everyone is on Facebook or you miss the deals as they are posted. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find the things that will help you stick to your budget within your homemaking. So join me here every Friday for Homemaking on a Budget! 

Homemaking Deals

Cake Boss Baking Accessories – 70% OFF

Cake Boss has some really fun and colorful baking accessories and serving wear, and Zulily has them for up to 70% OFF this week! These would make good birthday and Christmas presents.

Drink Containers & Accessories – 60% OFF

For our wedding, we received two drink containers and they are among my favorite tools for extending hospitality! Zulily has some for a really good price this week. That double one on the left is only $19.99 this week!

Mama’s Sweet Pea Personalized Necklaces

A couple of weeks ago I shared a great deal on necklaces for Mother’s Day, and I know many of you were bummed that you missed the flash sale. These are not the same necklaces, but are still pretty cute and would make a great gift for any mamas in your life (or for yourself)! Check out all the colors and designs on Jane this week.

Mini Scroll Frame Chalkboards - $5.99 for 5

These would be so fun for hosting parties! I can think of a ton of ways to use these. See them on Jane.com here.

Weekly Pregnancy Stickers - 6 Different Designs

I love the idea of pregnancy stickers! I did them every week with my first set of twins and just never got around to it this time haha. But these pregnancy stickers are some of the cutest I’ve seen (and they have 6 different designs). They are $6.49 + $2.49 shipping = $8.98 shipped! That’s a pretty low price from what I’ve seen for weekly pregnancy stickers.

Girl’s Navy Striped Nautical Tutu Dress - $12.99

Dresses like these really make me want to have a little girl! But it’s all in God’s hands and his timing :) But these dresses sure are adorable!


ThredUp - $10 OFF Your First Order

Yesterday I shared about my experience with ordering from ThredUp, why they have become my favorite place to order clothing for my family, and what I’m still waiting for them to add! Well you can actually get $10 OFF your very first order from ThredUp. And there’s no minimum order. So if you wanted to just order one item worth $10 you would get it for free – but I have to warn you – it’s addicting!


Get the coupon to get $10 OFF your first order here —> http://www.thredup.com/r/C5ZONX

Cents of Style Scarves – 60% OFF Plus FREE Shipping

Use coupon code: MAYSCARF to get any of these adorable scarves for over 60% OFF! The scarves on sale will start at $3.98 shipped with many of the scarves being $5.98 shipped! That’s awesome :)

Cents of Style Scarves 60% OFF!

Amazon Deals

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment

List price is $10.38, and it’s on sale now for $5.30. Save 5-15% more with Subscribe & Save.

Cottonelle 32-Count Toilet Paper - 31% Off! Normally $22.99

This is on sale for $15.96.  Apply your coupon to the first delivery of this subscription and save $2!  Save an extra 5-15% with Subscribe & Save.


Bob’s Red Mill Organic Whole Flaxseed

I love cooking with this super food! You can get four 24-ounce packages (96 oz total) for $10.95. That’s just $2.74 each!

Free eBooks

Please note: Currently these eBooks are all free on Amazon, but prices can change at any time. Please double-check the price before you buy.

If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app that allows you to read Kindle books on your smart phone or computer.

Slow Cooker Recipes - Free!

Baking Soda: Amazing All Natural Baking Soda Recipes For Beauty, Cleaning, Health and More! - Free!

How to Sell on Etsy With Pinterest – Free!


Mix-n-Match Recipes: Creative Ideas for Today’s Busy Kitchens - Free!

The Art of Batch Cooking: Your Guide to Weekly Meal Prep - Free!

Thrifting For Gold: 20 Things to Buy and Sell from Thrift Stores - Free!

DIY Household Hacks for Beginners - Free!

Preschooler’s Busy Book for Beginners 2nd Edition - Free!

Essential Oil Online Conference – FREE for three more days

This online essential oil summit has been amazing so far!! If you are even remotely interested in essential oils, I highly recommend you log in to listen live for FREE. It runs May 11 – 18 so there are still a few more days of the live conference. The conference is free to listen to each day’s sessions. So for example, today (Friday) you can  listen to all of today’s sessions today for FREE when you register. But the catch is, you can only listen to them the days that the sessions are live.

I’ve listened to 5 sessions so far and they have been great! One of the sessions I found a little too clinical and got bored part way through – but the other 4 have been great and I can’t wait to listen to the rest. We have a really busy week here around the Balmet household and knew I couldn’t listen to them all live, so I went ahead and purchased the conference before the price goes up (again) and I’m glad I did.

So you can listen to the conference for FREE as it’s live each day when you register here —> https://un233.isrefer.com/go/summitreg/youngwifesguide/

Or purchase the sessions and you get to keep them forever and listen to them whenever you want —> https://un233.isrefer.com/go/summitorder/youngwifesguide/

Here are the sessions that are up for today (I can’t WAIT to listen to all four of these):

Have you come across any awesome deals this week? Share in the comments!